DIY Vape Juice - Is it worth making the E-liquid yourself?

Definitely yes. Commercially available liquids will not suit everyone; some of them, despite their pleasant taste, can be too irritating to the throat. If you decide to make the liquid yourself, you can give it the parameters and taste that suits you best. You also don't have to take into account the worst nightmare of every vaper, i.e. a situation when your favorite liquid is withdrawn from production. This way, you also take full control of its quality - you know what you smoke. And the undoubted savings are made with the satisfaction that you use a liquid made by yourself.

DIY Vape Juice

Make your liquid! - Vaper beginner's guide

Making your own liquid is often 2-3 times cheaper than buying E Juice with a similar flavor. However, if you want to achieve flavors like in E Liquids premium, it will require much more commitment than just pouring one flavor.

What aromas to choose?

Some prefer the more chemical ones, others the natural ones. Prices range from EUR 3 to as much as EUR 10 per 10ml of aroma, and usually quality increases along with the price increase.

What base to choose?

First, you need to stock up on a base, 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50 at your discretion. Other values are only used for specialized equipment.

  • 70/30 VG / PG is a dense base, used in most devices today. Most glycerin makes the cloud thicker and sweeter.
  • 60/40 VG / PG is a medium dense base, it is usually used if we are not sure what base our device requires.
  • 50/50 VG / PG is a rare base, it is mainly used in older equipment or typical MTL. The cloud on it is sparse and the sweetness more subdued.

Obtaining the desired base power

Here are the easier and more difficult versions. You can use a power calculator, but I never found it useful. I have power connection schemes in my head:

~ 1.6mg - 100ml of 0mg base + 10ml of 18mg base

~ 3mg - 100ml of 0mg base + 20ml of 18mg base

~ 6mg - 100ml of 0mg base + 50ml of 18mg base

~ 12mg - 60ml of 9mg base + 40ml of 18mg base

~ 18mg - 100ml of 18mg base

You can buy 18mg or 20mg Nic Shot in 10ml bottles. Many manufacturers of the 100ml nicotine-free base offer them in larger bottles so that there is room for adding nicotine.

Time to mix!

Economical version

This is a version prepared for those who do not want to waste time or money, but just want to have liquid made quickly. There is nothing easier than to pour the aroma into the base and it's ready. It is worth following the concentration specified by the manufacturer, usually 6-15%.

A version full of experiments and fun

This version is for the more demanding. One flavor rarely produces a flavor like good E Juicy Premium

The flavor mixes are 100% your concept, you can combine them however you like! And if you're not inspired, look for "recipe" pages. There are a lot of them, I personally advise Irish ones.

What you will need here is a 1ml syringe with a measuring cup and a pair of 10ml bottles.

Let's start with the intensity test:

  • Use the syringe to dose 0.1ml on average into different bottles
  • Describe the bottles with the given concentrations
  • Pour the base so that there is just 10ml
  • Wait for about 7 days
  • Test which one is best for you

In this way, you will know the intensity of a given aroma and choose what suits you.

After the intensity test, you already know how the aromas work. So it's time for a bit of a rougher ride. This time, mixing different aromas. A few rules:

  • Mix the aromas with each other before adding the base.
  • The final concentration of the flavors should not exceed the highest concentration of the flavors used. So if you use flavors with the recommended 6-12%, the final mixing value of all the flavors used should not exceed 12%.
  • The maximum concentration does not include flavor additives such as coolant or sweetener.
  • When mixing a few flavors, wait at least 3 days, and the recommendation is 7 days for all the flavor notes to fully blend. It is also worth checking whether any of the manufacturers recommends a longer maturing time with the base for a given aroma.

In fact, the latter is the most important thing about aging. Aroma blends will change the flavors during aging.

Flavoring additives

The most popular 3 will be presented, although there are some more.

  • Sweetener - most often sucralose, dosage according to the manufacturer. However, it is felt only after 2-3 days
  • Coolers - here are a few types and you have to be patient because it takes up to 7 days to feel fully, it is worth doing the intensity test as above.
  • 2-acetylpyrazine - this additive is mainly used with tobacco and nut mixes, it makes a more dry taste and raises the nutty notes, approx. 1-2 days

After this initial knowledge, there is nothing else for me to do but wish you good luck!

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