Vape POD System

Pod systems, also called vape pods, pod vapes and pod mods; are the newest generation of vaping products. Easy to use and simple to maintain, just replace the pod. Pod systems provide a low-powered pull, using higher nicotine strengths with integrated pods instead of tanks. All of these features combine to create easy to use and ultra-portable vape system. A pod system is uniquely suitable for smokers who haven’t yet found a vape product that suits them. Unlike many devices, a pod vape is capable of delivering a cigarette-like experience, replicating the convenience and impact that vapers crav

Vape POD System

Buy cheap POD systems for e-cigarettes for vaping

The e-cigarette market has developed strongly in recent years. In addition to a wide variety of models, a large selection of liquids and accessories have been added that enable vapers to try out a new liquid in addition to their beloved e-cigarette, for example. It is also easy for beginners, especially if they come from the smoking area. So-called starter sets contain everything that is necessary for a successful switch from glow stick to e-cigarette. The manufacturers have even thought of an instruction manual. In addition, the development on the market continues steadily. The latest highlight are pod systems.

What is a POD system?

As the name suggests, pod systems are e-cigarettes that use a type of pod instead of a conventional pod. The pod system can be compared to a coffee pod that contains coffee powder for a complete cup of cash and is simply inserted into the coffee machine. It is the same with the pod systems. The pod system holds the e-liquid and vaporizes it so that you can then vape with pleasure. Pod systems have a smaller capacity than conventional e-cigarettes, which offers a further advantage because the trend is towards ever more compact and simpler models. Most pod systems have a capacity between one and two ml. The greatest advantage, however, is their ease of use: Pod systems are simply pushed into the device and can then be used immediately. If they are empty, they are removed again and exchanged for a new pod system. Otherwise, pod systems are not built much differently than any other e-cigarette. A pod system also has a battery, but it is relatively small compared to the mod. Purely in terms of design, pod systems can look very different. There are more rectangular versions or models that are similar to a USB stick. Still other pod systems even have the appearance of a pebble.

Advantages of POD systems compared to classic e-cigarettes

One of the greatest advantages of pod systems is that they are simplified in how they work. For example, when it comes to filling the tank. The pods are available to buy as pre-filled tanks, which are then simply inserted into the device. This makes the models interesting for all those vapers who are in a hurry, but still don't want to forego full enjoyment. By the way, changing an empty pod to a new one is very easy. Simply remove the pod from the e-cigarette and insert a new, filled pod - done. One of the next advantages is the wide variety of flavors. A wide variety of variants is already represented on the market of pod systems and the development in this area is ongoing. This enables even the most demanding consumers to find a pod system that is appropriate to their own taste. In addition to the already mentioned advantages of the pod systems compared to a classic e-cigarette, there is another advantage: From now on, the time-consuming cleaning of the e-cigarette's vaporizer can be omitted. The used pod system is simply exchanged for a new pod system. The model used is then disposed of with household waste. Many consumers refer to the pod systems as e-cigarettes 2.0 because of their many advantages. In summary, it can be said that the pod systems are a clean and elegant form of the e-cigarette, which is much easier to use. Purely in terms of appearance, pod systems are much smaller and more compact, which hits the nerve of a large number of connoisseurs.

Top 7 Brands for POD Systems for Vaping

It goes without saying that pod systems are available from a large number of manufacturers today. This makes it possible for vapers, for example, to stick to the label they have chosen and, if they like, simply switch to a pod system from the preferred manufacturer.

Aspire POD systems

The manufacturer Aspire is one of the companies that has been represented and successful in the pod system market for a long time. It is above all his Nautilus series that is extremely popular with consumers. Various versions are currently available on the market, with the Nautilus AIO from Aspire being presented in more detail as an example. The kit is constructed in such a way that it is not equipped with simple atomizer heads, but with a very specific atomizer, the Nautilus Coil. The extremely popular coil is built into a device that is wonderfully light and compact and therefore fits in any trouser pocket. In addition, there is a design that comes up with rounded edges. This makes the Nautilus AIO from Aspire very comfortable to hold. Of course, the Nautilus AIO from Aspire also scores with a wonderful taste development that can compete with other top models in the MTL area. The mouthpiece of the Nautilus AIO from Aspire is rather voluminous. The bottom airflow of the model is adjusted before vaping. The tank of the Nautilus AIO from Aspire has a capacity of 4.5 ml.

Eleaf POD systems

Various pod systems are also available on the market from the manufacturer Eleaf. This means that vapers and vapers who have been using Eleaf models for years can stay with their popular label if they want to try out a pod system and then maybe even switch. The innovative pod systems at the manufacturer Eleaf will also be explained using an example model. The label's Elven Pod System is suitable, for example, for users who prefer small and inconspicuous cigalikes. The models are also ideally suited for beginners who are just starting to enjoy an e-cigarette. The Eleven is just 100 mm long and weighs a light 24 g. The Elven Pod System is equipped with a built-in 360 mAh battery. The battery is conveniently charged via a micro USB port located on the underside. A colored LED shows the current charge level. The color green means that the battery is charged between 100% and 60%. The color blue indicates a charge level between 59% and 20% and red means that the battery has a current charge level of just 19% or less.
An important advantage of the Elven Pod System is that the model is always ready for use. As soon as the mouthpiece is pulled, steam can be generated and the enjoyment of the e-cigarette can begin. The Eleaf Elven switches off permanently if it is pulled continuously for more than ten seconds. The model is equipped with various safety-relevant futures such as overcharge protection, protection against deep discharge, overvoltage and reverse polarity protection. From the outside, the Eleaf Elven scores with metallic colors such as blue, red, gold or silver.

