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Probably many of you, when buying new equipment, have heard that a given model is equipped with a special chip that gives the device above-average possibilities and security. What does "Gene" mean for the new VooPoo devices, or why are DNA devices so enormously expensive compared to their competitors? You will find out in our new post, we cordially invite you.

Let's start with what we can now find in every VooPoo brand device - Chip Gene. No, this is not a device generation designation. It is about a built-in chip, i.e. a cube, full of advanced electronics. Gene meets three values. First of all, it supports the entire system of the device, reducing the risk of, for example, a short circuit in our device, damage to the screen and the correct operation of function buttons and the charging port. This system also provides an appropriate reaction speed, aimed at express and even voltage supply to the heater in our device, and a high calculation speed when reading resistance or when using temperature control. The last important, if not the most important function of the discussed element of the e-cigarette is the impact on the efficiency of the equipment, in the simple sense of the word, thanks to the Gene chip, the manufacturer took care of the batteries through the device itself, reducing the risk of their balance and sudden drops in amperes that could permanently damage the cell .

Another product that we can meet in the industry is Chip Axon Vaporesso. It does not lag behind the competition, because the devices supported by Axon allow you to use the impulse mode, which extends the life of the heater through gradual heating and cooling, and allows you to use the temperature control mode, "Power ECO" mode (regulating the battery operation so that the device lasted longer). Axon also adds a very nice and easy-to-use interface in e-cigarettes.

Quest Chip is, in short, a strong blow to the competition. The manufacturer himself calls this model a competition for the DNA chip. The five-mode system allows us to use the temperature control mode to bypass, that is, to use the full power of the battery, that's what we do, in this case with our mod mechanical device. The Quest chip also allows you to set one of three power output modes - namely Soft, Normal and Hard. Each of them allows you to get the maximum flavor from the currently used liquid.

And what would you say about a chipset that will allow you to change, among others background or track battery consumption with high accuracy, and at the same time calculate the temperature of the heater and the cells themselves? Add to that a selection of custom tiles with information on the main screen or custom on-screen messages regarding low battery and we have Chip DNA. You will think, okay, but which DNA chipset to choose. On the market we will find, among others DNA75, DNA200 or DNA250c. The numbers shown are the maximum output power that can be used in a device with a given system version.

An alternative to DNA is the YiHi chipset, which is slightly less popular with e-cigarette users. It was actually the first chip to introduce the powerful EIN hardware. Initially, it set the bar high for mod producers. Although it does not offer full personalization as in the case of DNA, it has a number of interesting options, closely related to the settings for a specific atomizer. Especially suitable for RTA, RDA and RDTA. We hope that we were able to introduce you to the operation and advantages of each of the above-mentioned components and from now on the topic of chipsets will not be black magic for you.

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