Innokin Coil Heads

Since 2011, Innokin has been designing coils mainly adapted to the needs of beginners and intermediate vapers. We therefore find in the manufacturer's catalog a large number of coils designed for vaping in indirect inhaling (MTL), consistent with the nature of most of its models of electronic cigarettes or clearomizers.

Personalize your type of vape by choosing your Innokin coil according to its power and take care to check the compatibility with your vape material.



The Innokin brand is famous for its electronic cigarettes, which are especially accessible to beginner vapers. The manufacturer has managed to develop models that are both versatile and easy to use, working on reliable and durable resistors.


Innokin Zenith Coil Heads

Compatible with Zenith clearomizers, including the famous Zenith Pro, these innokin coils, also called Z Coil, are primarily intended for vaping by indirect inhalation (MTL).

They are available in several power values:

  • .48 ohms: named Plex 3D, this model increases the vapor volume tenfold and emphasizes the taste of e-liquids (ideal range of use from 13W to 16W)
  • 0.5 ohms: for vaporization between 14 and 19 watts
  • 0.8 ohm: for use between 15 and 18 W, ideal for VG (Vegetable Glycerin) levels above 50%
  • 1.2 ohms: from 10 to 14W in indirect inhalation consisting of kanthal A1
  • 1.6 ohms: from 10 to 14W in indirect inhalation (similar to a classic cigarette)

Innokin Jem resistor presentation

The Jem resistance is specially designed for a vape with a tight draw in indirect inhaling. As a result, it reproduces very well the feeling of drawing a tobacco cigarette and is therefore ideal for beginners in vaping. The flavor restored by this resistance is very qualitative thanks to an organic cotton wick.

Very economical in terms of e-liquid consumption, this coil goes perfectly with liquids containing up to 50% VG.
With a value of 1.6 ohm, it allows you to vape in indirect inhaling with a power between 10 and 13.5W.

Presentation of the Prism T18 resistors from Innokin

The T18 coil is made of an organic cotton wick to give you excellent flavors. The resistive is a standard dual coil.

The Prism T18 has 20 openings to let the e-liquid through. Thus, you can use e-liquids with a VG rate of 60% maximum.

How to change its resistance T18?

To change your resistance, you must unscrew the base of your clearomiser. Then remove the resistor from the reservoir and replace it with a new one.

A resistance has a lifespan of between 2 and 4 weeks. Its wear will depend on your rate of use. It should be changed as soon as you feel a loss of sensation or you feel a burning taste when inhaling.

Note that before any first use, it is essential to correctly soak your resistance.

Presentation of the ISub-B resistor from Innokin

The iSub-B coil, compatible with the iSub-B clearomiser, is manufactured by Innokin.

This resistance is available in several versions. You have the choice between a resistor with a value of 1.2 ohm (8-15W), one with a value of 0.5 ohm (20-35W) and one with a value of 0.35 ohm (30-55W).

This last resistor, the Plex 3D, has special characteristics. It is composed of a resistive wire imitating the shape of a barbed wire. This optimizes the heating surface without raising the temperature of the steam. The result: abundant steam and particularly good flavors, even at low power.

The cotton wick is located all around the resistive wire of these resistors. Its excellent quality allows it to restore flavors of great finesse.

To make the most of the sensations provided by the Plex 3D coil, we recommend that you use e-liquids composed of at least 70% VG.

Presentation of Innokin Pocketmod Coils

Compatible with the Innokin PocketMod, these coils allow you to vape in direct or indirect inhaling:

  • 0.35 ohm: these resistances dedicated to direct inhalation offer an airy draw and a nice production of vapor. They allow you to vape at a power between 20 and 35W, the maximum power of your ecigarette.
  • 1.2 ohm: these coils are dedicated to a vape in indirect inhaling, for a tighter pull and better restored flavors. They are designed to vape at a power between 10 and 20W. They offer a draw comparable to that of a tobacco cigarette.

Innokin T18E resistor presentation

The T18E (or T18 II Mini) coils are compatible with the T18 II Mini, T18E Pro (only in 1.5 ohm version) clearomisers as well as with the Endura M18 Pod. These coils are dedicated to an indirect inhaling vape (MTL) and perfectly compatible with CBD E Liquids and nicotine salts!

These resistances are available in 2 types of power:

  • Resistance 1.5 Ohm
  • Resistance 1.7 Ohm (Not compatible Prism T18 II Mini)

Introducing Ajax Innokin Coils

Compatible with the Ajax clearomiser and the Proton Mini Ajax kit, the Ajax coils allow you to vape in direct inhaling with more or less power. They are also available with 2 different values to allow you to vary the sensations of vape:

  • Ajax Plex 3D 0.35 ohm: for use between 30 and 55W
  • Ajax 0.16 ohm: for use between 50 and 80W

Presentation of Innokin's Scepter Coils
These resistors compatible with the Innokin Pod Scepter allow a versatile type of vape, giving pride of place to flavors. Available in two power ratings, choose the coil that best suits your draw preferences:

  • 1 MTL coil: with a value of 1.2 ohm and suitable for indirect inhalation.
  • 1 Mesh RDL resistance: with a value of 0.5 ohm, suitable for Direct restrictive inhalation.

Presentation of Innokin's S.Coil (Sensis) Resistors

Discover the powerful S.Coil coils from Innokin! Compatible with the Pod Sensis, the latter offer a large volume of vapor, while giving pride of place to the flavors. Suitable for direct inhalation (DL), S.Coil coils are available in 0.25 Ohm, for use between 25 and 35 Watts!

Innokin ZF Coil Resistors Overview

Innokin is entering a new era with ZF Coil resistors and their Duo Prime technology! This ingenious system allows these powerful resistances to integrate 2 sheets of Mesh. A first sheet surrounds the outer part of the cotton in order to increase its capillary action. the E Liquid is thus preheated and attracted to a second sheet located inside the Coil, for a reactive and super tasty vape.

Compatible with the Kroma 217 Kit and the Z Force Tank clearomiser, these Innokin coils allow a vape in direct inhaling (DL). They are available in 2 power values:

  • ZF resistance 0.2 Ohm: Adjustment between 50W to 80W
  • ZF resistance 0.3 Ohm: Adjustment between 30W to 45W
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