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We present five spectacular vape tricks that will surprise your friends

A dense, abundant cloud with an intense, tasty aroma. Sounds good? What about when you are surrounded by an army of fluid circles or a rushing tornado instead of a classic cloud? That's right, it could be interesting! There are many vapers who specialize in creating a variety of vape tricks. Dragons, jellyfish, spiral tornado, French inhale… lots of it! Luckily, you don't need to be a David Copperfield vaporizer to perform some simple tricks. All it takes is a little practice.

We have compiled a list of 5 popular vape tricks that you can perform at home, on the pitch, at the club or wherever you want. Remember: you don't need to consult your doctor or pharmacist before the first attempts.

Vape Trick - Smoke Rings

At the beginning, the classic of the genre - smoke rings. This is one of the most popular and easiest tricks. The most important thing is to keep your mouth and throat under control. Pull on a solid cloud of smoke, positioning your mouth as if you are saying "uuuu", push the smoke out with a quick flick of your tongue. Another way to get circles is to fold your lips into the letter O. Press down, bring your lips to your teeth, then whisper "o" ... and you're done!

Vape Trick - Hearts  

A trick for all lovers. Once you've dealt with trick # 1, just create a circle of smoke and then snap your fingers over the top of the circle. Do it hard enough and fast and you will get a heart effect. Love is literally in the air!

Vape Trick - Dragon

Are there fantasy fans with us? Anyone who likes a rich and dense cloud will like this trick. To make a dragon you need to inhale the smoke for a long time without inhaling. When vapors appear in your mouth, exhale gently through the nose and the corners of your mouth.

Vape Trick - Tornado

Anyone here want to make a little confusion? Tornado is a trick that will be great for parties. All you have to do is breathe the smoke through the straw onto a flat surface (e.g. on a table or bar counter) and then gently, with a circular motion of your hand, lift the smoke into the air. WOW effect guaranteed!

Vape Trick - Jellyfish

Finally, something for true fans of the coral reef and underwater creatures. Jellyfish is an advanced trick that experienced vapers can boast of. How to create this smoky work of art? The secret is to blow out a large steam ring and then send a ball towards it that will fly right through its center, creating a jellyfish-like appearance. On our

And how, did you like these few vape tricks? Will you pick up the gauntlet and try your hand at magic vap tricks? Once you have mastered the cloud in various shapes, mark us in social media to perfection.

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