Vampire Vape E Liquid - All Flavors

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Vampire Vape E Liquid - All Flavors

The UK has long been known as a pioneer in vaping and e-liquids.

For a long time, the island was considered a pioneer of industry before it took root in China and has now had its main production site there.

However, that does not mean that the English are still ahead of the game when it comes to know-how.

Vampire Vape is one of the proofs that the island doesn't have to hide when it comes to offering the customer unique quality paired with an excellent taste experience.

If you are not quite convinced yet, do not worry. Because we have tested them all, the favorites and bestsellers from Vampire Vape.

And before we get into the individual reviews, we can reveal so much: The manufacturer not only underlines its creativity in terms of taste, but can also clearly demonstrate with the help of its product range that creativity can produce true miracles.

# 1 Heisenberg

Many vapers call it the manufacturer's stroke of genius.

This vape juice combines everything a fan could wish for: a fruity taste experience, flavored notes such as aniseed and a menthol note that gives the product the necessary freshness.

But the great success of this product certainly also comes from the cleverly chosen marketing ploy aimed at one of the world's most popular series called “Breaking Bad”.

Regardless of whether you feel closer to your heroes Pinkman and Heisenberg with the help of the product, the E-Juice does not need such comparisons at all.

It is so pure and full of pleasant aromas that we would buy it again without the prominent name.

Due to the high popularity of "Heisenberg", the manufacturer Vampire Vape has also recently decided to offer a highly concentrated VG variant (70% VG, 30ml vial) in addition to the standard product (40% VG, 10ml vial).

# 2 Pinkman

And the spin-off of the series continues! After the instant success of the “Heisenberg” product, Vampire Vape quickly found an additional product that, unsurprisingly, was christened “Pinkman”.

This e-juice is a little more exotic than its brother and offers the vaper a citrus mix consisting of grapefruit, lemon and orange.

This fruity mix is paired with an absolutely relaxing note that not only refreshes, but also tastes very good.

Many avid users say Pinkman is their default juice to start the day, and that's hardly surprising.

The e-liquid is often described as the tastiest brew from Vampire Vape and is therefore extremely popular.

Our experience with the product was able to confirm exactly this, regardless of whether in normal (40% VG, 10ml vial) or highly concentrated (70% VG, 30ml vial) form.

# 3 Blood Sukkah

What do you get when you combine many different flavors in just one product?

The answer is simple and is called “a taste sensation à la 'Blood Sukka” ”.

Berries, red fruits, cherries - everything a forest fruit lover needs for his fruit mix.

Add to this aniseed and sweet eucalyptus notes, menthol provides the necessary freshness.

Overall, the product can be described as “fruity and cool”, which is currently in great demand in the scene.

Vampire Vape therefore hits the nail on the head time and again with Blood Sukka.

# 4 Dawn

The exciting thing about the manufacturer Vampire Vape is that the names of its products never suggest what taste you came up with that e-juice.

Dawn? Who would expect wild berry flavors with a slight menthol twist with this name?

But that's exactly what you can expect with “Dawn”. Sounds good?

Well, it definitely is. The interaction of these two components has already established itself on the market and quickly became an absolute favorite of many vapers.

The 50/50 PG / VG mixture also fits, all in all a definitely successful product!

# 5 Vamp Toes

Are vampires' toes dark blue?

Well, this e-juice at least suggests it, after all, the product offers nothing more than a concentrated load of black currant.

Although this flavor has already established itself on the vaping market with other manufacturers, Vampire Vape is heavily based on a popular sweet from the north of England, called Vimto.

This is probably one of the reasons why this mixture is so popular in this country, as it also brings back childhood memories.

But not only the English should be interested in this product. In our experience, this classic taste is high on the popularity list.

# 6 Dusk & Dawn

Two e-cigarette liquids for dusk and dawn, both made from 50% PG and 50% VG. The blood-red packaged Dusk tastes like sparkling red soda and is especially suitable if you vape all night. The taste is sometimes described as a common child of Heisenberg and Pinkman.

