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Eirhorse Store is a company that since 2012 has been dealing with direct production and comprehensive supply of customers with products that are dedicated to all people who want to replace traditional tobacco smoking with inhalation of purified nicotine. In the offer of our store you will find a wide selection of modern e-cigarettes offered in sets or individually. The models we offer are proven, tested and compliant with the guidelines of the Tobacco Directive. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rest of our store's offer, where you will find all the accessories necessary for e-smokers. We offer branded products such as E Liquids, E Cigarettes, glasses, as well as clearomizers and tanks. If you have any doubts regarding your purchases, please contact our professional consultant who will provide you with all the necessary tips and advice on choosing the right products. You can contact the helpline by calling Phone - 0567738182 Mobile - 0877961478, or send a question using the form in the contact tab.

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If you are reading this vaping guide on what vaporization is and how to vape properly, you are without a doubt a smoker ready for a change. The motivation to quit smoking can vary for everyone. Maybe your current smoking habit is getting too expensive, or maybe you're starting to worry about how harmful chemicals in cigarettes are affecting your health, but making the decision to do something about it is a huge first step.

Researching what vaping is is usually the place where many people begin to understand how e-cigarettes can help them quit smoking. In this guide, we will answer many questions about the world of e-cigarettes and vaping that will help support your efforts to stop smoking for good.


Vaping has been around for a decade and during this time, millions of people around the world have been using e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking and live smoke-free. But how does vaporization work? Basically, vaping is the process of using an electric cigarette to consume nicotine in a manner similar to smoking, but without the 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes.

An e-cigarette or vape is an amazing kit that creates a smoky vapor from a flavored liquid containing nicotine. The process of vaporizing the nicotine e-liquid into the realistic vapor you inhale is technically called vaping.

For someone new to the vaping world, the transition may seem a bit unnatural and perhaps overwhelming due to the sheer amount of tips and the endless number of vaping kits to choose from. Finding a vaping device that mimics the habit and benefits of smoking will ensure your success in switching to vape. Hand-to-mouth movement, inhaling satisfying smoke, feeling calm or satisfied with the nicotine hitting your body, and even the social component of smoking are all the sensations that smoking a cigarette gives you.

Properly used vaporization devices can deliver the realistic "throat hit" and nicotine that smokers crave. Switching to vape may take a bit of patience and some minor modifications compared to smoking a regular cigarette, but many devices are designed to look and feel like a cigarette so the switch is not that difficult.

For vaping beginners, finding the right vaping kit, finding a flavored e-liquid you like, then understanding how it works and how to use it correctly will give you a great vaping experience. Like the millions of other ex-smokers who have already succeeded in shifting away from cigarettes to vaping, with a little willpower, persistence, and finding the right device, you can also become a non-smoker.

We hope this guide will help you understand what vaporization is and how to vape properly so that you can say goodbye to cigarettes and say goodbye to them for good!


Most vapers started out with a simple device such as a cigarette. In terms of size and weight, they look like a cigarette. They produce the same amount of smoke as a regular cigarette and are extremely easy to use. Cig-a-like are intended for beginners, but are popular for people who want to continue vaporizing without a lot of hassle and constant maintenance.

In our Eirhorse Vaping Store, you will also find larger vaping devices and everything you need to do so. We offer the best brands of e-papaieros and e-liquids, including our company Eirhorse.

We recommend beginner vapers to start with a small, realistic looking and easy to use cigarette.

All vape devices do the same thing - they produce smoke-like fumes from nicotine e-liquid to mimic the same feeling you get after smoking a cigarette. So, regardless of their size or power output, vape starter kits generally do the same. The cost of the vape starter kit can vary from 5 to 100 Euro and is broken down into 2 main categories - closed systems (cigar-like systems or pre-filled capsules) or open systems (larger batteries, more replaceable parts and you have to refill them with e-liquid yourself) ). For beginners, we always recommend starting with a closed system for ease of use.

The sealed vape starter kit comes with everything you need to get started. They usually include a rechargeable battery, a charging cable or a USB charging device to charge the vape battery, some pre-filled capsules or cartridges that contain e-liquid and full instructions. Many vape starter kits will be compatible with a wide variety of refills or capsules of different flavors and nicotine strengths.

