What is an e-cigarette? - Comparison with tobacco cigarettes

What is an e-cigarette? - Comparison with tobacco cigarettes

An e-cigarette, often referred to as an e-cigarette, is an electrically operated device for evaporating a liquid (also called E-liquid), which is aromatized. This vapor is inhaled and exhaled as in the conventional cigarettes. The main difference to the conventional cigarettes is that no tobacco is burned in e-cigarettes, but a liquid is evaporated. That is why the consumers of an e-cigarette are not called smokers but e-vapers. As far as the taste of the steam is concerned, the e-cigarette offers a fairly wide range of aromas.

Some facts about tobacco smoking

That tobacco smoking is a harmful habit and thus increases the health risk is certainly also aware of every smoker. Smoking makes breathing difficult, reduces fitness, affects heart and circulation, and can lead to lung cancer and other diseases. In Ireland alone, more than two hundred thousand cigarettes are smoked every day, about 100,00 people die each year as a result of the cigarette cone. Hundreds of people also die because of the passive smoke. But why does the smoking society do not mind? This is probably easier said than done. The addictive factor of nicotine is so high that just 5% of smokers are able to get rid of smoking.

Comparison between tobacco smoke and e-cigarette

Since tobacco smoking is a burden on people both by the addictive factor, both health and financially, they are taking advantage of other alternatives to smoking. One of them is the e-cigarette, which is now widely known and known worldwide. But is the e-cigarette really healthier than tobacco smoking? As already mentioned, no tobacco is burnt in the e-cigarette but a liquid is evaporated. Besides nicotine, tobacco contains many other chemical substances and additives. When tobacco is burnt, harmless additives can turn into harmful substances that can be carcinogenic. Since there is no combustion process in the e-cigarette, the health risk is probably reduced. The liquid which is evaporated optionally contains nicotine, which is known worldwide because of its addictive factor. Passive steam is also obviously less harmful to human beings than the passive smoke, because the steam produced contains neither carbon monoxide nor tar. In the long-term, e-cigarettes lead to a financial saving, but initially, the e-cigarette naturally generates acquisition costs. After the purchase of an e-cigarette, this is of course more usable, but the E-Liquid still needs to be financed as needed to continue using the e-cigarette. In addition to the health and financial advantages, the e-cigarette is also more environmentally friendly, since there is no combustion process on the one hand and, on the other hand, no residues such as ash or the like are left behind. What other advantages the e-cigarette has, they can read in the post advantages of the e-cigarette.

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