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Liquids are necessary for the e-cigarette, which can be bought in Ireland in 10 ml bottles in several online shops, at least if they are enriched with nicotine. If you choose a variety without nicotine, there are usually larger fillings, such as 30 ml or 50 ml or even more to choose from. An alternative are flavors that are required to mix a liquid yourself, you can read about how the procedure works in our tutorial area.


Shortfill e-liquids

At the moment, the same laws apply to liquids in Ireland as in the EU. The European Tobacco Products Act TPD2 stipulates that liquids containing nicotine may be sold in a maximum of 10 milliliter bottles. For this reason, liquids with a size over 10ml, called shortfill liquids, can only be treated with nicotine under the following conditions.

A shortfill liquid is a liquid that has to be filled with base (tasteless liquid) in order to be able to vape the finished mixture in the taste intensity desired by the manufacturer. Most e-cigarette shops offer ready-made nicotine shots to get the desired nicotine amount without counting. The shortfill e-liquids can also be easily topped up with commercially available liquid bases.

20ml / 30ml shortfill

  • For 3mg; 1x 9mg shot
  • For 6mg :1x 18mg shot

40ml / 60ml shortfill

  • For 1.5mg :1x 9mg shot
  • For 3mg :1x 18mg shot
  • For 4.5mg :1x 9mg shot 1x 18mg shot
  • For 6mg : 1x 18mg shot

50ml / 60ml shortfill

  • For 1.5mg :1x 9mg shot
  • For 3mg :1x 18mg shot

100ml / 120ml shortfill

  • For 0.75mg: 1x 9mg shot
  • For 1.5mg :1x 18mg shot
  • For 2.25mg :1x 9mg shot 1x 18mg shot
  • For 3mg; 2x 18mg shot

Shortfill Liquid - Adding nicotine without nicotine shots?

Since finished nicotine shots are limited to 20 mg / ml nicotine, shortfills can often only be enriched with the finished shots from 0 mg to 3 mg or 6 mg nicotine / ml. However, it is allowed to order more concentrated nicotine bases from abroad (max. 150ml per order).

We recommend ordering 100 mg / ml base, dissolved in 100% PG, so that you can mix any liquid to almost any strength without diluting it too much.

It is also sensible to buy half a liter of neutral base, since you usually use less than 10ml / 20ml of the 100 mg / ml base and thus do not get the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

The liquid market is changing and so there are other concepts in addition to ready-made liquids that can be poured directly into the tank of the e-cigarette. More and more manufacturers are promoting their variations as Shortfill or Shake & Vape, we want to briefly explain what these two terms are all about.

E-cigarette liquid - shortfill

Put the base in - if necessary let it mature - done

With a shortfill liquid, you get the aroma in a larger bottle, which has already been mixed with base. You also have some space for a shot - alternatively, base.

The bottle filled with overdosed liquid has to be filled up with base or nicotine shot and then shaken thoroughly. After that, you can theoretically vaporize the liquid directly - if you should let it mature, the manufacturer gives this as information.

The advantage here is that you can vape the liquid directly in most cases. The disadvantage, however, is that you only have space for 1-2 shot (s), and the mixing ratio of the base or the liquid cannot really be influenced very much.

E-cigarette liquid - Shake & Vape

No filling description - can be steamed directly

In the vaping scene, the term Shake & Vape is used as information that the liquid can be steamed directly and does not represent a form of filling for liquids and flavors.

Regardless of whether a shortfill or just flavors, the designation can apply in both cases. So if you mix an aroma with base and Shake & Vape is specified, this means that the mixed liquid can theoretically directly into the e-cigarette without having to wait for a maturation period. Means that the desired taste is there immediately, there should also be no scratching or the like.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to wait for a maturation period for many aromas that are declared as Shake & Vape - regardless of whether they are in a 10 ml bottle of aroma or already in a larger mixed bottle. Most of the time, the finished liquids are still more intense and the nuances clearer.

Shortfill & Shake & Vape - More information

So if you look at the current market situation, there are only ready-made liquids, shortfills and flavors. The latter are called longfills in a larger mixing bottle. Nevertheless, one or the other manufacturer will also find other names - unfortunately the names of the Association of the e-cigarette trade (VdeH) have not yet caught on everywhere.

So that you always know what it is, it is best to simply look at the information in the shop whether the large bottle only contains aroma or whether it is overdosed liquid (shortfill) - so that you can handle both Understand variants and know how to handle them correctly.

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