Nicotine Salts 

Nicotine salts enhance the vaping experience because they evaporate at lower temperatures and have lower pH levels, making nicotine easier to absorb. We offer nicotine salts from trusted and well-known vape manufacturers.

Not suitable for sub-ohms: With large amounts of steam, the risk of overdosing is particularly high. Liquids with a high nicotine content should therefore not be used in sub-ohm devices.

Nicotine Salt

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts - a real blessing or just a new liquid variation?

Lately we have heard more and more about great new liquids that are supposed to revolutionize nicotine consumption. We are talking about liquids with nicotine salts. They are praised by many as a real blessing, as they make it easier for heavy smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. On the other hand, they are suspected of being particularly addictive and increasing the risk of an overdose. Reason enough to take a closer look at the much discussed new substances. So that you know exactly what you are dealing with here, we clarify in this article what makes nicotine salts so special and what advantages and disadvantages you can expect.

Nicotine salt - the longed-for solution for heavy smokers?

In the e-cigarette market there is a strong trend towards larger and larger mods and more voluminous vaporizers that can do more and more and, above all, make more and more vapor. In this context, more and more liquids with a rather low nicotine content are being offered, since with large amounts of steam, of course, more nicotine is absorbed per puff. In addition, higher concentrations cause a stronger throat hit - the tingling, scratchy feeling in the throat and throat that is also caused by the smoke of a tobacco cigarette. A lot of nicotine has a rather unpleasant effect at higher performance or even triggers a throat irritation. In addition, nicotine also affects the taste of the liquid. Subohm vapers are usually completely satisfied with 3 - 9 mg nicotine per ml. Liquids with 18 or 20 mg nicotine, which were very popular just a few years ago, are less in demand today and some e-cigarette shops no longer offer them at all.

This trend does not necessarily suit people who just want to get rid of tobacco with an e-cigarette. Heavy smokers in particular need higher concentrations at the beginning so that the same feeling of satisfaction arises that the smoldering sticks produce. Liquids with a lot of nicotine can hardly be endured with higher performance. The result: lower concentrations are vaporized, those willing to switch are permanently attached to the e-cigarette and consume a lot of liquid. Nevertheless, the desired satisfaction does not really want to set in and so the Pyro has to come back after all.

Nicotine salts are supposed to help here. Liquids with nicotine salts can be vaped comfortably, even with a high nicotine content, without causing a noticeable throat hit or changing the taste too much. They also have a longer lasting effect, as the body cannot break down the nicotine bound in the salt as quickly. However, this also delays the effect and the longed-for feeling of satisfaction arises a little later. So are nicotine salts a welcome alternative to commercial liquids? Let's take a closer look at the differences.

Free nicotine and nicotine salts: production and effects

The nicotine that is used for our well-known and valued liquids and nicotine shots is nicotine in its purest form. The nicotine is extracted and released from the tobacco leaves using ammonia. This free nicotine quickly turns into gas, the body absorbs it well, and it works very effectively. Together with a solution of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), which serves as a carrier, as well as some nice food flavors, it becomes a tasty liquid. Free nicotine is also found in tobacco cigarettes and many nicotine replacement products such as chewing gum, sprays, and patches. However, there is a crucial problem: Free nicotine has a high pH value, so it is very alkaline or basic. As a result, it irritates the mucous membranes and causes a strong throat hit when inhaled. So you can't vape free nicotine in excessively high concentrations without it becoming uncomfortable.

Nicotine salts, on the other hand, correspond to nicotine as it occurs in its natural form in tobacco. In this natural form it does not become gaseous as quickly, you would have to heat it very high to make it steamable. For this reason, benzoic acid is added to the salts. This not only ensures that the nicotine salts turn into vapor even at lower temperatures, it also lowers the pH value, making the liquids more pleasant and gentler. Vapers can also inhale very high nicotine concentrations without burning their throats. Unfortunately, this nicotine bound in the salt is not absorbed as well by the body as free nicotine - which in turn can be compensated for with a higher nicotine content. There is also a delay in action, the longed-for nicotine high only sets in after a few seconds, but it lasts longer. Liquids with nicotine salts are therefore more tolerable than those with free nicotine, but should be consumed with a little caution, as the desired effect is a bit long in coming.

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