If you're new to vaping, a small starter kit is a great first step.


When choosing your vape kit, it's important to check if the brand has a wide variety of flavors to choose from. For many first-time vapers, choosing a few different tobacco or menthol flavors is great. Plus, you can try some fruit or dessert flavors, but most people are happy that it has a flavor similar to the one they are currently smoking.

For your first vaper, it is recommended that you find a vape kit that has a similar flavor to the cigarettes you smoke. So if you smoke menthol cigarettes, choose a menthol or mint flavored e-cigarette starter kit. Likewise, if you smoke a tailor-made cigarette, choose the original tobacco flavor.


To successfully transition to vaping, we recommend starting with the highest level of nicotine in capsules or vaping cartridges you can get. Whether you are a casual smoker or a heavy smoker, starting with the highest nicotine strength will give you the true “throat hit” you're looking for. If you find it too strong, you can always choose a lower nicotine strength the next time you buy it. However, if you are a heavy smoker and opt for a low-nicotine vaporization kit, you may find that it is not as satisfying as the daily pack habit and you may be discouraged from continuing.


Here we get some technical information about the e-liquid in the vape kit. E-liquids are made up of 4 key ingredients - propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavors, and nicotine. Propylene glycol produces a "throat hit" while vegetable glycerin (VG) produces steam. The more VG in an e-fluid, the more "clouds" than "throat hits". Conversely, the more PG in the e-fluid means the greater the "throat hit."

So if you are looking for the most realistic smoking experience, the cigar-like kit with a higher propylene glycol (PG) content will give you the most satisfaction.

When you first open your vape kit, make sure you follow the instructions on how to set it up. In the case of the Cygal-like closed system, it should be very simple.

Make sure the battery is fully charged. When the battery is charged and ready to go, connect one of the pre-charged cartridges to the battery, then hold the device at a 45 ° angle downward, put it in your mouth and inhale slowly. We recommend that you inhale a small amount of vapor to begin with. If you don't think that was enough, try inhaling a little longer. It may take a bit of trial and error learning to inhale a vaporizer, but you will eventually find the best amount that suits you.

Taking too much steam in the first place may cause you to cough as you are not used to how much steam the machine can produce. Do not give up. Keep trying until it works.

We usually recommend 5 to 7 slow and longer puffs with a break between each breath, which should give you the same sensation as smoking a real cigarette. Many people find that if they retain vapor in their lungs for a few extra seconds compared to a cigarette, they will absorb the right amount of nicotine. Take your time, try several different methods and enjoy your steam like a glass of fine wine!


There is one more definition you need to consider when learning how to vaporize properly. Most closed systems provide a sensation of mouth to lung (MTL) vaporization. Like a cigarette, an MTL vaporizer requires you to puff on the device to activate vaporization of the e-liquid. The more you pull it in, the more vapor you inhale. So the way you inhale on MTL vape devices is most similar to the way you puff on a cigarette.

The second style is Direct To Lung (DTL) vaporization and this applies to open systems. In a DTL system, you generally have to press a button on the battery which activates the e-liquid vaporization.

So if you are looking for a realistic smoking experience, the best known option would be to use a closed mouth-to-lung vaporization kit.

Follow these simple steps while inhaling vape from your mouth into your lungs:

Slowly pull the tip of the device to activate steam delivery

Pull the fumes into your lungs as you would when inhaling a cigarette

Trap the vapors in the lungs to allow nicotine to be absorbed into the body

When you are ready, breathe out

Repeat the process until you are satisfied

Choose E Liquid with your favorite flavor and nicotine power, so the change can be of great benefit to your health and well-being.

Vaporization is better than smoking.

There are many inferior vaporization products on the market, and price shouldn't be your main focus. Bearing in mind that vaping can be up to 80% cheaper than smoking, it's better to pay a little extra for Vape-Juice to get the best vape product.

Important. Eirhorse uses the highest quality pharmaceutical flavors and ingredients in its e-liquids.

