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Every year there are many new Vape Brands that want to gain the recognition of vapers. Our offer is a response to the needs of the most demanding vapers looking for original and intriguing flavor compositions. If you hesitate, Eirhorse will dispel all your doubts. Eirhorse Vape Shop is a big dose of inspiration for people who are looking for insight into the vape industry. We have carefully selected products for you that ensure pleasant and safe vaping.

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Best Premium E-Liquids

Premium E Liquidow brands, generally speaking, are divided into those more or less known - and thus more or less desirable ... Unfortunately, their recognition and reputation does not always go hand in hand with the quality of the content that they sign with a wide interest, understandable, recognizable logo. We usually reach for well-known and respected E-Liquid brands, because their status is a guarantee of quality, when buying a branded product we think that we get the best - trusting that together with a significant price we will get a unique, top and aromatic product that will extend its life heating heads. Unfortunately, standing in front of a shelf filled with bottles of E-juices from well-known producers, it's easy to forget that all that glitters is not gold, and for your own good, we should not forget that...

Using our knowledge and several years of experience in the vape industry, based solely on the quality and level of E Liquids with a given logo, we will try to rank the most popular vape brands dominating the Irish market according to the real value they represent. We will focus only on issues related to technical parameters and craftsmanship in arranging only flavor compositions ... so what counts is the durability and quality of the ingredients as well as the uniqueness, sophistication and suggestiveness of the composition itself. Of course, considering that the cost of production and the ingredients used are often only a fraction of the amount of the finished product ... we are not interested in the suggested price, occupied shelf and imagined level of prestige aspirations, or that, for example, Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend also uses this e-liquid. Let's focus on what a given vape brand really stands for.

Almost everyone who vapes even occasionally has heard of e-juice brands: Vampire Vape, IVG, Liqua, Halo, Hale, Eirhorse Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady, Wick Liquor, Elements and Yeti. In fact, their popularity is not determined by the actual quality of the E-Liquids themselves, but how much money has been pumped into advertising, marketing and product placement ... below are the most popular brands on the Irish vape market, along with segmentation adequate to their real value.

The measuring scale is very simple and clear:

(***) vape brand synonymous with high quality and definitely worth the price
(**) vape brand with decent parameters and a very good value for money
(*) vape brand overpaid, overrated and completely inadequate for the money demanded for it

Vapire Vape (**) 

A brand as well known and recognizable as the Coca-Cola logo, with a few sophisticated compositions in its portfolio - but overall it is an overrated producer of mid-range e-liquids at best. Of course, their Heisenberg, Pinkman and Black Jack are noteworthy, but the rest of their range sells rather poorly.

IVG (***) 

An institution brand, in fact almost every E Liquid of this manufacturer is a sure bet. One of the few brands in which the price goes hand in hand with quality and an unfeigned prestige envelope, the brand has a lot of timeless classics such as Summer Blaze and the brilliant Nicotine Salt line, which maintains a very high level.

Hallo (*) 

Unfortunately I can't give more stars ... once a legend brand, a substitute for quality and good taste, and today a leading producer of nothingness, which changed its noble achievements. A vivid example of the excess of form over substance, and the only noteworthy and recommendable flavor that has still survived in the Halo portfolio is the Trebica e-liquid and the quite good mint SubZero.

Nasty Juice (**) 

Once an icon of the vape industry, the biggest competitor of IVG and Dinner Lady, and today a leading producer of dispassionate, extremely conservative and politically correct sweets, i.e. e-liquids for every occasion.

Liqua (**) 

Producer of some of the most popular e-liquids that can be found on the Irish Vape Shop bestseller list. However, it should be mentioned that it owes its position to the monstrously subsidized marketing that popularized their famous Logo. Liqua specializes in light citrus freshness, i.e. the tobacco aroma of a cigarette smoldering in an ashtray. Liqua offers some really good items that are worth testing.

Dekang (**) 

A brand as popular as Michael Jackson and ubiquitous as statues of George Washington. They focused on the production of e-liquids
for various companies that wanted to have their own brand. They are also famous for the durability and unique flavor projections of their e-liquids. Dekang is a Chinese company, so the light and not too intrusive nature of their single compositions fits into the Chinese style of e-liquid branding, which has been transferred to the European market. Generally, Dekang is a company with extensive experience in the vape market and has some really good and recommendable flavor compositions, such as USA MIX, Menthol or Orange.

Eirhorse (**)

An Irish manufacturer that has entered the world of vape brands with a flourish and dealt the cards anew. Eirhorse has proven that it can create excellent e-liquids in no way inferior in quality and style to the above-mentioned producers. Eirhorse has been present in the Irish vape market since 2013 and in that time it has made a name for itself among electronic cigarette users with some really good products such as BH, Triple Mint, Strawberry and the surprisingly commercial but quite good King Of Tobacco.

Hale (**) 

Irish brand known for aggressive, ubiquitous and aggressive marketing visible in every Super Valu store or gas station. It is thanks to him that Hale's e-liquids have achieved such a stunning commercial success. It must be said, however, that Hale introduced interesting collections of e-juices to the vape market and started the fashion for spicy and effusive compositions, with a leading note of tonic sweetness. Apart from the undoubted commercial success of these e-liquids and the beginning of fashion for good because Irish - it must be remembered that the brand bases its success primarily on marketing.

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