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EirHorse creates beautifully designed devices with premium quality. We exist to create the next global e-cigarette technology company. Our ambitions are high and we want to be big, but more so we want to build respected products, the best e-liquids and e-cigs we can build within our abilities

The core of business has never changed. Business has always been about creating good electronic cigarettes and e liquids. Without a good product, you can never achieve more than short term success. It was never, and it will never be our goal to create products to satisfy a certain price point. Our idea is to create the best possible e cigarettes. We will never pursue specs that only look good on paper, nor will we design useless features that add little value to daily life. Instead, we choose to focus on what actually matters, creating the ultimate day to day experience. This is how we return to customer value.

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Our goal is to make a product worthy of those with a discerning and critical eye. We will work tirelessly to build that product for you. In EirHorse Ireland we have used all of our knowledge about the e smoking that we have gained since 2010. As the result of our many years experience and in response to the growing public demand for a top quality product, we have designed special line of e cigarettes and eliquids. We know Irish vapers needs more than anyone else.

Our aim is to convince all the Irish to the fairness pursue a healthier and a lot more modern and pro - European way of electronic smoking in place of traditional smoking . Public confidence and approval for the electronic smoking increas in the country consistently. We are witness how ecigarettes have become for smokers the only possible cure for pernicious effects of traditional smoking.

In the era of legislative changes and major changes in our lifestyle - e cigarettes have become the absolute number one in the area to meet the needs both in terms of the pleasure of smoking, and much healthier approach to reality. E cigarettes become an answer to the eternal question asked by most of the smokers " how to quit traditional smoking but not to end them quit, but be a lot healthier and do no harm to others."

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Eirhorse e-cigarettes, by virtue of their characteristic, are and will be the only answer to this question. That's why we trust this vision - a vision that led us to create a unique product , whose quality and robustness, reliability and style and modern image is a response to changes in our society and significantly surpasses everything that has been created so far in the field of electronic smoking . Listening to many various opinions of our customers and business partners - we have created a solution that neutralizes all the handicaps of traditional electronic smoking devices. This solution is EirHorse brand , which is the essence of many exploration and which in effect is the best!

Selected recipes, experience and high-quality aromas ensure the special taste of our liquids. Before a liquid is ready for the market at Eirhorse, it has already had to successfully pass a large number of tests and tastings in order to meet our requirements. We only source quality raw materials for our liquids. We attach great importance to the fact that we receive detailed specifications about the raw materials from the producers in order to be able to ensure that we can always guarantee a consistently high quality of the liquids.

We hereby confirm that the offered vaporizer liquids (liquids) are developed and manufactured in Ireland in accordance with the currently applicable food law. Quality assurance in relation to special product requirements is becoming more and more important. In order to guarantee a consistently high product quality, our suppliers are certified. The basic components of our liquids are sourced in Ireland and UK. All certificates of analysis are available for these raw materials and thus guarantee the highest quality. The flavors used are obtained from European suppliers and are approved according to the Flavor Regulation (EC) No. 1334/2008 and approved for use in food.

Hygienic production and filling according to the latest guidelines as well as strict in-house controls are a matter of course for us, mechanical filling guarantees a precise filling quantity of the liquids. All components are processed, checked and approved for consumption under the highest quality standards. Each product is labeled with an expiry date and batch number, and a complete hazard label is on the primary packaging. The closures of our liquid bottles are secured with a child safety device.

Our liquids consist of propylene glycol (PG), glycerine (VG), nicotine and aromas. Propylene glycol is approved as a food additive in the EU and has the designation E 1520. It is used, among other things, for medical products and as a carrier for flavors. Glycerine is approved as a food additive in the EU and bears the designation E 422. Due to its water-binding properties, glycerine is also used in cosmetics and food to keep moisture.

The flavors we use are rich and of very high quality. They are certified and comply with the German approval regulation (EG) No. 1334/2008 of 16.12.2008 on flavors and certain food ingredients with flavor properties for use in and on food. Flavors with known harmfulness / toxicity on inhalation are not used. We expressly forego diacetyl. Diacetyl research shows that diacetyl promotes various aspects of amyloid beta aggregation. Such beta aggregations are associated with Alzheimer's disease. Flavors with diacetyl or related diketones are therefore not used in our products.

Safety and warning notices

Our liquids are a luxury product. They are not intended as an aid to smoking cessation, but merely as substitute products and are intended exclusively for use in e-cigarettes. If you are intolerant to propylene glycol, glycerine or aromatic substances or if you have an allergic reaction, you should not use e-cigarettes and the liquids associated with them. If in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Nicotine is a neurotoxin. Nicotine-containing liquid must not come into contact with the skin. In the event of contact, wash off thoroughly with plenty of water. Ingestion or contact with the eyes must be avoided. Food that has come into contact with nicotine-containing liquid must be disposed of and may no longer be consumed. Our liquids must not be made accessible to children and young people under the age of 18. Keep the liquids out of the reach of children. Not suitable for: Pregnant and / or nursing mothers, people with cardiovascular, blood pressure or lung diseases (e.g. asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia) as well as non-smokers, children and adolescents under 18 years of age. The use and consumption of our liquids is entirely at your own risk!

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