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In this section of our vape store you will find excellent E Cigarettes from the Korean company JustFog. Using JustFog vaping products is a guarantee of satisfaction and safety. Familiarize yourself with our interesting offer.

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Everything you need to know about Justfog e-cigarettes

To succeed in the highly competitive e-cigarette market, vape manufacturers need a unique selling proposition. Justfog, which has been producing vaping devices since 2009, has found a simple solution to this problem: an unconditionally good quality and easy-to-use e-cigarette. The South Korean company thus managed to survive in the face of strong Chinese competition and secure a significant market share. E Justfog cigarettes, such as our starter kits, are also very popular in Ireland due to their reliability and simple but elegant design. Of course, Justfog offers not only trouble-free use in everyday life, but also a high level of safety for its vape products. With safety being the second major concern that Justfog has made a priority, every Justfog e-cigarette has numerous safety features that make it safe to use in any situation - even when maximum performance is required.

Safety is the core of Justfog

Although Justfog systems are usually delivered with a permanently installed battery, great importance has also been placed on operational safety. Each e-cigarette from the South Korean manufacturer is therefore equipped with at least five basic safety circuits to prevent failures and facilitate safe use.

Overheat protection: Vaporizers are protected against overheating. Accidental switching on of the vaporizer, e.g. carried in a tight trouser pocket, does not lead to excessive load on the heater. After ten seconds, the battery shuts off automatically to protect against overheating or overloading of the battery.

Short circuit: Even getting an e-cigarette wet does not lead to a disaster. Because in the event of a short circuit, the systems signal a failure with LEDs and then automatically turn off the device. In most cases, it is enough to dry the battery compartment and coil to be able to use the e-cigarette again without any problems or dangers.

Overcharge protection: Battery overcharging is not possible with Justfog systems. Even with starter kits. All batteries are equipped with a protection circuit that automatically interrupts the power supply when the maximum charge level is reached.

Discharge protection: Over-discharge protection of the battery is also provided. Because modern battery systems can be damaged by over-discharging. If the battery is empty, the system also clearly indicates the lowest level with an LED and then automatically shuts down to protect the equipment. As soon as the battery is sufficiently charged again, the e-cigarette can be used as usual and vaping can be carried out with a draw resistance of 1.2 or 1.6 ohms.

Overvoltage protection: Batteries are usually charged with a charging cable, i.e. at a relatively low voltage. If it is exceeded due to a failure of the charger or power adapter, it may damage or destroy the battery. To prevent such damage, Justfog e-cigarettes have been equipped with an additional protection circuit. If the input voltage is too high, the charging process is switched off immediately and prevents too much energy from being transferred to the charging system.

At Justfog, everything comes from one source

To meet its own very high quality standards, the Korean company uses a rather unusual approach: everything comes from one source. Unlike manufacturers who outsource or outsource their e-cigarette production, South Koreans produce everything themselves, starting with developing new models in-house. Production takes place in the company's own facilities in South Korea, which work exclusively for Justfog. Final quality control also takes place in South Korea before the product hits the market. In this way, the manufacturer retains full control over the quality of its products and is able to guarantee high accuracy.

Top models of Justfog E Cigarettes: Q14 and Q16

If you are looking for a particularly slim e-cigarette, but do not want to give up high performance, you have found what you are looking for in this model. Because this e-cigarette is very handy thanks to the battery dimensions of 16 x 21.5 x 73 millimeters and a correspondingly narrow tank. With a filling volume of 1.9 milliliters of liquid, the Justfog Q16 proves itself during the day. With a battery capacity of 900 mAh, there is also enough energy available. The starter kit includes all the necessary spare parts, a charging cable and power supply, as well as instructions to get started with vaping as easily as possible. As a classic e-cigarette in the medium resistance range, the model covers a wide range of vaping needs and offers carefree and high-quality vaping pleasure. This feature makes the Justfog Q16 Starter Kit an ideal entry-level device for those transitioning, but also for advanced vapers.

Although the Justfog Q14 is also based on a compact design, this is implemented differently than in its sister model. Since in this case a small size is not achieved, the clearomizer is integrated into the battery holder. More compact design allows for easy transport. The tank volume is also enough for about 1.9 ml of liquid, so the run time before refilling this e-cigarette is similarly long and the 900 mAh battery is plenty of possibilities. This model is also designed primarily for classic MTL vaping, the resistance in the atomizer head is 1.6 ohms, but heads with a resistance of 1.2 ohms are also available. There is no need to replace the battery as it is permanently integrated into the entire device. As with its sister model, charging is done via the included USB connector via the power adapter or simply on your home computer.
What both models have in common is that Justfog proves twice that high-quality workmanship, compact design and chic design do not have to be mutually exclusive. These two models of e-cigarettes are fully suitable for everyday use and make a good impression everywhere with their chic design. This makes the devices of this unique South Korean manufacturer a real alternative for beginners who want to stand out from the mass market and do not want to give up the highest quality.

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