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A suitable battery for the E-Cigarette is comfort and safety

The media eagerly talks about exploding "e-cigarettes", but every vaper knows that it doesn't have much to do with the truth, because only improper use of batteries for e-cigarette can cause an explosion.

This time I'll show you what to do to avoid the risk of battery explosion. Remember that only a battery that is misused is a hazard to the Vaper.

We do not save on batteries

Batteries used in e-cigarettes must be at least 20A "maximum discharge current". People trying to insert cheap low-discharge cells are making a colossal mistake. We only use cells intended for this purpose! That is, among others: Samsung 25R, 30Q / Sony VTC4, VTC5, VTC6 / LG HG2, HE2 or trusted Golisi and iJoy. I strongly advise against AWT and EFEST type cells, they are mainly rewrap cells, i.e. those that do not meet the standards required for the production of models of the aforementioned branded companies.

Cases for batteries and insulators

Shirts on batteries are replaceable, so keep that in mind. When the T-shirt is damaged, it must be replaced. With minor damage, if it is in a plastic socket, you do not need to rush. However, severe damage or any damage to the metal seat must be replaced immediately.

An insulator, or "puck" with a battery plus, is a sacred thing. It has to be there. Without it, you can't even connect the battery to the power adapter or charger. If you lose one while replacing it, you can buy a new one at electronics stores for a few pennies or cut it yourself from the right material.


Charge preferably on proven and reputable chargers such as NITECORE, XTAR, GOLISI or the budget Efest. I recommend avoiding "TrustFire" chargers.

Batteries from disassembly

If you want to save money and buy batteries removed from packages, remember that they should be without the characteristic protrusions on the welds. If these tabs remain, they will interfere with the connection to the power pins and sparking will occur which can be dangerous.

Batteries after short circuit

If there is a short circuit in the battery, replace it immediately. It must not be used further, because it can lead to a situation so willingly described in the media, i.e. an explosion ...

Always replace batteries in pairs!

If your power supply requires two batteries, always replace them in pairs. The pair of batteries must have exactly the same parameters.

Remember! Don't save on batteries! This can damage your health.

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