E-cigarette: Construction & operation of an e-cigarette

E-cigarette: Construction & operation of an e-cigarette

On the market are many different models with an individual shape to be found and there are more and more. Now the question arises here whether all e-cigarettes are completely different or similar. In fact, e-cigarettes are the same in basic construction and therefore function similarly. At first sight, the construction of an e-cigarette seems rather complicated, but in reality the basic structure is quite clear. In the following, we will get to know the individual components of an e-cigarette and its mode of operation.

Components of an e-cigarette

E-Cigarette the components As can be seen in the picture, the battery, the clearomizer and coil heads belong to the essential components of an e-cigarette.


Tasks of the individual components:

 Battery: The battery is responsible for the power supply of the e-cigarette and serves as a source of energy. This energy is used to heat or evaporate the E-liquid.

Clearomizer: The clearomizer is responsible for both the steam generation and the transport of the liquid.

Coil Heads: Replacement coil heads for fresh vapor

Whether permanent coil heads or disposable evaporators - the simple functions of our offers and cheap sets of replacement clearomizer for e-cigarettes guarantee pure enjoyment.

The process is as simple as environmentally friendly: if the liquid is passed to the heating coil in the clearomizer, the liquid evaporates at a very low temperature and releases the pleasant steam when the probe is activated. The process is only started when the button is pressed. This saves electricity and protects the wearer of the clearomizer. Dual or single coil coils inside determine the intensity of the vapor.

How an e-cigarette works

The liquid, which is to be evaporated, is located in the depot and is transported into the clearomizer via the so-called capillary effect. There is an electrically operated incandescent filament of heating wire, which heats the liquid and vaporizes as soon as current flows. For most e-cigarettes it is so that the delivery of the current is done manually and a button must be pressed. However, there is also automatic rechargeable battery, where the battery is activated by vacuum (pulling on the e-cigarette). The electrical supply of the heating coil is thus achieved by the battery and is operated either by pressing a button or a vacuum switch (reacts when pulling the electric cigarette). The heating of the liquid produces the vapor, which is then inhaled by the consumers of the e-cigarette.

After a long period of use, the power of the battery will deteriorate and can be recharged with a USB charger at a socket or at any USB port (eg PC or notebook). It is recommended to use two batteries so you do not have to wait until the battery is fully charged.

You can find more information about the e-cigarette models at: Atomizer, Cartomizer & Clearomizer

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