Vaping instead of smoking: How to make the switch 0

Vaping instead of smoking: How to make the switch

Out with the cigarette smoke and in with the vape – switching from smoking to vaping offers a number of health benefits. We tell you why it is worth switching to vaping and how to switch to e-cigarettes; from the right liquid strength to the right vaping technique.

Important questions about switching to vaping

Anyone who dares to switch to e-cigarettes must initially expect side effects. However, if you heed the tips of experienced vapers, you can switch to the e-cigarette with almost no side effects.

Are there any withdrawal symptoms when switching to vaping?

Choosing the right nicotine strength is important when switching to vaping: if this is too low, vapers will soon resort to cigarettes again. If the nicotine strength is too high, people who are switching will feel a scratchy, uncomfortable feeling in their throat or have to cough.

Why do I cough more when vaping than when smoking?

Coughing is often only a temporary problem. In contrast to tobacco cigarettes, liquids do not contain any cough-suppressing or numbing ingredients. It often helps to draw slower, vape at a lower wattage, or switch to an e-liquid with a lower nicotine strength.

Does switching to vaping lead to weight gain?

Studies have shown that, unlike other nicotine replacement products, there is minimal, if any, weight gain. However, the sense of taste and smell improves quickly and this can make eating more fun and change eating habits as a result.

Can I combine smoking and vaping?

Some people switching initially tend towards so-called dual-use, i.e. smoking and vaping in combination. This is initially unproblematic to make it easier to change smoking habits. But you should be careful not to vape in addition to your usual cigarette consumption. Finally, this significantly increases nicotine intake.

Which liquids are suitable for switching from smoking to vaping?

Many new vapers initially prefer a familiar taste. Tobacco liquids are the top migrating liquids. In second place are classic fruit liquids, such as strawberry liquid or apple liquid. Many people who are switching prefer menthol liquid because of its fresh and neutral taste. Valuable tips for switching and choosing the right liquid can be found in our blog post Vaping for Beginners.

Switch to vaping in 5 steps

Consider these five steps to avoid side effects when switching to e-cigarettes.

1. Select the right e-cigarette

We recommend a simple tank system that you can refill yourself. So you can easily vape your favorite flavor and is not dependent on POD systems.
With the battery you should pay attention to a certain capacity, then you can easily get through the day without having to charge the e-cigarette. In order to select the right e-cigarette, advice from a specialist shop is essential. Entry-level models are often surprisingly cheap!

2. Know the liquid strength

How heavy do you smoke? Rather a brand with a lot of nicotine? Or maybe just one or two light cigarettes in the evening? In our article about the right nicotine strength you will find detailed tips on the right nicotine strength so that the transition goes smoothly.

3. Use proper pulling technique

Smoking draws at short intervals and very quickly, while vaping draws slowly and continuously. A cigarette length corresponds to about 10 to 12 puffs on the e-cigarette.

4. Observe rituals

For smokers, the little rituals are important. Switchers should keep these, then the switch will be much easier. Instead of a short break from smoking, treat yourself to a short break from vaping, or simply exchange the cigarette for coffee or after a meal with the corresponding puffs from your e-cigarette. You will be surprised at how quickly the changeover succeeds. And it tastes even better!

5. Alternate liquids

A big advantage of vaping is the possible variety! If a liquid eventually tastes boring, vapers simply try a new flavor. Many longtime vapers have two different flavored e-cigarettes, suitable for different occasions. A coffee taste in the morning and delicious sweet liquids in the afternoon. You can now combine these as you wish.

Switch to vaping now

If you heed our tips, nothing stands in the way of a simple switch from smoking to vaping. Welcome to the group of vapers and have fun browsing through our extensive and innovative range of liquids, which we regularly add to with new, delicious varieties!

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