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VYPE becomes VUSE - what is changing? First the good news: quality remains, same enjoyment, compatible with Vype products.
The only thing that changes is the name and packaging design.

How does the VUSE e-cigarette work?

The VUSE is an electronic cigarette that runs on a battery, which activates the heating element. The e-liquid is heated to about 60 -120 degrees on the heating element. When you draw on the Vype, a negative pressure is created, which switches on the heating element and produces a fine mist from the liquid - the vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

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Vuse launches the new disposable e-cigarette "Vuse Go".

The Vuse Go product format provides a convenient transition from the highly harmful option of smoking traditional cigarettes to an alternative means of delivering nicotine to the body. At the same time, it does not forget about the pleasure of liming, offering several interesting flavors such as: blueberry ice, creamy tobacco, mango ice, mint ice, strawberry ice, watermelon ice.

Vuse has a clear corporate goal: Build a better tomorrow by minimizing the impact of business on health.
The huge success of Vuse Go in the UK based on innovative technologies will have a similar impact on sales in Ireland.

Vuse Go is a new series of disposable e-cigarettes for vapers, filled with e-liquid. This pocket device is of course only dedicated to adult nicotine users and e-smokers. Vuse Go guarantees a great organoleptic experience. It is believed that this can help traditional cigarette smokers switch to vaporization, which is less harmful than traditional tobacco in any form. At the same time, it offers adult nicotine users a convenient way to learn about the Vuse brand, individual products and flavor offerings.

Vuse Go will be launched with our Eirhorse Store Program to collect used appliances so that the consumer can responsibly dispose of the product after use. Like all Vuse products, Vuse Go also meets the stringent requirements for protecting young people. To this end, the "18+" sign is displayed prominently on the front of the packaging. The Vuse Go series will be offered in 6 flavors and colors that particularly appeal to adult consumers.

 The introduction of the Vuse Go, a new e-cigarette in a convenient and handy format, is another important milestone on our journey to becoming a Vape Store that is defined by meeting the needs of vapers, not just selling products. The introduction of Vuse Go to our offer will not only strengthen our market position in the vape category, but will also make another important contribution to reducing the risk for smokers.

Vuse is the leading e-cigarette brand in the Irish market. The brand, originally sold as Vype, has been available in Ireland since 2015. Vuse stands for advanced technology, innovation and ease of use. The current portfolio consists of two closed e-cigarette systems with interchangeable caps (Vuse ePen and Vuse ePod) and an open system with refillable e-liquids (Vuse eTank Mini). Vuse eLiquids are available in a variety of flavors with or without nicotine.

To this end, Vuse develops a wide range of reduced risk products that respond to the changing needs and preferences of adult consumers who would continue to smoke conventional cigarettes without these products. Vuse has set itself the ambitious target of reaching 50 million consumers with non-flammable products by 2030, and the pace at which adult smokers are switching to these alternatives continues to accelerate: in the first half of 2022, the number of consumers surpassed - Vuse products reached global levels across the globe. world. world. 20 million.

Such action is aimed at reducing the negative health effects of smoking. In this way, smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke are encouraged to fully switch to alternative, reduced-risk products. Although these products contain nicotine, they do not burn tobacco, which carries most of the risks associated with traditional cigarettes.

About the Eirhorse Group

Eirhorse is a multi-category consumer product company with a mission to build a better tomorrow by minimizing the health impact of its business by providing consumers with more enjoyable products with reduced risk.

It is clear at Eirhorse that e-cigarettes pose some health risks and that the only way to avoid these risks is not to start or quit smoking. Eirhorse encourages the transition to lower-risk alternatives, especially for those who cannot cope with the extremely harmful addiction of smoking on their own. To achieve this, Eirhorse is well on its way to becoming a true consumer-driven, multi-category consumer goods company.

The Company's strategic portfolio includes global brands of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, a growing selection of new categories of low-risk nicotine products. These include vaporization products, tobacco warmers and modern oral products, including tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

However, it has to be honestly said on the basis of solid evidence that these products are addictive and not risk-free.

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