Yeti Vape Juice

Yeti, the manufacturer for freezing cold in your vaporizer! It impresses with its balance in terms of taste and coolness.Yeti E-Liquid by Prohibition Vape from England. According to the manufacturer according to the original recipe of the well-known Dr. Frost liquids !!

Yeti - Dr Frost

Yeti Shake & Vape Liquids are highly dosed liquids, which are very flavorful and cannot be vaped pure. The liquid contained is nicotine-free and pre-matured, so it tastes exactly how it should taste. It only has to be filled up with a nicotine-free base or a nicotine shot and shaken. Yeti Shake & Vape Liquids do not require any mixing equipment and no further maturing time. The liquids are delivered in a 120ml bottle, which is already pre-filled with 100ml liquid and made from 70% veg. Glycerin (VG) and 30% Propylene Glycol (PG).


Yeti Apple cranberries:

A particularly delicious mix of sweet apples and cranberries topped with the well-known, wonderful coolness! Get ready for a very special taste.

Yeti Blood Orange Grapep:

The unmistakable taste of blood orange not only meets that of hand-picked grapes, but is also complemented by the popular and well-known freshness of Yeti.

Yeti Blue Raspberry:

A perfect, cool mix of delicious sweets and fresh, juicy raspberries, topped with an intense mint menthol blend.

Yeti Cherry:

An ingenious, fruity cherry refined with a wonderful, beautiful coolness - get ready for your absolute all-day liquid.

Yeti Dark Fruits:

A perfect mix of different, finest dark fruits meets the popular and well-known freshness of Yeti.

Yeti Energy:

A delicious, refreshing energy drink in a wonderful combination with the pleasant freshness! Awaken the Yeti in you.

Yeti Grape:

A fruity sorbet made from dark red grapes with a good portion of the finest freshness - this liquid cools you from the inside out and gives you a wonderfully fresh feeling.

Yeti Honeydew Blackcurrant

A mixture of juicy honeydew melon and dark currants with the well-known cool aroma! Be ready for a very special taste experience.

Yeti Lemonade

Iced, tangy lemonade mixed with a dash of freshness! A special taste experience.

Yeti Orange Mango

Fruity cocktail of juicy oranges and ripe mangoes with a good portion of the finest freshness. This liquid gives you a wonderful fresh feeling.

Yeti Pine apple grapefruit

A refreshing blend of sun-ripened pineapple and the unmistakable, sweet and tart taste of grapefruit. This mix is rounded off with the popular and well-known Yeti freshness.

Yeti Strawberry

A wonderfully fruity-cool water ice made from sun-ripened strawberries straight from Yeti's world of ice cream. Try this wonderful strawberry ice cream and let yourself be enchanted.

Yeti Watermelon

A delicious, sun-ripened watermelon in a pleasant combination with wonderful coolness! Be ready for that special taste.

A so-called Shake & Vape Liquid (also called Shortfill Liquid) is nothing more than an overdosed, finished liquid without nicotine. These are usually filled in 60ml or 120ml bottles with either 50ml or 100ml liquid and cannot be vaped undiluted. In order to be able to vape these, the Shake & Vape Liquid only has to be filled up with some base or nicotine shots.
The advantage: You don't have to mix it yourself and you get a much better price-performance ratio compared to 10ml liquids.

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