What are e-liquids?

What are e-liquids?

E-liquids, otherwise known as e-cigarette liquids or simply liquids, are special blends that are used in e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette liquid usually consists of glycol, glycerin, nicotine and flavorings. We can compare their role to fuel in a car engine - an e-cigarette will not be able to fulfill its function if we do not fill it with e-cigarette liquid. The very principle of operation of the liquid is very simple - after placing it in the atomiser of our e-cigarette and starting the device, the heating unit will start to heat up, thereby evaporating the e-liquid and the nicotine it contains. Thanks to this, we do not risk inhaling all by-products of the combustion process, which unfortunately happens when smoking classic tobacco products. Due to the fact that we are not dealing here with the burning of a liquid, the volatile substance from an e-cigarette cannot be called smoke. Instead of this term, it is most often referred to as a mist or steam, which better illustrates its character.

Types of e-liquids

Different liquids are used for different models of e-cigarettes.Why is it like that?The reason is related to the properties of the liquid and the heating system in the given e-cigarette model. Depending on our needs, we can find larger or smaller e-cigarettes on the market, in which heaters of different resistance are used. The lower the resistance, the more electricity from the e-cigarette goes to the heater, which heats up faster and copes better with the evaporation of the liquid into the e-cigarette. In such models, thicker fluids can be used without any problems, in which we can find more glycerin than glycol. However, if we choose an e-cigarette model with a heater with a higher resistance, it will be necessary to adjust the viscosity of the e-liquid to it in such a way that it can do its job well. If the e-cigarette liquid is too thick in relation to the heater, it will not be able to warm it up properly, which may result in the necessity to replace it sooner with a new one. This problem is eliminated by an e-cigarette for cartridges, because in the cartridges we always find a liquid that is properly matched to the heating system.

Aromatic variants of e-liquids for e-cigarettes

E-cigarette liquids can be found in a variety of flavorings. No wonder, because everyone has their own taste and preferences, which is taken into account by the Eirhorse brand. Our offer includes as many as 20 fragrance compositions, each of which will be able to choose the most appropriate variant. Some users of electronic cigarettes choose flavors similar to classic tobacco varieties, which may be even better in an e-cigarette because they are not obscured by the acrid smell of smoke. For other users, fruit or menthol flavors may be the most suitable, but nothing prevents them from reaching for aromas such as black tea, vanilla or coffee, which are also available in our offer. The issue of choosing the right flavor in an e-cigarette is very important because it can affect the user's experience when using the device, so it's always worth betting on your favorite fragrance compositions.

Refills for e-cigarettes and e-liquids - differences

Our offer includes not only classic e-cigarette liquids, but also special refills. What are these cartridges and how do they differ from e-liquids? Their main difference is the area of application. E-cigarettes can be divided into those with a closed heating system and those with an open system. The first ones will be most appreciated by those users who place great emphasis on the simplicity of use - there is no need to add e-cigarette liquid to them, because the cartridge can be simply replaced with a new one after use. In e-cigarettes with an open heating system, classic liquids are used, which are poured after the e-cigarette container is empty. This is a more troublesome solution, but it will be appreciated by users who prefer to take care of all the parameters related to the use of the e-cigarette on their own. E-cigarette cartridges are therefore a set in which we can find both a heater and a properly selected liquid for e-cigarettes.

Cartridges - What nicotine concentrations are available?

E-liquid can have different nicotine concentration, as do refills. The cartridges offer us three available variants of nicotine concentration - 6 milligrams, 12 milligrams and 18 milligrams per milliliter of liquid. Which will be best for the average user? It is difficult to answer this question because it is an extremely individual matter. It's safest to start with a lower nicotine concentration and choose a stronger refill if needed. Thanks to this, we will be sure that the nicotine contained in the cartridge will be appropriate for us in a given concentration.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that our vape store also offers e-cigarette liquids without nicotine, i.e. Shortfill with a capacity of 50ml and 100ml. A nicotine-free liquid is a good solution for those who want to combat the need to reach for a cigarette and the addiction of smoking, while not delivering nicotine to the body.

Why is it worth choosing e-liquids and tobacco sticks from proven sources?

E-cigarette refills and e-cigarette liquids are definitely worth choosing from proven sources. It is indispensable to the very idea of electronic cigarettes, which are supposed to be a way of the potential harm reduction associated with smoking classic tobacco products. Of course, e-cigarettes have been on the market relatively soon and we still need research that could answer the question of how they affect the human body in the long term, but there are many indications that they are a slightly less harmful alternative than traditional tobacco products.

When buying e-cigarette refills or liquids from uncertain sources, we run the risk of serious side effects, as you never know under what conditions and where the products were made. Considering that the e-cigarette cartridges and liquids themselves contain harmful nicotine, the more risk should be limited and only reliable and proven products, such as Eirhorse e-liquids, should be chosen.

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