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Are you about to become a passionate vaper or are you already one of the "old hands" when it comes to vaping and vaping? Then you've come to the right place. We offer you everything that the vaper heart needs. From the initial equipment for beginners to unusual liquid variants, you will find everything you need to enjoy your e-cigarette in the shop. This of course includes an extensive range of accessories. If you have any questions about the individual products, please feel free to contact us, we will help you.


Clearomizer - an essential part of the e-cigarette

Clearomizers are the standard tank for e-cigarettes. Without the tank, ultimately no liquid can be heated and vaporized, so vaping cannot take place in itself. The name comes from English and basically goes back to the transparent tank cylinder. The e-liquid is stored in this and you can always see how much liquid is left in the tank on the basis of a scale. This way you always know when to refill your clearomizer. We at Eirhorse appreciate the transparent vaporizer model, much like the majority of vapers, and offer it in numerous designs and from well-known manufacturers via our practical shop system. Browse through our online shop now, order a suitable attachment for your battery and other accessories.

Typical errors in the application

Occasionally, your clearomizer may not work as it should. This could be due to a faulty screw connection or a bad seal. Therefore, check whether all fasteners and silicone seals are correctly seated. Also look for the coil head, which must also be screwed in correctly. Leaky connections or faulty silicone seals can also cause e-juice to leak from the tank. If you notice over time that your e-cigarette tastes burnt, impurities may have accumulated on the coil heads or silicone seals interfere with the flow of the e-liquid to the wick or cotton wool. Therefore, always make sure to clean your clearomizer regularly. In this way you not only increase hygiene, but also increase the service life of the transparent tank.

How do I clean a clearomizer?

Similar to other elements of the e-cigarette, clearomizers are subject to wear and tear and have a limited lifespan. However, you can increase the latter by regularly cleaning your vaporizer and its individual parts. To do this, you have to take it apart piece by piece and rinse all individual parts in warm (distilled) water. In addition, you can remove coarse impurities with a fine paper towel.

Attention! Care should be taken with the coil heads and the cotton wool, as they have to dry sufficiently before they are used again - at least 24 hours. We recommend that you get a second e-cigarette during this time. However, you can speed up the drying process by placing your coil heads in a container with rice, which will speed up the drying process.

When do I have to replace the atomizer head on my clearomizer?

With every care, no matter how good, there comes a moment when you should replace your ready-made atomizer head. Depending on how it is used and how it is cleaned, this can happen sooner or later. But how do you know that the time has come? You will usually feel when your vaporizer needs to be replaced as your e-cigarette tastes slightly burnt. Too little or no steam can also be an indication of a worn out evaporator unit. Often you only need to replace the atomizer head, which you can also purchase in our online shop with just a few clicks. However, if complete seals or connections no longer work or show signs of excessive wear, we recommend that you replace the complete clearomizer, which you can implement with few resources thanks to our favorable price policy. Also stop by our sale and get one or the other bargain among our discounts.

Fill the clearomizer with eLiquid - that's how it works

Filling a clearomizer is not rocket science. If you follow a few basic rules, you can top up your tank with eLiquid in just a few seconds.

1. Be careful not to spill liquid into the central windpipe.
2. Filling needles help fill your tank.
3. Tilt your tank slightly so that the vape juice can run into the tank on the outside wall.
4. Never fill the clearomizer with more liquid than the fill mark indicates.

Top 5 Brands for Vaporizers & Clearomizers for E-Cigarette

The basis for enjoying e-cigarettes are vaporizers or clearomizers. In recent years a lot has happened on the e-cigarette market and the choice of models is huge today. So it is all the better that the best models are chosen again and again, so that you can choose the best model that is currently available on the market. A new ranking from 2021 presents the best models.

In first place is the Eleaf Lemo II from the manufacturer Eleaf, which is a very high-quality model. The Eleaf Lemo II has a volume of 3.8 ml, which is perfect for extensive vaping. The air inlet is on the side of the model and is individually regulated there. Of course, the Eleaf Lemo II is made from the best materials, which makes the product a long-term companion. The tank is made of a special insulation material PEEK, which ensures that the Eleaf Lemo II is both heat and corrosion resistant. In addition, an RBA atomizer core can be used for the Eleaf Lemo II.

The Aspire Nautilus 2 is currently in second place on the leaderboard. The Aspire Nautilus 2 from the manufacturer Aspire is the successor to the first Aspire Nautilus 2. Equipped with numerous improvements, the connoisseur will be delighted with this high-quality version. The shape of the Aspire Nautilus 2 has been greatly modified, including a shorter connection between the atomizer head and mouthpiece as well as the atomizer head and an improved air control, which in combination brings the taste experience into completely new spheres. The resistance of the model is 0.7 ohms. This means that the Aspire Nautilus 2 is also ideally suited for direct inhalation. The tank volume is 2 ml. In order to ensure smooth enjoyment, users recommend only filling the tank to 1.3 ml with liquid.

The Innokin T20-S Prism from the manufacturer Innokin completes the current trio of clearomizers. The model focuses primarily on taste and lung enjoyment, which is why the Innokin T20-S Prism is particularly recommended for former smokers. The tank has a 510 thread and is therefore compatible with many mods that can be ordered from retailers. Another plus is that the Innokin T20-S Prism can be easily dismantled into its components and then cleaned. It is also possible to replace certain parts with new ones and to further modify the Innokin T20-S Prism. The taste experience for mouth-to-lung smoking is excellent. The Innokin T20-S Prism can be combined with the Innokin Endura e-cigarette.

The Eleaf GS Juni is currently in fourth place in the ranking. The model is characterized by a volume of 2 ml and continues to impress with its individually adjustable air supply and innovative GS Air Coils, which are equipped with resistors of 0.75 ohms and 1.5 ohms. Even with a low wattage, a perfect taste development can be achieved with these coils. The tank has a size of 42 mm by 20 mm, despite the small dimensions, the tank does a lot. The Eleaf GS Juni shines with excellent materials such as fine stainless steel and high-quality Pyrex glass.

The 5th place is taken by the Uwell Crown 3 from the Uwell label. All users who want a lot of steam and impressive clouds are well catered for with the Uwell Crown 3. The coils have a power between 0.25 ohms and 0.5 ohms coils. In addition, there are high-quality materials such as the best stainless steel and quartz glass, which make the Uwell Crown 3 a real eye-catcher. The tank of the Uwell Crown 3 has a considerable size of 5 ml. The device works absolutely cleanly and flawlessly in spite of the large capacity of the tank.

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