PG/VG bases for Do It Yourself Liquids

At Eirhorse we offer you a selection of premium bases from manufacturers known for their strict quality standards and high-quality ingredients. Here you will find ready-made base liquids in various PG/VG ratios (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine) as well as pure PG or VG bases. The vegetable glycerine provides plenty of vapor and intense clouds. So if you want to chase big clouds, you should choose a base with high VG content: the PG/VG ratio of 20/80 is a good option here. Propylene glycol ensures authentic rendering of flavors. So if taste is your priority, a 50/50 base is a good choice. Always make sure your bases and liquids match your gear: high VG content makes the liquid too thick for use with pod systems and many compact formats. Sub-ohm devices may have trouble with too much PG content.


PG and VG: differences and characteristics

When it comes to liquid for e-cigarettes, the question of PG and VG shares often arises and not infrequently in connection with certain advantages of the individual substances. In most cases, the liquid for the e-cigarette contains both VG and PG in the base. In addition to nicotine shots and aroma and distilled water, both are among the basic components. In addition, there are also liquids that are only based on one of the two substances and are therefore referred to as VG or PG liquids. Both types bring with them certain characteristics that vapers can value to a greater or lesser extent. This is not least a decision of personal taste. The difference between PG and VG is explained below.

What is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

The abbreviation PG stands for Propylene Glycol (also known as 1,2 Propanediol). PG is colorless and almost odorless. But what is much more important for use in e-cigarettes: It is thinner than vegetable glycerine. In addition, it is worth knowing that propylene glycol is approved as a food additive, especially in view of the current health discussions. In addition to e-cigarette liquid, it can also be found in chewing gum, toothpaste and ice cream.

PG VG difference: Liquids based on PG are characterized by certain properties. The most striking: PG liquids are comparatively thin. This can prove to be an advantage with some atomizers, as it avoids post-flow problems. In addition, many vapers find PG liquids to have a more intense taste. Almost more important is the better flash, i.e. the feeling of nicotine satiety. Propylene glycol in the e-cigarette is particularly important for those switching.

In individual cases, it has already happened that vapers have had oral allergic reactions to propylene glycol in an e-cigarette. While most of these were only temporary, a temporary switch to a non-propylene glycol fluid, i.e. pure VG fluids, was recommended.

What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Vegetable Glycerin, which translates to vegetable glycerin. VG-based e-cigarette fluid has a higher viscosity, which makes it more viscous. Unlike PG, e-liquid without propylene glycol can cause post-flow problems in some sprays. In terms of taste, VG differs in that it is slightly sweet. The more obvious difference than PG VG is vapor as it is much denser with VG liquids.

PG vs VG - Is VG Fluid Better Than PG Fluid?

It is difficult to make a general recommendation at this point. Flavors are known to be different and most liquids rely on a mixture of VG and PG in varying proportions anyway, so the PG vs VG issue is usually superfluous. If you are mixing liquids yourself, you can of course try different mixing ratios in this area and find out for yourself the difference between PG and VG and their mixing ratios. There are max VG and max VG base fluids which have a very high glycerin content and produce a correspondingly thick vapor, ranging from the dominant 70/30 and 50/50 blends to the more aromatic PG fluids. bases, a wide range for every taste. The most important thing is the quality of the materials used. Liquids are checked for purity and identity prior to sale. Especially with Irish liquids, high quality standards are applied to give vapers the most enjoyable and aromatic vaping experience possible. In addition, the flavors used must be approved in the EU to be approved for use in liquids.

Food flavorings, flavor concentrates and liquid flavorings

The wonderful world of flavors is diverse. Is there really an e-liquid flavor that hasn't been discussed yet? Yes, they certainly are, because in addition to "simple" flavors such as tobacco, mint and chocolate, there are countless variations, ranging from butter biscuits to cacti, but here too, you can experiment with almost endless blends.

But if that's not enough for you, you can become a "mixer" or, better put, an e-liquid self-mixer. The product that gives flavor to the liquid it has mixed is aroma.

High-quality eliquid flavors in Eirhorse

  • In our wide range you will find exactly the aroma you need for your very personal liquid.

    A - Apple, apricot, anise, amaretto, apple pie, Almond 
  • - banana, banana milk shake, beer, blueberry blueberry, black elderberry, black curant, Bird's milk
  • - caipirinha, hemp, cola, cappuccino, cognac, cranberry,cherry, caramel, coffee, cheesecake, currant, Chocolate, Cream,Cotton candy, coconut, cocoa 
  • - Donat 
  • E - energy drink, eucalyptus, strawberry, ice cream
  • F - Fruit MIX
  • - gingerbread,Gooseberry, Grapes
  • J-  Jasmine, 
  • K - Kiwi 
  • L - Lime, lychee, lemon 
  • - Marzipan, Mint, Mango, Milk, Mocha, Mojito, Mint, , ,
  • - Nougat 
  • - Orange 
  • - Pistachios, Peppermint, Peach, Pina Colada, Pink Panther, Plum, Passion fruit, pineapple, pear, prickly pear
  • - Rum, Rhubarb, Rose 
  • S - Strong mint, spearmint, Sex on the Beach 
  • - Tobacco,Tiramisu, tangerine
  • W -Woodruff, Whiskey, Walnut, Wafer, Watermelon
  • V - Vanilla 

And More.

Frosty, cooling ICE Flavors:

Frozen Cherry - Frozen Energy Drink - Frozen Menthol - Frozen Watermelon - Frozen rosty Apple - Frozen Ice Cream Candy - Frozen Strawberry - Frozen Raspberry - Frozen Peach - Frozen Vanilla - Frozen Tobacco - Frozen Mango - Frozen Pineapple - Frozen Orange

Eirhorse are pure e-liquids flavors and should be used sparingly. We recommend adding 2-3 drops to each drink or meal and then slowly increasing the dose if needed.

We exclusively offer Eirhorse flavors for mixing e-liquids.

Dosing recommendation: 2.0% - 8.0% - this is only a "recommendation" as the actual dosage is based on the base used (the more VG, the much more flavor addition is necessary!)

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