With an e-cigarette to the plane - How to correctly transport it? 0

How to plan a plane trip with an e-cigarette?

Many people wonder how to transport an e-cigarette so that there are no problems with it at the airport. The basic rules in most airlines are the same, but it is worth checking if the carrier whose flight we chose has no additional restrictions on this topic. You can always find this information on his website, if you have difficulty in searching - I recommend calling the helpline, you can easily get an answer there.

Carriage of a vaping device:

The subject can be divided into two types, i.e. devices with a built-in battery and devices with a removable battery.

Devices with a built-in battery - in this case, we transport it safely in hand luggage like any electronic device, during the inspection we put it in a separate basket with electronics (e.g. telephone, laptop, etc.).

Devices with a removable battery - here the matter gets complicated. The batteries should be removed for the time of inspection, the amount of batteries that can be legally taken with you according to various sources is about 20 pcs with a typical 18650 3Ah cell, but the less the better because you can arouse suspicions by customs officers. I assume that you rather want to avoid such a situation? :). Batteries should be stored in a special container, in which they are immobilized and have no contact with each other, the shirts cannot be damaged.

We must remember to empty the E-Liquid from the tank before the flight!
Why? The change in pressure in the aircraft cabin will cause the e-liquid to be completely pumped out, flooding the pocket or bag it is in.

E-Juice transportation

There should be no major restrictions on transporting e-liquids in basic luggage. However, it is worth checking this information on the carrier's website.

There are some basic rules for hand luggage.

E-juices must be packed in the described bottles with a maximum capacity of 100 ml, not more than 1L, and packed in a transparent bag with a zip fastener, dimensions 20 × 20.

Fluids labeled toxic may be a problem during fluid transportation as they may not pass inspection.

Transport of Coil Heats and other removable elements:

It is quite difficult to find information on this subject on the carriers' websites. Leave the spare parts in your basic baggage.


Additional Tips:

Remember not to argue during the inspection. If you are asked to throw away any e-liquids - throw them away. Do not resist, this will not help you at all and can only guarantee additional checks.

If you feel the need to vape before your flight - find a smoking cabin. Do not let go of clouds in places not intended for this. This can cause an avalanche of problems, let alone trigger the fire detector.

Under no circumstances should you use an e-cigarette during the flight. It's a myth that sensors on board won't detect this. The aircraft has a closed air system that passes through more than one sensor, including optical sensors that can be easily activated.

In the case of long flights, e.g. intercontinental, it is a good idea to stock up on nicotine gums in advance. It may not be the same as an e-cigarette cloud, but you certainly won't have to pay for an extra landing after the alarm goes off.


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