Joyetech POD systems

The Joyetech label has also been dedicated to the pod system for some time. The Exceed Edge model from Joyetech is particularly suitable as a starter set for beginners or those switching because it is not only compact, but is also wonderfully easy to use. The Exceed Edge from Joyetech is an easy-to-use all-in-one kit that has a built-in 650 mAh battery. In addition, the model has special, exchangeable and refillable depots with a capacity of up to two ml. The pods are equipped with exchangeable evaporator heads and thus guarantee that the pods have a high level of sustainability and a long service life. The Exceed Edge model from Joyetech is suitable for both direct lung pulls and for vaping from mouth to lungs. Although the battery on Joyetech's Exceed Edge is rather small, the model is capable of generating a large amount of vapor. In addition to the actual model of the Joyetech Exceed Edge, the scope of delivery also includes two Joyetech EX 1.2 Ohm coil atomizer heads, a suitable USB cable for charging and a detailed operating manual. The model is available in many trendy colors such as black and red, silver, yellow and orange. The slim exterior, which can certainly be described as a noble design, is especially perfect for demanding vapers.

Smok POD systems

The manufacturer Smok also comes up with an innovative pod system: the Novo e-cigarette has already played its way into the hearts of many consumers after a short time. The mini steamer, which, as I said, works on the basis of a pod system, visually resembles the appearance of a cobra, an advantage that many connoisseurs know to appreciate, because in addition to function and enjoyment, the appearance of an e-cigarette nowadays completely stands out clearly in focus when making purchasing decisions. Strictly speaking, the Novo e-cigarette is a kit that consists of the e-cigarette, a USB cable and two pods. Incidentally, this is another advantage of the Novo: The set contains an interchangeable pod, so that you can save a lot of money when you buy it. In addition, the pods can be refueled yourself, so that they do not have to be purchased every time. These are equipped with a side opening for filling, which in turn is provided with a rubber stopper. The pod also contains cotton wool that soaks up when it is filled with liquid. After soaking, you should wait a little so that the liquid can distribute accordingly. This then gives the best taste result. The mouthpiece of the Novo fits perfectly. By pulling on the mouthpiece, the automatic pulling mechanism is activated and you can start vaping. The output power of the Novo is between 10 watts and 16 watts. The Novo e-cigarette from Smok is equipped with various security systems. This makes vaping and charging safe processes where nothing can happen from the device side.

Are e-cigarette POD systems refillable and what should you watch out for?

Pod systems are classic e-cigarettes which, with a few exceptions, can of course also be refilled. This means that the devices offer two ways of filling: with the pod, which is conveniently placed on the e-cigarette, and as a refillable system, for which the liquid is usually poured into the tank from below. In general, pod systems are also referred to as liquid pods, cartridges or depot, which means that whenever one of the terms appears in the description, it is also an e-cigarette with a pod system. Pod systems are available in stores as pre-filled models or as refillable e-cigarettes. If it is important to you to use one or the other system, you should pay close attention to the description of the model when buying. Incidentally, the e-cigarettes with pod system are ideal for switching from normal smoking or for beginners, because they are particularly easy to use. The pod systems are available from a large number of manufacturers. Those who value excellent performance should rely on the reviews of other vapers and vapers when choosing the new model. The best devices are also selected on a regular basis, so that it can be guaranteed that you will really find a high-quality model with a pod system. You can choose between normal nicotine or special nicotine salt e-liquids for better nicotine consumption with increased body tolerance.

Difference to open and closed pods

Despite the uniform term, pod systems have various differences. One of the differences lies in their structure: there are open and closed pods. Of course, the first question that arises is what exactly is the difference between the two variants. The closed pod basically works like a kartomizer, the model is already supplied with liquid and cannot be refilled. The consequence of this is that once the pod system is empty, it is simply thrown away. When disposing of the pod system, please ensure that it is disposed of with household waste. At the same time, closed pod systems have the advantage that they are easier to operate. This makes closed pod systems interesting for those switching and beginners. Closed pod systems have a small disadvantage: The choice of flavors is still limited. The open pod systems, on the other hand, are refillable. The models work similarly to a vaporizer, which means that any liquid can be used in the open versions. This means that open pod systems are much more flexible in use than closed models. In the case of liquid, mixtures should still be used that have a higher PG value and at the same time have a high nicotine value. More nicotine is a good approach to open pod systems because more nicotine can simply produce more vapor.

Are there any disadvantages to pod systems?

