Nasty juice

The different Nasty Juice Shake & Vape series

Nasty Ballin series

The Ballin series by Nasty Juice is delivered in a mug on the base of a cocktail shaker. It is therefore not surprising that the flavors are based on well-known fruit cocktails. In this series you can find the following Shake & Vape Liquids:

  • Passion Kill
  • Bloody Berry
  • Migos Moon
  • Hippie trail

Nasty Cushman series

The Nasty Juice Cushman series is for lovers of fruit mango. All of the flavors in this series are based on a mango flavor with additives such as banana, strawberry and grape. The liquids in this line also all have a fresh aftertaste thanks to the slight addition of mint. This product line consists of:

  • Mango banana
  • Mango grape
  • Mango strawberry

Nasty Juice Tobacco Series

Nasty Juice has also added tobacco flavors to its range. Various tobacco flavors can be found in the Nasty Juice Tobacco series. The tobacco flavors have various additives such as caramel, almond and vanilla. Ideal if you don't want to smell fruity or menthol-like aromas for a while. This series includes the following three Shake & Vape e-liquids:

  • Bronze blend
  • Silver blend
  • Gold blend

Nasty Juice Yummy Fruity Series

The fruitiest flavors can be found in the Nasty Juice Yummy Fruity series. In this line, Nasty Juice has only used the finest fruit flavors. Think of mangoes, apples and grapes. Absolutely worth a try for fruit lovers! Yummy Fruity consists of:

  • Cush Man
  • Trap Queen
  • Green Ape

Nasty Juice Originals series

Nasty Juice Originals are the flavors that Nasty Juice grew up with. Mainly fruity aromas can be found in this line. Think of types of fruit such as melon, mango, apple and various berries. You can find these shake & vape flavors in the Orignals range:

  • Bad blood
  • Slow blow
  • Wicked Haze
  • Devilteeth

Need help?

Still can't figure it out with the information above, or do you have any questions about Nasty Juice's Shake & Vape Shortfill E-Liquids? Our customer service will be happy to help you, including with all of your nicotine calculations!

Contents: 50ml / bottle 60ml
Aroma overdosed; Fill up with 10ml base or nicotine shot
VG / PG 70/30 Origin: Malaysia
In our shop:

Basic Series

Asap grape: Fruity, fresh mix of strawberries and blue grapes

Bad blood: The earthy taste of black currants with refreshing mint

Devil Teeth: Sweet honeydew melon with a hint of mint

Fat boy: Fat, juicy mango with a mint kick

Slow blow: Lemon soda garnished with slices of fresh pineapple

Wicked Haze; Fruity-sweet combination of currants and sparkling soda

Ballin 'Series

Bloody Berry: Red and black berries with a good dash of lemon

Hippie trail: Pure citrus experience - refreshing and invigorating

Migos Moon: Juicy, sweet orange juice with a good citrus kick

Passion Killa: Tutti Frutti Tropicana on a good citrus base

Yummy Fruity Series

Cush Man: Authentic fruit taste with a little mint - best mango ever!

Green Ape: Crunchy green apples with mint

Trap Queen: Ripe strawberries with mint

Moo shakes

Moo Shake Banana: Sweet banana milkshake

Moo Shake Berry: Fruity milkshake with red berries

Moo Shake Matcha: Gentle green tea with a dash of milk

Nasty Tobacco Series Bronze Blend: Don't try to give up on this homemade tobacco range. The caramel vanilla will drive you crazy how complicated the taste is. Buttery, creamy, rich, drool well!

Nasty Tobacco Series Silver Blend: Be part of the exquisite and elegant tobacco series. Classic and sophisticated mix with a hint of vanilla pudding. Mixed to perfection for which one can long for more.

Nasty Tobacco Series Gold Blend: Small product presentation with the strengths of the product. If the product is a kit, talk about the battery and the atomizer.

You should have this one. The taste is like kissing God under a rainbow of delicious tobacco goodness and a cigar with a hint of almond that doesn't make the world look so bad afterwards.

Nasty Juice Flavor - Broski Berry

Nasty Juice now also brings its lingering liquids as a flavor: Nasty Juice Aroma - Broski Berry Aroma is a fantastic mix of different Scottish berries

Nasty Juice Flavor - Stargazing

Nasty Juice now also brings its lingering liquids as an aroma: Nasty Juice Aroma - Stargazing aroma, dark blueberries meet other notes of dark and red berries

Nasty Juice Flavor - Sicko Blue

Nasty Juice now also brings its lingering liquids as aroma: Nasty Juice Aroma - Sicko Blue Aroma, here the raspberry is in the foreground, other berries round off this aroma perfectly

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