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Eirhorse is also a liquid online shop and carries excellent and delicious house liquids under the label "Eirhorse". This series is produced and bottled according to the highest quality standards. You can find our liquids in a wide variety of flavors and in all nicotine strengths. This line is particularly suitable for newcomers, those switching and backend steamers (MTL).

You can buy your liquids cheaply if you regularly visit our sales category with e-cigarettes and liquid vouchers. You can also benefit from our graduated prices.

E Liquid Ireland

Vampire Vape E Juice x 10 Vampire Vape E Juice x 10
Producer: Vampire Vape
Price:: €39.99
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Eirhorse Sweetener Eirhorse Sweetener
Producer: EirHorse
Price:: €3.50
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Eirhorse Fruit Elixir Eirhorse Fruit Elixir
Producer: EirHorse
Price:: €3.50
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Eirhorse Cooling Agent Eirhorse Cooling Agent
Producer: EirHorse
Price:: €2.50
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Liqua E Liquids 10ml All Flavors Liqua E Liquids 10ml All Flavors
Producer: Liqua
Price:: €4.00
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Kinship Kinship
Producer: BMG Kingship
Price:: €4.50
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IVG Bar Plus IVG Bar Plus
Price:: €6.99
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Yeti  Short Fill E-Liquid Yeti Short Fill E-Liquid
Price:: €12.99
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Vuse - Vype E Liquid Vuse - Vype E Liquid
Price:: €4.99
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King's Dew E Liquid 10ml King's Dew E Liquid 10ml
Price:: €3.99
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Beyond Short Fill E Juice Beyond Short Fill E Juice
Price:: €15.99
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Chief of Vapes E Juice Chief of Vapes E Juice
Price:: €3.70
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Late Night Diner Late Night Diner
Producer: Halo
Price:: €5.99
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Liquids for e-cigarettes: fine aromas and the best taste

What kind of nicotine strengths are available?

The amount of nicotine available is regulated by law in Ireland and the EU. The guideline for tobacco products (2014/40 / EU) is used. This has been active in all EU member states since 2016. Since its introduction, products have been allowed to contain a maximum of 20 mg / ml nicotine. The TPD2 also specifies a maximum filling quantity of 10 ml of liquid with nicotine per bottle. The following list gives you an overview of the usual trade sizes:

  • 3 mg / ml
  • 6 mg / ml
  • 9 mg / ml
  • 12 mg / ml
  • 16 mg / ml
  • 18 mg / ml
  • 20 mg / ml

Nicotine strengths from 16 to 18 mg per ml are considered strong. 9 to 12 milligrams are found in the middle range. Everything below that corresponds to light cigarettes. Manufacturers usually do not offer any other nicotine strengths. This makes it easier for you to choose the shots. The nicotine strength required for vaping can easily be determined using the exact milligrams of nicotine. This prevents an overdose and the pleasure of vaping is maintained. How much nicotine is recommended does not only depend on the contents of the bottle. The type of e-cigarette and the vapor produced are just as important.

Delicious liquids for all electronic cigarettes in the practical 10 ml bottle or liquids to mix yourself from liquid bases, aromas and nicotine shots? The Eirhorse Shop offers you the greatest variety when it comes to buying liquids. Our liquids from PG and VG with natural flavors according to Irish food law taste like vanilla, cherry or other fruit flavors, fresh with mint and menthol, are sweet, tart, bitter or fruity. Eirhorse Liquids contain nicotine up to 18 mg / ml or are completely nicotine-free, many vapers have found their personal favorite liquid from this variety of liquids in all flavors and finally stopped smoking as vapers.

Infinity Cloud Liquids and Eirhorse Liquids for the finest vape

Our new Infinity Cloud Liquids with special mixtures and refined recipes made from a wide variety of aromatic substances offer very special liquids and taste experiences for the e-cigarette. Served fresh from our liquid kitchen and finely seasoned for your vaporizer: The spicy, smoky e-liquid Blue Raspberry or subtle and elegant like the e-liquid Andromeda? Or the Forset Fruit e-liquid as a fruity forest berry mix with that certain something? An insider tip is still the mystically heavy e-liquid menthol with a fresh breeze thanks to menthol and mint.

Liquids made from PG and VG - propylene glycol and glycerine

Eirhorse e-liquid and liquid bases are ideally suited for all common vaporizers and vaporizer heads from leading e-cigarette manufacturers. All ready-made liquids and liquid bases in the Eirhorse Shop consist of propylene glycol (PG), glycerine (VG) and distilled water as well as aromas and optionally the addition of nicotine in various strengths up to 18 mg / ml. PG and VG are in the optimal ratio for all Eirhorse liquids for maximum vapor and the best taste.

E-cigarette liquids in optimal nicotine strength

Vape your electronic cigarettes and e-hookahs with high-quality Eirhorse liquids, bases and aromas, choose the nicotine strength you want for your liquid, fill the finished liquid into the clearomizer, screw the vaporizer onto the battery carrier and you can start vaping. You will no longer miss your tobacco cigarettes if you choose your liquid from our shop in the right nicotine strength. Our nicotine shots help you to bring all liquids to the preferred nicotine strength.

Mix liquids for e-cigarettes yourself

If you want to mix your own e-liquid from liquid bases and flavors, you will find suitable sets of basic liquid (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml) and the desired flavors in the Eirhorse Shop. Depending on your personal taste, you can vaporize your e-cigarettes with a delicious fruit aroma, with menthol or mint, tart and bitter. The new nicotine shots in the 10 ml bottle ensure the correct nicotine strength of your liquids. Good to know: All Eirhorse and Infinity Cloud Shortfill for e-cigarettes are manufactured here in Ireland according to the strictest quality criteria and according to Irish food law. Vape our liquids with a clear conscience!

