White Camphor - Eirhorse Essential Oil 10ml

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White Camphor - Eirhorse Essential Oil  10ml - PRODUCT NOT FOR VAPING

Eirhorse white camphor essential oil contains plant extracts used for the purposes of aromatization, aromatherapy and wellness.

Latin Name : Cinnamomum Camphora
Part Of Plat Used : Wood and Roots
Source : China
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
MSDS     Camphor White Oil Allergen Declaration
MSDS     Camphor Oil (White) IFRA Certificate
MSDS     Camphor Oil (White) CLP SDS


For bathing, massage, sauna, room aromatization and for ceramic fireplaces.

Usage method

Bath: to warm water in the bathtub and add 5-30 drops of oil (depending on your preferences), dry the skin after the bath;

Massage: into a glass bowl or bottle, add about 50 ml of base oil, then add 10-25 drops of essential oil and mix. Store in a tightly closed dark glass bottle. Shake well before use;

Sauna: use 5-15 drops (depending on your preferences);

Aaromatization / ceramic fireplaces: drop 5-15 drops in a specially designated place (remember to always use the fireplace with water).

Camphor oil - properties and application

When we get sick, before visiting a doctor, we reach for natural remedies that alleviate symptoms and help to deal with the infection. Among such methods is camphor oil, which is used in particular in otitis media. However, camphor is used not only for health ailments - its properties are also used in cosmetics. What else will camphor oil surprise us with?

Camphor oil - what is it made of?

Camphor oil comes from the camphor tree, also known as camphor cinnamon. Its original appearance has changed and today we can find an oil made also synthetically. The plant takes root mainly in Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia and some areas of the United States.

In addition to its medical use, camphor oil has also proven to be an addition to dishes. In the past, it occupied a special place in Asian cuisine, now it is found mainly in Indian desserts.

Camphor oil - properties

The strong, intense scent of camphor oil is his trademark. This is also the reason why it can be used in aromatherapy. Inhaling the smell of camphor allows you to feel relief during infections of the upper respiratory tract. The perceptible aroma clears them, eliminating the bothersome symptoms of a cold. Camphor oil for a runny nose brings the first effects after just one use, restoring the patient's free breathing.

Warming up the sore and infected area is also needed in the case of throat diseases. Camphor oil for lymph nodes allows to minimize swelling, restores them to their natural state and reduces pain sensations.

The properties of camphor oil have made it a frequent ingredient in painkillers. It turns out to be especially useful for muscle pain, so it can be recommended to athletes who are extremely exposed to it. There are also cases in which camphor oil contributed to the elimination of back pain.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties provided the preparation with a wide range of applications. Products for fighting acne, soothing the symptoms of inflammation and disinfecting usually contain camphor oil. It brings relief not only in medical ailments, but also skin and beauty problems.

Camphor oil - application

Camphor oil for the ear

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of camphor oil made it popular for treating inflammation of the ear. It has an antiseptic effect, therefore it fights the factors causing the infection, and additionally warms the sore area, bringing relief. When we react quickly enough, camphor will relieve the pain and restore the ear to its natural state.

Camphor oil for scabies

The strong disinfecting effect has led to the use of camphor oil as a means to fight skin lesions. The substance is a popular ingredient in acne control products. It allows you to minimize infected areas and alleviate inflammation. The use of the preparation also covers other skin diseases, which is why camphor oil against scabies is very popular. In the right concentration, it soothes the symptoms of ailments and speeds up the treatment process.

Camphor oil for runny nose

Fall and winter months are the time when our first aid kit should be stocked with camphor oil. In the period when the chance of infection is high, this preparation may prove to be an invaluable help in troublesome colds. The strong smell of camphor speaks for its use in aromatherapy. The intense fragrance cleans the respiratory tract, eliminates runny nose and makes breathing easier. In order to achieve the best results, it is worth using camphor oil for inhalation.

Camphor oil for hair

The properties of the oil do not end with its medical use. It is also a choice for those who want nourished, shiny and strong hair. Camphor oil has anti-dandruff properties, and when applied to the scalp, it stimulates hair bulbs to grow. If we do not want to buy a new shampoo or conditioner with this ingredient, we can choose completely natural methods. Regular scalp massage with the use of a few drops of the oil will accelerate the growth of new hair and thicken it.

How to use camphor oil?

The correct use of each preparation is half the battle to get the best results. This is especially important in a situation where we put our own health at stake, e.g. when we use camphor oil for the ear. How to use the product to make the process successful and safe? First of all, remember to use it only outside the body. In case of earache, we can gently massage the oil into the area of inflammation and wait for its warming effect.

The preparation can also be used in cosmetics. In case of skin lesions, it is worth applying it to the infected areas. If we want to nourish our hair, let's use camphor oil to massage the scalp, which will stimulate hair bulbs to grow.

The common cold is a period when camphor can provide significant relief. All those who struggle with the troublesome symptoms of the disease can reach for the product. Runny nose and the inability to breathe freely significantly reduce comfort and worsen the mood. Camphor oil for inhalation is a simple solution to these ailments. It is enough to add a few drops of the preparation to saline and then perform a classic inhalation.

Who is camphor oil for?

The advantages of camphor oil show that it is a preparation that can be used in many situations. Who should reach for it?

  • people with a cold, struggling with pain or inflammation
  • sick people suffering from a runny nose
  • women and men affected by acne, scabies or other skin lesions
  • athletes who are prone to frequent muscle aches
  • people looking for a way to grow their hair

Camphor oil - contraindications

Despite its properties, camphor oil is not for everyone. While low concentrations are safe for the vast majority of the population, too high a dose of camphor can cause many health complications. Depending on the body weight, as little as 4 g of the substance can even lead to the death of the user. For this reason, precise and careful dosing of the product is essential for its proper functioning.

Camphor oil for children

Is camphor oil safe for children? Its effect of shortening runny nose and eliminating pain is strongly desired by parents of children who often struggle with infections. However, remember not to use it in children under 6 years of age. Their tolerance to camphor is much lower than in adults, so it is easy to overdose the preparation here. In some cases, the oil can be used in aromatherapy - then it is worth consulting this method with your toddler's doctor.

Camphor oil in pregnancy

Camphor oil during pregnancy can be used only with the consent of the attending physician. Even external use can negatively affect a child's development, which should not be underestimated. Similar caution should be exercised during breastfeeding.

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