As innovative as pod systems are, they are not equally suitable for everyone. One of the decisive criteria is the development of steam. Depending on your own needs in terms of steam generation, the corresponding performance of the pod systems may therefore fall short of expectations. There are also various other criteria that influence the selection of the appropriate pod system. Pod systems, for example, are equipped with small batteries. The size of the batteries makes the pod systems really compact. When using a liquid with a low strength, it can happen that the battery quickly gives up the ghost. Another point is the nicotine content. In general, liquids with a higher nicotine content should be used for pod systems. Unfortunately, liquids with a high nicotine salt content are usually only available from abroad. The accessories have to be laboriously delivered from abroad before you can start enjoying steam using the pod system. With a closed pod system, you only have a limited number of flavors available, which are usually even determined by the manufacturer. So if you want to determine yourself which aroma should be selected for enjoyment, you should better do without a closed pod system and instead switch to an open pod system or a completely different e-cigarette

Use of nicotine salt e-liquids in pod systems

With the development of ever better devices on the e-cigarette market, vapor development and liquid consumption have been steadily improved, but this was associated with a reduction in the average nicotine content. Even in the early days, liquids with an average of 18mg / ml nicotine content were consumed. This strength is currently almost nonexistent on the market or it is difficult to find. The currently most popular nicotine content is 3mg / ml. The reason is that the currently extremely powerful devices would cause a strong urge to cough. However, former smokers are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes in order to reach or maintain the nicotine level. The nicotine found in commercially available liquids is free nicotine. This free nicotine occurs in bound form in tobacco leaves. It is processed with a thermo-chemical process. During this process, protons are withdrawn from the molecules so that they do not develop into ions that are then poorly absorbed by the body. This is why so-called bound nicotine is now available on the market in the form of nicotine salts. Compared to commercially available nicotine, this leads to a much gentler effect when inhaling. These nicotine salts are absorbed by the body extremely quickly and thus offer the desired effect. This means that the NS liquids are more productive than normal liquids. NS liquids can be consumed by the body in significantly higher doses without causing unwanted side effects such as sharpness or throat irritation. This means that the NS liquids offer the possibility of using smaller devices without having to forego the effect of supplying nicotine. A few puffs are enough to supply the body with the nicotine it needs. Another positive effect of Nic Salts -Liquids is that the desired effect lasts longer. Liquids with nicotine salt are mainly used in closed pod systems. The reason is that they are released there under predetermined conditions such as power and resistance. The maximum permitted nicotine strength in the EU is 20 mg / ml nicotine content. This means that they can also be used in drippers or other models. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use it, because the effect of this nicotine on the organism is much more intense than with the usual 3 mg or 6 mg nicotine. Nic Salts Liquids are suitable for devices with moderate power and higher resistance.

Where is the trend going at the moment?

Above all, e-cigarettes have to be one thing: small and handy as well as easy to use. Thanks to these criteria, pod systems are the model of the future. In addition, the pod system is impressive in terms of design. Many consumers swear by the gently rounded pod systems, which can be ordered in many colors, which are also available in their own favorite color or which can be perfectly matched to their own outfit. Above all, the design advantages of the pod systems are what hit the nerve of an ever-growing fan base. However, there is one flaw that still affects buyers: the cloud formation is still too low in the small devices in contrast to the classic e-cigarette. The reason lies simply in the small format, which makes it almost impossible, at least under the current conditions, to install the correspondingly large batteries. On the other hand, the airflow cannot be adjusted individually, which is likely to bother connoisseurs who attach great importance to a corresponding smoke development. If you love self-winding, you won't be able to do much with the small pod systems either. This means that there is currently an interesting alternative: The small pod systems are preferred for on the go and the classic e-cigarette with the corresponding smoke development is preferred in one's own living room or on the terrace. Especially in the USA, pod systems are the best sellers. It can even be called a real run on pod systems. In Europe, too, there is now an increasing demand for pod systems and the development will continue accordingly. Many well-known manufacturers in the USA and Europe have now recognized the trend and are increasingly entering the market for pod systems. This also makes sense because the manufacturers from the Far East now have a huge lead in the development and manufacture of pod systems. So e-cigarette lovers don't have to worry because the preferred manufacturer has either already launched their own pod system or is about to launch one. In addition to the many well-known manufacturers, there are also numerous new labels who also want something from the cake. This is also of interest to consumers because it makes it possible to try out pod systems from other manufacturers. Pod systems, and that is the actual reason for the run on the new variants of the e-cigarette, fulfill the wishes of consumers according to various criteria in an almost perfect way. Sales figures and turnover of the manufacturers prove that pod systems hit the nerve of a large number of customers. As with many other innovations, the trend towards pod systems can be seen especially in the USA. As already mentioned, pod systems are by far the most popular variants of the e-cigarette. It will not take long and the trend will soon spill over to Europe and Ireland. Consumers can be particularly curious about the price development, because there is sure to be a lot more to do in this segment. Just like with the design of the pod systems and maybe at some point it will even be possible to design your own pod system, similar to the credit card, the design of which you can design with many credit card providers at your own discretion and taste. The number of consumers who enjoy e-cigarettes has increased significantly in recent years in Europe in general and in Ireland in particular. The trend towards pod systems is therefore likely to be increasing sharply.


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