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IVG E-liquids is a relatively young manufacturer of e-liquids from Great Britain. Despite its relatively short existence, this brand is available in over 100 countries and has already won more than 20 awards *! In the range of this manufacturer you will find a wide variety of flavors, from menthol to ant-sweet and everything in between. For example, the e-liquid Blue Raspberry received an award for the best fruit e-liquid of 2019!

IVG - I Vape Great

Get to know IVG E Juice

If you have already taken a look at our site, you will have seen that there are many types of e liquid brands that you can choose from. Each brand has its own unique taste and appearance. One of the better-known brands at the moment is the IVG e liquid. You naturally wonder why buying the IVG e liquid is so wise. Time to show you more about this well-known brand of e liquid!

Countless types of amounts of nicotine

One of the advantages of the IVG e liquid is the fact that you can find the bottles in countless different amounts of nicotine. For example, you can choose the 0 mg options. This nicotine-free IVG e liquid also makes it possible to vape without nicotine if you wish. If you still want to receive nicotine or if you would like to reduce your intake, you can do this by means of the bottles of IVG e liquid with nicotine. These are available in 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. For people who like a stronger dose, this is a great brand to choose. We do not recommend opting for a high nicotine level if you have never smoked, but this goes without saying.

Always a unique taste

In addition to the wide variety in terms of nicotine, the IVG brand is also known for the wide range of different flavors. You can find almost everything right now. From the fresh apple flavors to the flavors like biscuits. Thanks to this offer, it has become a lot easier to choose the flavor that suits you perfectly. From sweet to fresh, everything is possible with the IVG e liquids.

Or do you choose IVG e liquid nic salt?

In addition to the normal flavors, you can buy IVG e liquid in the special nic salt version. These are the types of IVG e liquid that are provided with nicotine salt. In our blog we went deeply into the effect of this salt, so we would say that you should definitely read this. In short, it means that the nicotine is processed in the body in a different way, which gives it a slightly different effect.

Buying IVG e liquids has become a lot easier thanks to our site. By taking a look at the range today you will find out in no time what exactly we have to offer. For questions about the IVG e liquid you can of course always contact our customer service, they will be happy to help you with your purchase. IVG e liquid is the choice for vapers who are looking for a unique taste!

IVG product lines

You can currently find three IVG product lines in our range:

  • IVG 50:50 e-liquids
  • IVG Salts E-Liquids
  • 50ml shortfill

In the following we would like to explain the difference between the two product lines.

IVG 50:50 e-liquids

This product line consists of e-liquids in various flavors. The name of this product line is derived from the ratio PG / VG, which is made up of 50% PG and 50% VG. This product line is therefore suitable for almost every type of e-cigarette.

IVG Salts

This product line contains a selection of e-liquids from the 50:50 product line, with the addition of nicotine salt. This is a form of nicotine that is similar to the form found naturally in tobacco plants, for example. The advantage of nicotine salt compared to normal nicotine in e-liquids (also known as 'freebase' nicotine) is that nicotine salt is absorbed into the blood faster and remains active in the body for longer.

Recognition and awards for IVG liquids
In total, this brand has won more than 25 international awards and prizes, which is very remarkable for a brand that has only been around for a relatively short time.
* In early 2020, the brand was awarded the "Best UK E-Liquid Brand 2019" award. In addition, the e-liquid Blue Raspberry was awarded the prize for "the best fruit flavor e-liquid 2019".

Production of IVG e-liquids
IVG e-liquids are produced in Great Britain and thus meet all the requirements of European tobacco legislation. In addition, our range of IVG e-liquids also meets the strict requirements of German tobacco legislation.
Throughout the entire IVG production process, only high-quality ingredients are used that are based on the taste experience of this brand.

International presence of IVG e-liquids
IVG was founded in Presten (Great Britain) in 2016, and since then the brand has been available in no fewer than 100 countries on 6 continents. To manage all of this, in addition to their UK headquarters, they also have offices in Westbury, New York, Dubai and El Poblado, Colombia.

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