Steampower Diagram: How Much Volt & Ohm in E-Cigarette?

Steampower Diagram: How Much Volt & Ohm in E-Cigarette?


An optimum steam power is only obtained if the ratio between volt and ohms is correct. Electric cigarettes usually have a 3.7 volt battery and an optimally suitable clearomizer. Therefore, beginners do not have to worry about the relationship between volt and ohms. Only experimental hoppers, who like to try out different coil heads or are in possession of an e-cigarette with adjustable volume, should know the guideline values. An e-cigarette with adjustable volume would be the Vision E-Fire, for example. E-cigarettes with adjustable voltage (Volt) have the advantage that you can adjust the voltage according to your own needs. This makes it possible to find the Sweet Spot for every aroma. The sweet spot is the optimal combination of taste and steam power.

In the net, many steamers on various forums often ask why the liquid is burned, the e-cigarette produces too little steam, and the clearomizer quickly gives up its spirit. The most common reason is that the ratio between volt and ohms is not correct.

On e-cigarette test, you'll find other possible reasons why your e-cigarette produces little or no steam.


Steampower Diagram: For a safe vaping!

Ohm (Ω) is the unit of electrical resistance and volt (V) is the electrical voltage. The table below shows how much ohm how much volts should be set for the e-cigarette to properly produce steam.

The optimum ratio between voltage (volts) and resistance (ohms), represent the green cells in the table. Below the table you will find a legend, where the meaning of the individual colors are explained.

The steam power can be calculated using the following formula: steam power (watt) = volts ^ 2 / ohms

In principle, the higher the resistance (ohms), the more voltage (volts) is needed to ensure optimum steam development.




Please note that the values in the table are merely indicative and may vary in practice.

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