Tank - Clearomizer

The tank or clearomizer is the heart of an e-cigarette. This is where the liquid is poured in and then evaporated. This is done with the help of the coil head or the coil with the heating wire, which is heated by the current of the battery when the power button is pressed and the circuit is closed. Not every vaporizer is suitable for every battery. The output must neither be too high so that damage from overheating occurs, nor must it be too low so that sufficient steam is generated. You should definitely inform yourself beforehand about the compatibility of the vaporizer and the battery carrier so that you will not regret buying a vaporizer afterwards.

Clearomizer - which tank volume is right?

There are tanks with different tank volumes. A large tank volume or capacity means that the liquid does not have to be refilled as often and so long-lasting steam fun is guaranteed. Especially if you don't always want to carry a small reserve of liquid with you, a larger tank volume makes sense. The disadvantage of a large tank is of course the design. There are now vaporizers on the market that can hold 20 ml or more of liquid. Such a vaporizer with the right battery mod is then no longer suitable for the pocket. That is why you should think about the occasions when you want to use your e-cigarette before buying.

Top-fill and bottom-fill clearomizers

In addition to size and liquid capacity, clearomizers are also differentiated according to how the liquids get into the tank. Depending on whether the liquid is filled in from above or at the bottom of the tank, one speaks of top-fill or bottom-fill evaporators. In the end, however, this is only a question of handling; effects on the taste of the liquids are certainly not to be expected here. However, you should always have enough liquid in the tank and under no circumstances steam the coil heads "dry". You should also wait a few minutes after filling with liquid for the first time before you start steaming so that the cotton wool on the atomizer head can soak up enough liquid. Be sure to follow the instructions for use when filling.

Clearomizer with or without air flow control?

The air flow control is one of the most important components of the vaporizer. In most of the current generation clearomizers, the air flow is adjustable. So you can individually adjust how much pulling resistance you have when pulling. Basically, it is a matter of taste whether you prefer a low tensile resistance or not. However, the Air-Flow-Control should be opened so wide that the steam can also be transported away. Otherwise, excess liquid will collect in the vaporizer. This leads to bubbling and splashing liquid.

In many clearomizers, the Air-Flow is attached to the lower end of the tank. This is then referred to as bottom air flow. Another variant are clearomizer models in which the air flow is installed above the liquid tank. This means that no liquid can leak downwards with these evaporators. But there are still simple vaporizers for beginners, such as the C4 Clearomizer. With this type of beginner vaporizer there is no air flow control and the amount of vapor and the flash can only be set and changed via the nicotine strength of the liquid, if desired, or via the resistance of the coil.

Replacement of coil heads

The tank itself has a very long service life, coil heads or coils are wear parts that should be replaced after a while. The heating wire on the atomizer head comes into direct contact with the liquid in your e-cigarette, and over time, residues of the liquids and aromas burn into the wire. The cotton wool contained in the atomizer head can no longer pass the liquid on in the desired amount after a certain time. This is noticeable through a lower amount of steam or through the bad to charcoal taste of the liquid. Then the old coil should be removed immediately and replaced with a new coil head.

Which tank to buy?

In our range of vaporizers, every newcomer and experienced vaper will find the right model for themselves and their individual requirements for vaping. With vaporizers for various uses from well-known manufacturers such as Justfog, SMOK, Eleaf or Joyetech, you are always well advised. However, the functions and design of the various vaporizers as well as their individual advantages and disadvantages are so diverse that consultation is always worthwhile. If you have any further questions about vaporizers and their function, our support will be happy to help you via email or phone. Choose your favorite model and buy your vaporizer easily, cheaply and without risk in our e-cigarette shop!

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