Coil Heads For Your E Cigarette

At, we offer you a wide range of reel heads to suit your tastes. We stock such loud brands as: Smok Coil Heads, Innokin Coil Heads, Joytech Coil Heads and Aspire Coil Heads.

Coil Head

What is an Electronic Cigarette Coil Heads?

The resistance of your electronic cigarette is a very important part: it is what will soak up the e-liquid, heat it and transform it into vapour. The resistance is generally housed in the clearomiser which will store the e-liquid to be vaporized. It is made up of different elements:

  • A metal resistive wire, rolled up on itself. Whether it is in kanthal, nickel, stainless steel or titanium, the concept remains the same: it has a positive and negative pole powered by battery energy and will heat up to vaporize the liquid.
  • Vapor quality cotton that surrounds the resistive wire and will soak up the e-liquid. It can sometimes be supplemented with absorbent and heat-resistant ceramics.
  • A steel jig perforated with more or less large liquid inlets. It surrounds the cotton and the resistive wire.
  • This entire architecture is based on a connection pad and a screw thread with a seal.

How to choose your resistance for electronic cigarette?

  • Compatibility with your model: Your resistance must first be chosen according to the electronic cigarette or clearomiser. Each model has a range of compatible resistors.
  • The impedance expressed in ohm Ω: It is to be chosen according to your inhalation, direct or indirect. Between 2 and 1Ω, the indirect vape will be tight like a classic cigarette, perfect for starting out with high nicotine levels. Below 1Ω, the vape will be more and more aerial. It is intended for people in direct inhalation capable of producing large clouds of vapor.
  • The power delivered by your battery: nowadays the vast majority of batteries can adapt and provide the energy required for resistances up to 0.15ohm. Some old models (iStick 40W for example) are limited to resistances above 1ohm and are not able to send the necessary voltage to resistances in 0.5 or 0.75ohm.

When to change the resistance of your electronic cigarette?

With his explanations, you will understand that the resistance is a consumable to be changed regularly: it heats up, wears out and clogs with the aromas contained in the e-liquids. It is estimated that a resistance is to be changed on average every 2 weeks. But it all depends on the frequency of vaping, the e-liquid used (classic flavor flavors clog the resistors more quickly than mint or fruit flavors) and the power at which you like to vape.

The signs that tell you that your resistance needs to be changed are:

  • A burnt or dusty taste
  • Absence of taste or unusual rendering of flavors

Sometimes, a visual inspection (when possible) is necessary to realize the state of degradation. Then observe the cotton, initially white, if it has black or dark brown deposits, it is time to change your resistance.

How to change resistance?

The majority of resistors have a thread that allows you to fix it on the base of your clearomizer. All the clearomizers in our catalog are delivered with a resistance already pre-installed in the tank. To change it, simply unscrew your clearomiser to reach the inside of the reservoir, unscrew the old resistor and attach a new one. Some models, such as those of the Innokin or Aspire brand, offer resistors that do not screw but that push each other. It will then be necessary to take care to insert the resistance correctly in the notches.

You will find in the product sheets of our clearomisers, the details of the changes of resistances according to the different models.

How do you initiate resistance?

  • When installing a new coil, its cotton is dry, and it should be well primed with your e-liquid so as not to burn it.
  • When the coil cotton is visible, you can soak it directly with a few drops of e-liquid (without drowning it).
  • When it is installed in your clearomiser, fill your tank and do a few long draws without pressing the trigger button.
  • You can also wait a few minutes for the e-liquid to return to the heart of the coil on its own.

Why buy your resistance at EirHorse?

At EirHorse, we offer a wide choice of resistors for each model of clearomizer at an unbeatable price. These resistors are offered in an economical pack.

A team of experts is also at your disposal for any questions concerning the choice, assembly or maintenance of your equipment. Feel free to contact them !We also offer resistors for clearomisers. DISCLAIMER! Before using the coil heads, you need to prime them with e-liquid and wait 30 seconds. Resistance heads are the easiest way to make your vaping experience as easy as possible. The right atomizer is just as important as the mod or atomizer head used.

The interaction of all parts is crucial for the desired vapor result. Many e-cigarettes are sold as complete sets with a suitable vaporizer, but there are also many individual models with which the existing battery holder can be upgraded. The vaporizer, in which the liquid turns into vapor, is the heart of your e-cigarette. It wouldn't work without him. New e-cigarettes are usually equipped with an integrated vaporizer.

So you only have to fill in the liquid and you can immediately take the first train. However, if you are less satisfied with it, for example because the tank is too small, you can simply spice up your e-cigarette with a new vaporizer. You can also replace the old evaporator if it broke as a wearing part. In our range you will find a large selection of different vaporizers. All known manufacturers such as Vaporesso, Eleaf, SMOK or Joyetech are included. You will also find rebuildable atomizers with RBA units. Each with 2.0-6.0ml liquid reservoir. What you should consider when buying a new vaporizer is explained below. You can also call us and get personalized advice.

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