If all of this isn't for you, then it's definitely Dawn: A forest fruit blend with the same menthol finish as Heisenberg

# 7 Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie is an English dessert made of bananas, cream and caramel on a dough base - just the thing if you have a sweet tooth and the sweet and creamy tasting e-liquid with good vapor development and a satisfying feeling when inhaling. The sweetness of the bananas paired with the full taste of the caramel and a dollop of cream on top - simply a must for dessert vaping.

# 8 Bat Juice

Bat Juice This fruity, tasty e-cigarette liquid Bat Juice is one of the secret recipes (hopefully without real bats). It is bursting with berry flavor, but with a subliminal, elegant note of menthol.

# 9 Funky monkey

An e-liquid that tastes like banana is Funky Monkey enriched with a little chocolate and a pleasant finish of anise. Some people don't like anise that much, but Vampire Vape gets it right here, bringing the anise note across in such a subtle, flattering way that more than an aniseed despiser became an aniseed idol after taking a puff.

# 10 Ice menthol

The Ice Menthol Liquid is like fresh and sharp inhalation of menthol with a pleasant, arctic aftertaste. Menthol is often dismissed as an entry-level flavor, but this e-cigarette liquid has enough depth to convince even experienced vapers.

# 11 Rhubarb & Custard

The mix of rhubarb and English cream is the kind of flavor that makes Vampire Vape shine. It's a dessert-fruit mix based on a long-standing British classic. We now know that Vampire Vape is very fond of British sweets - and the e-liquid tastes so spot-on that you might think that it contains the original ingredients of the dessert.

# 12 Strawberry & Kiwi

Strawberry & kiwi finally united in this e-liquid. Another sweet e-cigarette liquid, but this time Vampire Vape has cut the sugar sweetness back a bit and brings the fruit flavor to the fore, which is very welcome. If you are afraid of the kiwi taste: You don't need that, because the strawberry taste smooths the whole thing so that your tongue is not overused. Nice for vaping after dinner.

# 13 Sweet Tobacco

Caramel meets tobacco for a heavenly, hot and sticky get-together. This is the only tobacco-flavored e-liquid from Vampire Vape, here of strength RY4 (the strongest is RY1, the scale goes up to RY5). Sweet Tobacco mimics the taste of a cigarette, but is much more delicious. This is asking you why you have ever smoked in the first place.

# 14 Black Currant

A strong taste of black currants that immediately reminds you of Ribena, an English soft drink - if you know it. The taste is very strong and yet smooth - ideal if an e-cigarette liquid with a strong fruit aroma tastes good. If you like it a little milder, you can always drip one or two drops into a weaker e-liquid.

# 15 Black Jack

This e-cigarette liquid has nothing to do with the card game 17 + 4, but takes its name from - how could it be otherwise - the English sweet of the same name, which tastes like aniseed and liquorice, very similar to Sambucca. The vapor development is excellent! It's a slightly rougher e-liquid and only for people who don't get their throats scratched with every puff.

# 16 Pear Drops

Another British sweet: pear drops are pear shaped candies that are half red and half yellow and taste like pear and banana. The e-liquid for this is one of the few that focus on the taste of pears. Smooth enough to vape for hours but intense enough to keep your taste buds busy.

# 17 Sherbet Lemon

Simply translated, a lemon shower. Just like this, the e-cigarette liquid based on it will crackle in the back of the mouth and the sour lemon with the sweet sugar will cause taste sensations - very suitable for adults with a sweet tooth. Tip: A higher output on your e-cigarette brings out the taste to the full!

# 18 Spearmint

A simple, yet fully enjoyable e-liquid that gives you that fresh feeling of pure mint. It can be easily combined with other flavors and, unlike real chewing gum, does not lose its taste.