Nicotine in liquid: nicotine strength explained

The e-cigarette or also called - the electronic cigarette uses liquids instead of tobacco. E-liquid is vaporized in the vaporizer of the e-cigarette. A vapor is created, which then reaches the mouth or lungs via the mouthpiece. One of the biggest differences in vaping is found in the liquid. E-liquids are offered with or without nicotine. Nicotine-free liquids are more common on the market, as many vapers get by without the additive. With these, the focus is on taste and vaping. Liquids containing nicotine, on the other hand, are vaped for different purposes:

  • Smoking cessation (gradually)
  • immediate smoking cessation
  • habit

Liquids containing nicotine are not used for just one reason. Many former smokers switch to e-cigarettes because they are addicted to nicotine and want to do something about it. Others enjoy the kick from the nicotine and don't want to do without it. The nicotine strength is decisive for the intensity of vaping. This is understood to mean the amount of nicotine in mg per ml of liquid. This is stated on the packaging in mg / ml. This can vary greatly depending on the liquid. Manufacturers already offer many flavors with nicotine. The use of nicotine shots is also possible. These are nicotine for mixing. This allows you to mix your desired nicotine strength into your favorite liquid. Another form of nicotine are nicotine salts. These have the advantage that you have less influence on the taste. In addition, the emerging throat hit is reduced. However, nicotine salts have no influence on the nicotine strength. Depending on the quality, nicotine salts feel stronger. This is more comfortable for many vapers.

What is important for the nicotine strength of an e-cigarette selection?

Regardless of whether you are a light smoker or prefer strong cigarettes, the recommended nicotine content is clearly influenced by the e-cigarette. In contrast to smoking, the liquid is heated by an evaporator in e-vaping. The windings in the unit are responsible for this. The steam is then passed on through the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette. In the end, depending on the e-cigarette, it gets into the lungs in one of the following ways:

  • MTL (mouth to lung): over the mouth
  • DL (direct to lung) or Sub-Ohm: directly into the lungs

In addition to the actual amount of nicotine in the liquid, the type of vapor used in the electronic cigarette is particularly important. For many people, entry into vaping is via an MTL device or cigalikes. These only transport the steam into the oral cavity. There it can be tasted and then inhaled or exhaled. For this reason, more nicotine is usually used in the liquid for this type of electronic cigarette. Since the vaporized e-liquid does not get into the lungs immediately, higher nicotine strengths can be used without side effects. With sub-ohm e-cigarettes, the vapor is drawn directly into the lungs. This noticeably intensifies the nicotine. For this reason, a lower amount of nicotine is chosen for DL e-cigarettes in most cases. Even a heavy smoker can get an urge to cough or headache from being too strong. This is why it is important to choose the right strength when vaping nicotine liquid.

How many milliliters of e-liquid correspond to a pack of cigarettes?

An important aspect when choosing the amount of nicotine is the comparison of cigarettes. Many beginners assume that 1 ml of e-liquid corresponds to a normal cigarette. That's not true. A cigarette cannot be compared directly to a milliliter of liquid. Nicotine is absorbed through the vapor when smoking and vaping. A cigarette is between 12 and 14 mg and this value does not change. Tobacco always contains the same amount of nicotine. A pack of cigarettes contains an average of 20 cigarettes. In total, a box contains between 240 and 280 mg of nicotine. Determining the nicotine content of liquid is not that easy. At first glance, it seems obvious that 1 ml corresponds to the stated nicotine strength. But 1 ml of liquid is not the same as 1 mg of tobacco. The two measured variables cannot be transferred directly. If you calculate ml and mg in exactly the same way, an example calculation with 18 mg / ml liquid would look like this:

  • 1 ml liquid = 18 mg nicotine
  • 10 ml liquid = 180 mg nicotine
  • 13 to 15 ml liquid = 234 to 270 mg nicotine

You can now better imagine why this assumption is not entirely true. In this case you would need 1.5 bottles of liquid to replace a box. The lower the nicotine strength, the more e-liquid is needed. In most cases, however, the actual consumption of a steamer is lower. Steam is very economical. It is assumed that 1 ml of nicotine liquid corresponds to 25 to 30% of the daily requirement. On average, 3 to 4 ml of liquid are used per day. That's between 15 and 20 cigarettes, so one box. 1 ml of nicotine liquid thus replaces between 3 and 4 cigarettes. 4 ml of liquid are therefore equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

How do I choose the right nicotine strength?

How to choose the right nicotine strength for vaping can easily be managed after the information given. For this it mainly depends on the previous smoking behavior:

  • Occasional smokers (> 1 box per day): 3 to 6 mg / ml
  • Heavy smokers (<box per day): from 6 mg / ml
  • Heavy smokers (<2 boxes per day): from 12 mg / ml

If you haven't smoked a lot before, you shouldn't choose a strength that is too high. This increases the risk of increased dependency. Smokers with a high consumption should not choose too low strengths as vape beginners. If the nicotine content is reduced too early, it usually leads to higher liquid consumption. For this reason, use a high strength and lower it at regular intervals in order to reach a normal value. Light smokers reach 0 mg / ml much faster in most cases. These values are especially true for MTL vaping. As a former heavy smoker, you should choose a maximum of 6 mg / ml for DL vaping. The intensity of the lungs is usually very unpleasant when the nicotine strengths are too high. In addition, the type of steam has a significant effect on the taste.

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