E-Cigarette: History of the e-cigarette

E-Cigarette: History of the e-cigarette

This article is about the historical development of the electric cigarette. Smoking tobacco has been widespread for thousands of years and smokers have long been aware that smoking is a health hazard. Because of the health risk, it was thought about how smoking could be made without tobacco and smoke.

In the USA, the American Herbert A.Gilbert developed a prototype of today's e-cigarette in 1963. However, the operation of the device differs from today's models. For example, there was no smoke or vapor when pulling the e-cigarette. He himself described the device as a "smoke-free, tobacco-free cigarette" and patented its concept. His attempt to market the e-cigarette developed by him at that time failed and the idea of an e-cigarette disappeared and did not show up for a long time.

The market launch of the e-cigarette

The e-cigarette, as we know it today, was invented by the Chinese Hon Lik in 2003. Unlike the American Herbert A.Gilbert, he developed an e-cigarette which produces vapor by evaporation of a liquid (e-liquid). The company that Hon Lik was working on at the time was called "Golden Dragon Holdings" and is today called Ruyan, which means "smoking similar". The very first modern e-cigarettes came on the market in China in 2004 and on the one hand were regarded as an alternative to the conventional cigarettes and on the other hand offered for the smoking cessation.

Spreading the e-cigarette

The first exports of e-cigarettes took place in 2005 and were very successful. While demand continued to grow, the company Ruyan captured the international market and reported the first international patent of the electric cigarette two years later. Through the worldwide success and the constant spread of the e-cigarette also the competition on the market rose. For example, Joyetech was able to establish itself on the market through the further development of e-cigarettes. The models are now very popular and popular in Ireland. In the USA and Europe the e-cigarette came on the market in 2007 and there are now more than one hundred thousand people in Ireland who use an e-cigarette.

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