What is an E-Liquid? - Flavors & nicotine content in E-Liquids

What is an E-Liquid? - Flavors & nicotine content in E-Liquids


E-Liquids are required for the use of an E-cigarette. These are mostly aromatised liquids that are required to produce vapor. E-Liquid is a consumable of an E-cigarette and consists of propylene glycol, glycerine, flavors, partial water and optionally nicotine. The flavors of this liquid are available in all imaginable flavors, so that a suitable flavors can be found for every consumer of an e-cigarette. Non-aromatized E-Liquids are also available. After buying an e-liquid, the shelf life should be taken into account, because, like our food products, e-liquids also have a shelf life.

Nicotine content in E-Liquids

When buying E-Liquids, it is possible to decide whether the liquid should contain nicotine or not. For nicotine-containing liquids there are different strengths depending on the manufacturer:

  •      24 milligrams per milliliter - Very strong
  •      18 milligrams per milliliter - Strong
  •      11 milligrams per milliliter - Medium
  •        6 milligrams per milliliter - Light weight
  •        0 milligrams per milliliter - without nicotine


What nicotine strength suits me?

The nicotine strength of an e-liquid plays a decisive role, especially for those who want to quit smoking. In order to determine the individual nicotine strength, those who change from smoking to vaping should ask themselves how much they have smoked. Strong smokers should first decide for an E-Liquid with higher nicotine content. There is the possibility to reduce the nicotine strength from time to time in order to get rid of the nicotine and to freeze nicotine-free liquid. Often, smokers fail to switch to steam because you initially keep the nicotine content of the e-liquid too low. This lowers nicotine levels and the need to smoke a tobacco cigarette. Therefore it is an advantage to reduce nicotine strength over time. In short, the nicotine strength of the E-Liquids depends on the previous consumption of cigarettes.

What is the flavor of E-Liquids?

The E-Liquids are produced in different countries (eg Ireland, China, America) and have a different assortment depending on the supplier. The selection of aromas is so great that almost all tastes are available. Some vapers mix E-Liquids from different flavors. However, in the case of such a project, one should first be extensively informed about the risks and further details. Among the popular E-Liquids are especially those with fruit aromas. As the tastes differ as is well known and there are many different flavors on the market, everyone should find the right e-liquid for themselves.

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