Mix the E liquid yourself

Mix the liquid yourself - Mixing table for base, aroma & Co.

Strawberry, chocolate or mountain herbs, with a lot or little nicotine - the selection of liquids is huge and seems almost endless. Even if you can't believe it at first, you can even mix your favorite liquid yourself at home with just a few simple steps and the right ingredients. The advantages of this are obvious: you have control over the ingredients and can tailor the strength, consistency and aroma to your wishes. In addition, you can even save a lot of money by mixing liquids yourself. So that you can convince yourself of this, we are giving you detailed instructions on how you can mix liquids yourself and what you need for it.

Make e liquids yourself - tools required

  • Making liquids for e-cigarettes yourself is much easier than you might think and definitely not rocket science. You don't even need a lot of equipment for this. All you need are a few everyday "tools" that you probably have at home anyway.
  • Measuring cup or other vessel with a filling scale to measure the exact quantities of the ingredients
  • Empty bottles with secure closure. You can easily mix all of the ingredients with one another by simply shaking them.
  • Syringe / pipette: Only small amounts of aromas are required to make the liquid. These can best be dosed with disposable syringes or pipettes
  • If necessary, a pad (non-slip and drip-proof), as mixing can sometimes be a bit greasy and you can be on the safe side if something goes wrong.

Caution: It is best to wear disposable gloves when preparing the liquid, as the nicotine it contains is a contact poison. This means that nicotine gets into the body not only when inhaling but also when it comes into contact with the skin.

Step 1: mix the base

The base is the basis of every liquid and consists of three components:

1. Propylene Glycol (PG)

  • the main flavor carrier of the liquid
  • provides the "flash" (the scratching in the throat)
  • relatively thin

2. Vegetable glycerine (VG)

  • relatively viscous, gives the liquid its consistency
  • ensures a dense formation of steam

3. Water (H2O)

  • is sometimes added so that the base does not become too thick

Note: Propylene glycol is the most important flavor carrier of the liquid, but many vapers find it scratchy in the throat if the liquid contains too high a proportion of it. Therefore, especially for beginners, we recommend a base that does not contain more than 50% PG.

The bases are already mixed and can be bought ready-made in different mixing ratios, unless you want to make them completely yourself.

If you mix the base yourself, measure the individual ingredients with a measuring cup and fill them into a mixing vessel - ideally in an empty bottle, which can then also be used as a storage place.

Note: The base liquid itself has no taste of its own, but at most has a slightly sweet note due to the vegetable glycerin.

Step 2: mix the aroma

In the second step, the base is mixed with an aroma of your choice. This gives the liquid the desired taste. Flavors are now available in all imaginable flavors. And the big advantage of mixing yourself: You can combine the most varied of varieties with each other - there are no limits to your creativity and experimentation.

Don't worry: all flavors available in Ireland are food safe and can be mixed with one another without hesitation.

You can find the flavors directly from a trusted dealer, but preferably from a specialist dealer. Please only use aromas that are suitable for e-cigarettes or e-liquids and do not use food aromas.

Once you have decided on an aroma or a mix of aromas, you can now combine it with the base. To do this, you now need the "tools" listed above, such as measuring cups, empty bottles and syringes. When mixing the aroma with the base, you should follow the dosage recommendation. This varies greatly from aroma to aroma. Almost all manufacturers therefore give recommendations regarding the dosage, which can often vary between 3% and 15%.

For the production of 50 ml of a 6% liquid, you have to use the following calculation method to determine the quantities:

50 (ml): 100 (%) x 6 (%) = 3 (ml)

This means that you need 47 ml of base and 3 ml of aroma to make this liquid. There is a more detailed mix table later in this post with a few other examples.

Measure the base liquid with the measuring cup and pour it into an empty bottle. Then take the appropriate amount of aroma with a syringe or pipette. Now just shake or mix both well together and your self-mixed liquid is ready.

Some vapers are of the opinion that liquids only taste really good after a certain period of time ("maturing time"). Others, on the other hand, are convinced that the liquids can be steamed with relish immediately afterwards. In most cases, the truth is right in between. However, it can be determined that after a few days of ripening, the aroma tastes even more intense. And the color of the liquid will also set in after a few days, so that it will become stronger over time. In order to get the best result for you, you should try it for yourself and find out in this way whether you like the liquid immediately after mixing.

As a beginner, you should rather carefully approach the ideal mixture and test smaller quantities first. Once you have found your favorite mixture, however, it is advisable to stock up on larger quantities in order to have supplies at home over a longer period of time.

A little tip: Since you usually mix larger amounts of liquid and put some of it aside for the time being, labels are ideal for labeling so that the respective liquid can be recognized later.

Nicotine shots as an additive

In addition to base and aroma, most liquids also contain nicotine, so that vaping can be used as a healthier alternative to smoking.

To add the desired strength of nicotine to the liquid, add purchased nicotine shots. In our shop you can choose between different pack sizes and various nicotine strengths.

Mix complete sets for the liquid yourself

If you don't feel like looking for all the equipment you need to mix liquids yourself, you can also use complete sets. Starting with liquid bottles with lids, through mini measuring cups and funnels, to various fine dosing syringes - these sets really contain everything you need to make liquid at home.

There are also extra sets, consisting of base and nicotine shots, so that you do not have to purchase all the ingredients individually, but only have to select the desired aroma. In addition, there are so-called Shake & Vape Liquids, which are currently very trendy. Although "Shake & Vape Liquids" are also intended to be mixed by yourself, they should not be confused with bases and flavors. Because they are much easier to use and do not require any maturing time. To mix the liquid, all you have to do is mix the purchased Shake 'N Vape Liquid with a DIY shot, shake the whole thing well and you can start vaping with relish.

E Liquid costs

One of the benefits of mixing the liquids yourself is the financial savings. Because the costs that arise when mixing yourself are significantly lower than when you buy the liquids ready-made in the store. This is not only due to the amount of liquid that you can obtain from the individual components.

For comparison:

  • 10 ml of finished liquid cost around 3-5 €, depending on the strength and size of the pack.
  • For 1000 ml (i.e. one liter) of base, you pay an average of no more than € 10
  • 10 ml of aroma cost an average of around € 8, but are enough for a lot of liquid.
  • You don't have to budget more than 3 € for a 10 ml nicotine shot.

The big advantage of mixing yourself is obvious: You can try out different combinations and make larger quantities of your favorite liquid straight away. The big plus point is that you don't have to keep buying individual and more expensive liquids over and over again.

E Liquids from Eirhorse.com

At Eirhorse.com you get - regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional - everything a vaper's heart desires. In addition to bases, flavors and shake and vape products with which you can produce your own liquid, we also offer ready-to-use liquids. These are mostly sold in 10 ml bottles and can be used in all e-cigarettes and pod systems. In our shop we offer you a large selection of different manufacturers, flavors and different pack sizes.

In addition, the products at Eirhorse are all available with a different proportion of nicotine. So you have the possibility to buy liquids with 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, but also without nicotine content and if necessary you can slowly reduce your nicotine consumption.

Our extensive range is rounded off with very different sample sets that allow you to test different flavors before you finally decide on a new favorite liquid. We also offer these sample boxes in various nicotine strengths and nicotine-free.

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