E-Cigarette: Smoking ban for E-Vapers in Ireland?

E-Cigarette: Smoking ban for E-Vapers in Ireland?

A nice day that you would like to spend outdoors. Many passers-by are waiting for a bus stop. Afterwards, a passer-by comes and makes a cigarette without any hesitation. Immediately, some feel disturbed and still have to inhale this smoke and become a passiv smoker. Smoking in the public is a big problem in society for both smokers and non-smokers. Most non-smokers feel disturbed by the evil cigarettes and the ruthless smokers. Often there are violent quarrels between smokers and non-smokers, in exceptional cases even physical forces.

No smoking in Ireland

 Since there is no uniform ban on smoking in Europe, each state has its own non-smoking legislation and determines whether it can be smoked, for example, in restaurants, pubs, etc. In the meantime, the smoking ban in restaurants EU applies. However, for example, the authorities or the restaurant operators have the possibility to set up smoking rooms or smoking areas where smoking is permitted. Violations of the ban on smoking are subject to high fines. Although the social acceptance of the ban on smoking in Ireland is very high, there are some smokers who regard the ban on smoking as a prohibition of tobacco consumption and do not take into account the intention, namely that of non-smoking. In principle, smoking bans have been introduced to protect non-smokers from harassment and to prevent their health from being contaminated by passive smoking.

Does the smoking ban also apply to e-cigarettes?

Whether the smoking ban also applies to e-cigarettes is not quite clear. Currently in Ireland is discussed whether the non-smoking legislation is to be expanded due to the increasing use of the e-cigarettes. It is often the case that the consumption of e-cigarettes is permitted in non-smoking areas. Nevertheless, every e-cigarette user should consult the respective house right before use.

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