E Cigarette Clearomizer - Clean & Maintain

 E Cigarette Clearomizer - Clean & Maintain

Replacing an coil heads with a new clearomizer is the more convenient way to solve the problem, but in the long run also an expensive matter. The more favorable but also the more elaborate procedure is to clean the clearomizer In this article, you will learn what the signs of an obsolete evaporator are. Furthermore, we explain step by step how you can clean an clearomizer, in order to continue to enjoy the full enjoyment of an e-cigarette.

Why & when does the clearomizer have to be cleaned?

Liquid residues settle on the heating coil during use, which after a certain time impair the performance of the clearomizer. This process is made noticeable by the ever-diminishing steam development. If the e-cigarette is no longer as strong as usual, then the time has come to either replace or clean the clearomizer.

Here are some good tips on how to increase the service life of an clearomizer:

The lifetime of an clearomizer can be extended if different clearomizers are used within one day. According to experience, clearomizers in continuous operation give their minds faster.
Look at the liquid level in the tank! If there is too little liquid in the tank, there is a risk that the clearomizer may fail.


How do I clean my clearomizer?

There are different ways to clean up the impurities in the clearomizer. We will show you step by step our most effective method of cleaning e-cigarette vaporizers. Our step by step instructions can be applied to all types of clearomizers.

The individual steps for the effective cleaning of the clearomizer are listed below:

Step 1: The first step is the emptying of the liquid in the tank.   

Step 2: Unscrew all possible parts (battery, tank, mouthpiece). This process is different from model to model.

Step 3: Clean the battery and clearomizer threads with a tissue or cloth. Over time, liquid and condensation will settle there. For this reason, the third step should always be carried out again and again by the steamer. The cleaning increases the contactability between the battery and the clearomizer.

Step 4: Thoroughly blow the clearomizer from the thread side (from below) 2-3 times. The blow-through frees liquid sediments and condensation in the cavities.

Step 5: Take a container and fill it with boiling water. Then place the vaporizer in the container and let it in for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6: After the clearomizer has been placed in the boiling water, we take another container and fill it with alcohol (vodka). We then place the clearomizer in the container and let it lie over the night (at least 6 hours). Please use the vaporizer only in vodka because all other spirits such as whiskey & rum contain sugar. Since sugar is known to be sticky, cleaning with whiskey and rum would render the clearomizer inoperative.

Step 7: Thoroughly rinse the clearomizer with water and, as in the third step, blow a few times vigorously.

Step 8: Let the clearomizer dry for several hours.

Step 9: Now the tank can be filled with liquid. After filling we recommend to wait about 5 minutes, so that the liquid can be sucked in by the coil.

The 6th step is not absolutely necessary. It is usually sufficient to insert the clearomizer into boiling water. The most effective cleaning method, however, is to perform all nine steps sequentially. After the cleaning, the e-cigarette should produce enough steam again and the aroma again be enjoyable.

If cleaning does not help?

If the cleaning does not lead to the desired success, then it is probably time to replace the defective clearomizer with a new one. Meanwhile, there are fortunately good clearomizers to buy at relatively cheap prices in the market.

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