The Vype / Vuse e-cigarettes as an open tank or with a practical ePen Caps system.

The easy way to start vaping. Click & Vape - uncomplicated vaping with the Vype ePen Caps.

For those who value flexibility in everyday life, they are well prepared with the practical pod systems from Vype. Thanks to the user-friendly click system, the Vuse ePen Caps and Vusee Epod Caps can be exchanged whenever and wherever you want - whether at work, on the train or while walking in the park. Simply pull off the used ePen Cap, squeeze out a fresh pod in the flavor of your choice from the pack of three and place it on the housing - click. You can vape with full power again.

The British manufacturer, which has borne the name Vuse since January 2021, is characterized above all by its determination and focus on the essentials. Under the umbrella organization of British American Tobacco, Vype combines the innovative ambition of the young team with the more than 100 years of experience of the American tobacco company, which is one of the largest in the world.

With its Vype ePen Caps, Vype also relies on a puristic taste experience without a lot of frills. Together with the simple design and the intuitive usability of the e-cigarettes, the result is an optimal vaping experience. Our vaping products from Vype/Vuse are the best choice, especially for vapers who want to be able to flexibly use a reliable device with solid vapor development and delicious aromas. Buy Vype ePen Caps online now!

VUSE Device Kit

Vuse ePen 3

The Vuse ePen e-cigarette promises an enhanced aroma when vaping. The device is equipped with a powerful battery. This can be charged within two hours using the included charging cable. With average usage, the battery capacity lasts for a day. The manufacturer recommends thorough cleaning of surfaces and mouthpiece at regular intervals. The buyer of the Vuse ePen 3 can choose between the colors red, silver, black and blue with a metal look. The soft-touch housing ensures a discreet grip and the slim look appeals to many smokers. The e-cigarette is operated with so-called caps. As is usual with the closed system, the user can easily replace his liquid himself for the next use. The caps are filled with it and only have to be placed on the device thanks to the click system. Flavors are, for example, mint, tobacco or mango, each available in different nicotine levels. In order to be able to guarantee the functionality, only suitable caps should be used.
The delivery includes the e-cigarette, a suitable charger and two packs of caps for testing, with a strength of 0 mg/ml or 12mg/ml.

Vuse ePen 3 Caps vPro

These liquid cartridges should only be used with the e-cigarette of the same name. The click system enables a simple change by plugging it onto the device. E-Liquids are made with nicotine salts and therefore have an intense taste. The addition of different flavors gives consumers a wide choice of caps. Popular flavors include tobacco, cherry, mango, nut or peppermint. Many varieties are available in different nicotine strengths. Caps without nicotine, as well as Caps vPro with 12 or 18mg/ml are common with this manufacturer. A cartridge contains 2ml of liquid, which is sufficient for about 200 puffs with normal puffs. Usually double packs with two liquid caps are sold.

Vuse ePod

The ePod model is the smallest and handiest device from Vuse with a weight of just 23 grams. When purchasing, you can choose between the colors black, gold and anthracite. With the associated cartridges, called caps, the consumer can influence the taste of the vape. Various flavors, such as caramel, mango, master blend and wild berry, as well as nicotine levels of 0 mg/ml and 18 mg/ml offer the smoker a wide selection. The liquid containers are attached to the device and held in place by a magnet. The e-cigarette is particularly popular because of the built-in automatic draw. By pulling on the mouthpiece, the device switches on automatically and off again after the puff. As with comparable tobacco products, the consumer does not have to switch on and off via a built-in button. In order to charge the built-in battery, the device is supplied with power via a suitable charging cable. After a charging time of 1.5 hours, up to 190 puffs are possible, which roughly corresponds to the average smoking behavior of a day. Regular cleaning of the surfaces is recommended. The buyer purchases the e-cigarette, a matching charger and a pack of matching mango-flavored caps with the highest nicotine level.

Vuse ePod Caps

In order to supply the e-cigarette of the same name with liquid, the caps are placed on the magnetic head of the cigarette. This means that a new mouthpiece and an evaporator are attached at the same time, which is why no time-consuming cleaning is necessary. With normal smoking behavior, the 1.9 milliliters of liquid are sufficient for up to 275 puffs. Different flavors ensure diversity, from toasted bread and caramel to berry mixes (wild berries). These can be purchased nicotine-free or at 18mg/ml.

Vuse eTank Pro Starter Kit

This is the only e-cigarette from the manufacturer that allows the smoker to mix their own liquid. The device is equipped with a 1000 mAH battery. Thanks to the handy soft-touch housing, it sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to use. The model is sold in a starter set. This set includes: the e-cigarette and a charger.

How do I clean an e-cigarette?

The cleaning of surfaces, especially the mouthpiece, and tank is recommended at certain intervals. This can be done with hot water or an ultrasonic cleaner, for example. The vaporizer can be cleaned of tobacco residue by blowing through it and must be replaced regularly.

E cigarette Vuse

What does automatic train mean?

As soon as the smoker draws on the mouthpiece, negative pressure is created. This activates the battery, the heating element is supplied with electricity, the liquid begins to heat up and vapor is generated. As soon as there is no more vyping, the device switches off automatically. Sometimes this system is also referred to as puff-activated.

How do I dispose of an e-cigarette?

If the device is defective and Liquid Caps are used up, they do not belong in the normal household waste. Due to the technical components they contain, the caps are also classified as electronic waste. This can easily be returned to the manufacturer of the Vuse. In addition, all electronics retailers with a size of at least 400 square meters are required by law to accept all small electronic waste. The caps or electronic cigarettes do not necessarily have to have been purchased in this shop. Of course, professional disposal at a recycling center is also possible.

When can you buy e-cigarettes Vuse?

The liquids contain tobacco, so the buyer must be at least 18 years old.

Are e-cigarettes harmful to health?

Yes, because harmful substances are released when the liquid is heated. These can cause various symptoms of illness. If you are plagued by pain or problems after consumption, we recommend consulting a doctor.

How is an electronic cigarette different from regular cigarettes?

The electric models heat liquid up to 100 degrees Celsius and thus develop steam. The liquid gives the consumer a wide range of flavors, fruity, spicy or the typical tobacco. Cigarettes, on the other hand, burn tobacco at significantly higher temperatures and have limited flavors to choose from.

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