Choose E Liquid with your favorite flavor and nicotine power, so the change can be of great benefit to your health and well-being.

Vaporization is better than smoking.


It is part of any electrical device to ensure that the components are maintained to function as intended. Regular cleaning of the connections between the batteries and USB chargers should ensure that the vape works well. Using a tissue to clean the battery connector should remove any residue that may accumulate over time. This residue may affect the connection between the cartridge and the battery and cause a slight difference in taste.

Aside from keeping your batteries and USB connections clean and free of debris or debris, you shouldn't have too many maintenance problems. Common sense also suggests that you keep the batteries clean and dry, do not put them in the washing machine, charge them on the appropriate chargers that came with the vape kit, and use the components as intended


Once you switch from smoking to vaping, you'll want to stick to it. Losing your battery or draining your battery while you're out and about could mean you don't have your trusted vape until you get home or you can't go back to the store to pick up a replacement. We always suggest having some spare batteries on hand as spare. If you are going to go out tonight, eat a 2nd fully charged battery and an extra cartridge in your pocket so you don't run out of energy.

Having extra batteries at home is also a good idea. If you usually order your vape online and get it, you may have to wait a few days. This can be very stressful if it's a long weekend and you have to wait a few extra days for the replacement ones to arrive. So make sure you have some extras up your sleeve, so to speak.

Vaper's Tongue

Vaper's Tongue is a strange thing that can happen to some vapers over time. This is usually the case when using stronger open systems which create a lot of clouds and can cause a loss of flavor for that flavor. Overall, this means that you use vaping too often and at too high a power level. If you experience the Vaper language, we suggest turning off the power in an open system, changing flavors for a while, or even considering switching to an MTL system.

Vaper tongue is rarely encountered when using a closed system based on MTL inhalation, as they operate at lower power levels and produce less fumes compared to open systems.


Unlike the vape pen, the MOD vape is a more advanced vaping device that some more experienced vapers can put on the path. A vape mod is usually an open system that gives you a Direct To Lung vaping experience. This means that the vape mod pushes a few more into the lungs compared to a smaller cigar or vape pen. For many smokers looking to quit, using a vape mod can be more complicated and perhaps a bit overwhelming.

The vape mod starter kit will include a rechargeable battery, refillable tank, replaceable thrust coil, mouthpiece, charging cables, and eventual replacement O-rings. To start with MOD vape, fill your tank with vape juice (e-liquids), prime the resistance coil, connect the mouthpiece and battery. Many vape mods have the ability to adjust the output power or voltage. This means that the battery will generate more energy which will evaporate the juice vaporizing at higher temperatures, resulting in more vapor.

As you can see, the vape mod will need a bit more care and maintenance. And with vape mods, the amount of extra steam that is produced and "pushed" into the lungs can be a bit large for a novice. This is why vape mods are mainly used by more advanced vapers.


Vape juice is a modern term that refers to e-liquids. Vape juice consists of the following ingredients - propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and flavors. Depending on the manufacturer, vape juice can be available in different PG / VG blends.

Propylene glycol (PG) is what causes the "throat hit" in vape juice, while vegetable glycerin (VG) creates the "cloud". So vape juice with a higher PG content will be more like a tobacco product. Vape juice with a higher VG content will create more "cloud" or vapor. Typically, if you want a more realistic smoking experience, you'll most likely want to use a vape pen and vape juice with a higher PG content. If you are looking for more "cloud" in your vaping endeavors, then you are leaning towards a vape mod with a higher VG content in your vape juice.

Are e-cigarettes safer than smoking?

Major healthcare institutions such as Public Health England, Royal College of Physicians, National Center for Smoking Cessation and Training, Royal College of General Practitioners, and charities, including Cancer Research UK, support the use of e-cigarettes by adults as a convenient way to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked or to quit smoking altogether.

What are the risks?

Using an e-cigarette is not completely risk-free. However, we know that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than continuing to smoke.

In Ireland, e-cigarettes are strictly regulated for safety and quality. When used as intended, nicotine contained in e-cigarette liquids is relatively harmless.

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