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Vampire Vape Nicotine Salt Liquid 10ml

The e-cigarette nicotine salt from Vampire Vape is suitable for pure vaping. The e-cigarette nicotine salt liquid is available in strengths of 10mg / ml and 20mg / ml. You receive 10ml nicotine salt liquid per variant and bottle


  • Propylene glycol,
  • natural or nature-identical flavorings
  • Glycerin
  • distilled water
  • Nicotine USP / EP (except for 0mg)

Available strengths

10mg / ml (1%), 20mg / ml (2%)

Please note the following basic composition:

Liquid has a base of 50 / 50VPG

Heisenberg-This is the award winning flavour that has been recalled as the daddy of all day vapes! The 10ml Heisenberg in Nic Salts are a blast of fruit and red berries with an icy menthol aftertaste.

Pinkman- Pinkman Nic Salts are an astonoshing burst of flavour including a refreshing mix of ripe juicy fruits.

Blackjack-Black Jack is a blend of aniseed and liquorice giving us the taste of the childhood sweets. This sharp flavour juice has a mild spice of sugar coated aniseed 

Ice Menthol- The Ice Menthol flavour is a classic minty juice with a refreshing menthol taste

Vamp toes- Vamp Toes has a fruity and juicy burst of flavour that is sweet and fragrant

Sweet Lemon Pie- lemon syrup liquid with gently layered  taste of a buttery biscuit base. 

Charger- The Charger flavour is a sweet mix of juicy berries and tropical fruits ,when combined it forms a fusion of mixed red fruit

Blood Sukka-Blood Sukka blend of cherries and summer berries blended with red fruits. The very tasty blend has been mixed with eucalyptus and strong aniseed.

Catapult-Catapult has a refreshing aftertaste of  summer fruits infused with wild blackcurrants.

Nicotine Salts Guide

In the beginning, vapers didn't have a large selection of e-liquid, they could only choose between a few flavors and nicotine strengths. The world of vaping is growing rapidly and along with more and more new innovations there is even more choice for those who vape. Nicotine salts are just one example of the constant innovation.
Lately the vapers have come full circle. People want more choice when it comes to their personal e-liquid and more steam satisfaction without restricting themselves to the small selection.
Let's take a look at the advances in nicotine-containing e-liquids and the latest trends that are making vapers even more pacified. Nicotine salts.


If you are currently vaping nicotine-containing e-liquid, you are likely using something called "freebase" nicotine. Freebase nicotine is the most widely used nicotine, the "to-go" nicotine in most e-liquids and nicotine replacement therapies such as chewing gum, patches and sprays.
Nicotine salts are the same form of nicotine, only in a different chemical state. Nicotine salts are more like the tobacco leaf contained in natural nicotine. But what difference does that make? Leaving most of the jargon aside, the chemical structure of nicotine salt means that you can get a gentler nicotine satisfaction with a much lower thorate hit.
In addition, nicotine salts are absorbed differently by the body. They are absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than regular freebase nicotine. This feeling is much closer to the feeling of smoking.

Nicotine Salts for Vapers?

Why do vapers prefer to use nicotine salts when they switch to vaping? The main reason is to reduce the "steamer cough".
The first time you vape you may find yourself coughing very often. This is completely normal and usually goes away within a few days. It's because the feeling of vaping is very different from smoking. It may take a while to get used to this feeling.
Some vapers require a higher nicotine strength to combat your nicotine cravings. But the higher nicotine content of the freebase nicotine will make you cough all the time. Nicotine salts are ideal for this situation.
With nicotine salts you can still vape e-liquids with high nicotine strength, but the use of nicotine salts will reduce the throat hit and you will feel almost no vaper cough.
Another reason has already been mentioned, since nicotine salts are absorbed much faster by our body, you can experience the same “nicotine high” as with conventional cigarettes, so that you get a much more similar “smoking sensation”.

Nicotine salts and sub-ohm coil heads

When vaping e-liquids with nicotine salts, consider using high-resistance (ohm) coil heads and setting them to lower power.
Sub-ohm atomizer heads are designed for use with a higher output. This means that much more vapor and a more intense throat hit is produced. This will give you more nicotine in one puff on your e-cigarette.
Another benefit of nicotine salt is that the vaping becomes much more pleasant and the throat hit almost disappears, which makes your vaping experience even better.
However, if you vape an e-liquid with too high a nicotine content, you will not get a physical reaction. But what does that mean?
Imagine using a normal e-cigarette kit and a normal "freebase" nicotine e-liquid. If you vape at too high a nicotine level, a sensory response will occur. The thorat hit will be too hard or you might cough.
Now imagine you have a sub-ohm atomizer head and an e-liquid with nicotine salt. If your nicotine level is too high, you won't have the same sensory responses that should be occurring. Because there is no thorat hit and no cough. In addition, nicotine salts are absorbed much faster by the body, similar to smoking. This means that you can vape too much with just a few puffs, as kits designed for sub-ohm vaping produce much more vapor per puff.

Best kit for nicotine salt e-liquids

When considering the above points about nicotine salts, such as a lack of thorate hit, faster nicotine absorption and the “nicotine high effect”, you should consider choosing an e-cigarette kit that is suitable for nicotine salt e-liquids. Kits with lower power and higher atomizer head resistance are ideal.
Entry-level e-cigarette kits are ideal for using nicotine salts. Most entry-level kits use a mod and a tank designed for atomizer heads with a resistance greater than 1.0 ohm. Most kits do not require any individual settings and are mostly rod-shaped. This means that you can simply fill the tank with your nicotine salt e-liquid and you are ready to vape.

Who Should Buy Next Generation Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts have advantages and disadvantages. Yes, they are great for vapers who don't like traditional nicotine or who cough very heavily while vaping. But nicotine salts are not for everyone.
One thing that should definitely be considered with nicotine salts is the lack of a throat hit. When using an e-liquid with a high nicotine strength, e.g. 1.8% (18mg / ml), you don't feel any “kick” at all. For some vapers, this is perfect and exactly what they're looking for. However, other vapers who are just switching from smoking to vaping prefer a throat hit. If you don't get it, you might get frustrated because you're getting it from the traditional cigarette. In addition, steam novices who do not feel the throat hit "kick" can very easily accidentally consume too much nicotine.

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