Disposables e cigarette and legality 0

Disposables e cigarette and legality

Today it is less about what the parts are good for (rather not much) and more about what is legal at all.

In addition to such small details as the "registration" and the necessary laboratory values and compliance with certain ingredient rules, there is also the point that a maximum of 20mg/ml nicotine is allowed and the tank/depot may only have 2ml content.

This is regulated throughout the EU ... in the TPD2

And then we take a quick look around in the "real world" and notice that a lot of people don't give a shit and sell what makes a profit.

Legal? Illegal? I do not give a shit?

I'll spare myself the naming of the shop names here. Anyone can google it themselves and the name of the local "specialist shops" that have no problem selling an Elf Bar 1500 would only be relevant for the competition. And they know that anyway.

Ergo, even with shipping and customs, we are below 3€ in purchasing.

And they are offered here in Ireland for just under €15 RRP … Word has gotten around about the Elf Bar 1500 that these are not legal and many a shop is already in sales mode. They have become rare online. That was different a week ago. A Google search spit out many more hits within Ireland.

The warnings are probably already coming in. That's why they aren't listed anywhere anymore.

They are now being advertised for this via Insta and co

Legal? Illegal? I do not give a shit?

I was tempted to leave the username whole. It's just too much of a cliché. But since it appears to be a minor who posted this, I've at least partially removed it.

Great shop promotion. Serious? They are also available offline on every street corner. The Elf Bar 1500 contains 4.8 ml of liquid and was/is therefore not legally salable in the EU. It looked like this in front of one of the shops that sold me an Elf Bar 1500 here in Kilkenny on February 5th, 2022. Anyone who thinks that a regular customer who throws the packaging of their Elf Bar on the floor directly in front of the store will then take the hazardous waste to the recycling center should please wake up.

If there isn't a deposit of at least €2 on it, they simply end up in the garbage and on the street. In the meantime, however, that is already coming. Elf Bar 2000 in Ireland and is also offered, sold and promoted by vendors. The RRP of the Puff Plus is €19.99. With the margin, it becomes clear to everyone why there is currently so much advertising. And also why so many want to make money from the hype.

That stuff is clearly illegal

And we are not talking about the "little carelessness" of the industry, to which one has more or less become accustomed, such as shops reselling non-registered longfills in Ireland, package inserts are missing or incorrect, declarations or even the CLP to be taken very athletically and all the well-known misconduct. Making a warning symbol on a bottle 1 mm too small is a formal error that shouldn't happen in a professional industry after this time, but you can still talk that into something nice.

I also have some understanding of the sales of old goods from 2020, some of which are still happening, even if it is not legal. You don't have to dump the stuff for environmental reasons alone.

Even if a shop continues to deliver flavors from France or Italy that are no longer quite legal due to the zero regulation ... There are worse things. In an industry that is so closely observed from the outside and over which the sword of Damocles of further regulation hovers, it really shouldn't happen. But that's another topic.
But here we are dealing with products that are not legal across the EU and never were.

And we're talking about products that are clearly advertised to a "very young" audience. This will probably still fall on our feet in 2022.
Yes, I am aware that most of the very obvious violations here come from the shisha environment.

But anyone who believes that politicians will differentiate between "legal 2ml and 20mg/ml" models from the vapor trade and the illegal products, which have so far mostly been sold via shisha shops and online, will have a rude awakening.

This is all lumped together, and then a large part of the vaping industry is deeply involved.

Hardly any steam shop (the shops that don't stock something like that have my respect), at least in the area, doesn't have any disposables in their range at all. And the hype is only just beginning. It's going to get worse and I suspect it's going to be an interesting summer.

So, I wish you a nice rest of the weekend and stay healthy.

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