# 19 Tropical Island

A touch of the tropics on your lips! This sweet e-cigarette liquid doesn't mess around, it simply tastes like tropical fruits and generates a lot of vapor!

An absolute secret weapon in our eyes!

Vampire Vape is an established e-liquid brand first launched in 2012 with a mere selection of 12 flavours. Now we’re a global company with over 60 flavours, our most notable being Pinkman and Heisenberg that have scooped multiple awards from prestigious events.

Please note PG/VG ratio differs for nicotine strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg nicotine strengths - 60PG/40VG 3mg nicotine strength - 50VG/50PG

Heisenberg-This is the award winning flavour that has been recalled as the daddy of all day vapes! The 10ml Heisenberg in Nic Salts are a blast of fruit and red berries with an icy menthol aftertaste.

Pinkman- Pinkman Nic Salts are an astonoshing burst of flavour including a refreshing mix of ripe juicy fruits.

Blackjack-Black Jack is a blend of aniseed and liquorice giving us the taste of the childhood sweets. This sharp flavour juice has a mild spice of sugar coated aniseed 

Ice Menthol- The Ice Menthol flavour is a classic minty juice with a refreshing menthol taste

Vamp toes- Vamp Toes has a fruity and juicy burst of flavour that is sweet and fragrant

Sweet Lemon Pie- lemon syrup liquid with gently layered  taste of a buttery biscuit base. 

Charger- The Charger flavour is a sweet mix of juicy berries and tropical fruits ,when combined it forms a fusion of mixed red fruit

Blood Sukka-Blood Sukka blend of cherries and summer berries blended with red fruits. The very tasty blend has been mixed with eucalyptus and strong aniseed.

Catapult-Catapult has a refreshing aftertaste of  summer fruits infused with wild blackcurrants. 

Vanila Tobacco- Vanilla and tobacco combined for a great taste

Arctic Fruit - A variety of fruits with an icy exhale, just like the arctic

Smooth Western- The classic western tobacco vibes, great taste , exhale and aftertaste make this a perfect juice.

Crushed Candy- Childhood candy crushed up into a beautiful tasting juice

Tropical Island - Sweet and tropical taste that is great for all day vape

Bubblegum - Sweet and fruity taste just like the one from your childhood. 

Berry Menthol - Berries topped of with mint gives a great taste during and after vaping.

Tropical tsunami - A blast of tropical fruits come in like a tsunami when you take the first pull.

Blackcurrant - classic flavour known to all members of the vaping community , but its so good it never gets old

Spearmint -custard - A combination that makes anyone not only dessert lovers jump for it 

Raspberry Sorbet - A juicy raspberry flavoured liquid is all we need to satisfy our vaping needs 

Sherbet Lemon -  fresh juicy lemon with a sherbet scent

Strawberry Milkshake - Sweet and creamy flavor balanced with juicy strawberries blended with  milk.

Sweet Tobacco - Nice and sweet tobacco relaxes the vaper at any time.

Strawberry - The most popular classic to be ever made, nut its so sweet and tasty , it will never be forgotten,

Pear Drops - a liquid with a balanced amount of sweetness and sourness , drops of pear aroma give in a great taste

Dawn -  Some dark fruits from the forest mixed with menthol make this a super tasty juice wich any Heisenberg lover will enjoy

Caramel Crunch - crushed up caramel butterscotch and toffee in a juice gives the sweet and relaxing vibes, any one loves this juice.

Rhubarb Crumble - Remember the crumble your grandma made for you back when you were young , well this is a remake of your childhood , and any dessert lover will enjoy this

Sweet Lemon Pie- The Sweet Lemon Pie flavour is a warming juice with a pastry base and topped with sweet lemon 

Tobacco 1961 -  A Classic taste of tobacco with nutty and slight creamy aftertaste

Banoffee Pie - Banana and toffee together make a perfectly balanced juice for all day vape



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