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The Frost Bar - disposable e-cigarette for a successful switch to vaping

With the stylishly designed Frost Bar in a modern and ergonomic pen-style look, Dr. Frost launches a modern disposable e-cigarette model! Pre-filled with 2 ml each of the popular and tasty Dr. Frost nicotine salt liquids with a nicotine content of 20 mg/ml, the chic kit is aimed in particular at beginners and those switching from classic tobacco cigarettes to electronic vaping.

 By using nicotine salt liquid, a pleasant and not too strong throat hit is still guaranteed with a high nicotine concentration and the best possible nicotine absorption (flash) is achieved. The Frost Bar has an integrated 450 mAh battery, which allows up to 600 puffs on the chic disposable and an automatic puff ensures easy handling. The Frost Bar thus promises the best liquid enjoyment with a draw behavior that is very similar to that of a real tobacco cigarette (MTL). If all the liquid has evaporated or the battery is exhausted, the entire system is simply replaced with a fresh Frost Bar.

Taste description

Frozen Banana:

Dr. Frost the aromatic-sweet taste of creamy-soft bananas in the Frost Bar. Every single puff is like a bite into the popular tropical fruit in the yellow peel and will delight your taste buds. But that's not all, because Dr. Frost now adds an icy coolness to Frozen Banana, which is felt in the mouth and throat with every hit and brings you the ultimate refreshment. This frozen banana is just perfect for hot summer days!

Blue Raspberry Ice:

You probably won't find the taste of blue raspberries in nature. Nevertheless, this aroma is an absolute taste sensation. It takes the sweet, sour and aromatic taste of classic raspberries to a new level. Even more aromatic, even more intense, even sweeter. In addition, Blue Raspberry Ice has an icy cold that runs through the mouth and throat during vaporization, providing excellent refreshment. You have never experienced such a raspberry before and you will experience your "Heavenly Miracle"!

Grape Ice

Frozen grapes are one of the increasingly popular summer snacks and bring welcome cooling and refreshment on hot days. With Grape Ice, Dr. Frost the heavenly sweet and refreshingly juicy taste of ripe and crunchy grapes in the Frost Bar, absolutely authentic and intense. There is also an icy breath of cold that spreads into your mouth and throat and brings you the ultimate refreshment with every puff. This is how iced grapes should taste!

Lush Ice

With Lush Ice, a summery, fruity ice cream treat is coming to the Frost Bar. Frost refreshingly juicy and heavenly sweet watermelons and transform them into a delicious and refreshing popsicle. With every puff you experience the summery and juicy-sweet taste of watermelons, which is accompanied by an icy coldness that floods your mouth and throat. An absolutely refreshing summer highlight that will delight your taste buds!

Frozen lychee

The exotic lychee has its own, almost exotic-mystical taste, which contains both seductively sweet and invigorating sour nuances. There are also subtle bitter notes and notes of nutmeg and roses. To adequately describe the small fruit with the knobby skin, you simply have to try it once. dr Frost reproduces the exotic taste of lychee absolutely authentically and intensively and underscores it with an icy breath of cold that refreshes you pleasantly with every puff at the Frost Bar. Simply delicious!

Iced Mango

Enjoy the aromatic-mild taste of a ripe and creamy-soft mango that takes your taste buds to exotic island paradises. Iced Mango reproduces the invigorating and gentle taste of mango, which is slightly reminiscent of a peach, intensely and absolutely authentically. In addition, there is an icy breath of cold that spreads into the mouth and throat when vaping and provides the perfect refreshment on hot summer days.

Orange Soda

What could be more refreshing on hot summer days than a sparkling fresh and delicious lemonade? Dr. Frost and surprises you with his Orange Soda! A bubbly and sparkling lemonade delicacy with fresh soda and the typical sweet and sour taste, complemented by the fruity aroma of sun-ripened and juicy oranges, whose exotic sweetness enchants the taste buds. You simply won't be able to get enough of this lemonade specialty and with the Frost Bar you always have your sparkling, fruity summer drink at hand, wherever you are.

Pineapple Ice

The exotic pineapple is one of the most popular summer fruits. Its seductive sweetness, paired with a subtle and invigorating fruit acid and its refreshing juiciness make the tropical fruit a popular snack on hot summer days. if dr If you then serve this exotic taste experience ice-cold, the taste sensation is almost perfect. Enjoy the tropical queen of fruits with every puff, let the taste take you on a journey to exotic dream beaches and enjoy the pleasant coolness that floods your mouth and throat with every puff. A summery, refreshing taste highlight!

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream is the summery-fruity taste of bright red and aromatically sweet strawberries, processed into a delicious and pleasantly refreshing ice cream, like fresh from your favorite gelateria. The sweet strawberries merge with the creamy ice cream into a summery taste explosion, the slight coolness of which brings you a welcome refreshment on hot summer days. What could be nicer than always having your delicious strawberry ice cream at hand on warm days without it melting away in the summer sun within a short time?


  • Disposable / one-way e-cigarette
  • Compact and light
  • Ergonomic and modern pen-style design
  • Stylish look
  • Integrated 450 mAh battery for up to 600 puffs (non-rechargeable)
  • Integrated automatic train
  • No settings necessary
  • Pre-filled with 2.0 ml nicotine salt liquid 20 mg/ml (not refillable)
  • Different flavors
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • MTL puff behavior close to a real cigarette
  • Various flavors/color variants

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