Dinner Lady Liquids

Dinner Lady Liquids - that represents unique flavors from England. Today's premium quality is based on years of intensive research based on high-quality ingredients. Even spoiled vapers will be won over by these exclusive liquids, because Dinner Lady flavors come into their own when vaping.

The strong brands Dinner Lady, Dinner Lady Summer Holidays, Tuck Shop and 50/50 are offered, whereby the popular Dinner Lady Liquids are based on baked goods, sweets, English desserts or the like. Depending on the brand, Dinner Lady liquid is available in 10 ml bottles, 3x 10 ml packs, 30 ml or 60 ml shortfills.

Dinner Lady

The classic Dinner Lady Liquids

The classic Dinner Lady Liquids are available as 3x 10 ml packages in the nicotine strengths 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg, or as 60 ml shortfill (50 ml content), which are filled with an 18 mg / ml nicotine shot to 3 mg / ml nicotine can be.

  • Lemon Tart - A royal liquid. Loved and known for a long time, a classic English lemon cake with a shortcrust pastry base that melts in the tongue.
  • Strawberry Custard - Not only orange jam is popular on the island, classic strawberry jam on delicious vanilla cream is just as popular.
  • Cornflake Tart - A cornflake cream cake, refined with delicious strawberry cream.
  • Rice Pudding - A mild and creamy rice pudding sprinkled with a little cinnamon and mixed with a thick dollop of raspberry cream.

The delicious varieties Lemon Tart and Cornflake Tart even secured first place among more than 200 well-known manufacturers (including many established brands) with the so-called “Best Stand & Exhibition Award”!

Dinner Lady Summer Holidays

As the name suggests, these are summer liquids with a pleasant cooling effect. The Dinner Lady Summer Holidays Liquids are available as 60 ml shortfills. The 0 mg Variant contains 60 ml of liquid. The 3 mg variant contains 50 ml liquid in a 60 ml bottle, as well as a nicotine shot to increase the liquid to 3 mg / ml nicotine.

  • Cola Shades - An English cola with a hint of lemon on ice. That's what it should be and that's exactly what Cola Shades tastes like.
  • Sun Tan Mango - A sweet exotic mango meets a mountain of ice here. The perfect mix of tropical-sweet and refreshingly cold.
  • Flip Flop Lychee - A fresh, fruity lychee liquid, ice-cold. Very refreshing and not too sweet.
  • Strawberry Bikini - strawberries on a vacation trip. Sweet, seductive, fruity, cold. That describes Strawberry Bikini pretty well.
  • Black Orange Crush - Black Oranges? No! Black currants, sweet oranges and crushed ice!

This was Dinner Lady's first summer prank, but the second wasn't long in coming

  • Cola Cabana - A cherry coke, or cherry cola, cooled to the perfect point. Absolutely refreshing!
  • Guava Sunrise - The sun rises with this tropical summer liquid. Delicious, not too bitter guavas in a tropical fruit cocktail

The new * classic * Dinner Lady Liquids

  • Lemon Tart quickly emerged as the most popular of the classic dinner lady liquids. Voices were loud asking for something similar and lo and behold, here they are the new * classic * Dinner Lady Liquids.
  • Apple Pie - Not much needs to be said about this liquid. A warm apple cake, also on the beloved shortcrust pastry of the Lemon Tart Liquid.
  • Orange Tart - Where the lemon has taken hold, the orange does not have to wait long. Shortcrust pastry covered with a delicious, sweet orange cream
  • Blackberry Crumble - A classic English blackberry crumble cake. Simply seductive.

Dinner Lady Tuck Shop Liquids

Famous for its small but fine sweet treats in the beloved "colorful bags". The Dinner Lady Tuck Shop Liquids are available as 30 ml shortfills, with 25 ml content and 0 mg nicotine. With 5 ml of an 18 mg / ml nicotine shot, the liquid can be given a nicotine content of 3 mg / ml.

  • Apple Sours - A taste that takes many back to childhood. Sour apple rings with a perfect taste.
  • Bubble Trouble - The typical taste of chewing gum, a reminder of those typical chewing gum dispenser chewing gum.
  • Lemon Sherbets - For many, the most classic English sweet, the lemon fizzy sweet.
  • Watermelon Slices - Small gummy candies in the shape of watermelon pieces, sprinkled with sweet crystals. Irresistible!
  • Sweet Fusion - A whole handful of different colored jelly beans. A sweet fusion of various fruit chewy candies.

The sympathetic thing about Dinner Lady Liquids is the importance of the aroma. The most important manufacturing principle is the focus on taste - you want to inspire the vapers and deliver a convincing aroma - and not rely on the cheapest methods. Customer satisfaction is paramount. In order to create the most full-bodied flavors and the most exquisite mixtures, the Dinner Lady team will continue to work for top-class tastes in the future.

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