Star Anise - Eirhorse Essential Oil 10ml

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Star Anise - Eirhorse Essential Oil  10ml - PRODUCT NOT FOR VAPING

Anise essential oil is a natural oil that is obtained from plants. It creates a fragrant essence which, apart from a nice scent, has a number of aromatherapeutic properties. They have been used in natural medicine for many centuries and is one of the most valuable natural resources on our planet. Essential oils are obtained from those parts of the plant that contain the greatest amount of natural oil. Anise oil relaxes the body, relaxes, refreshes, and improves the condition of the skin. It helps with indigestion due to anxiety. It will help relieve breathing problems, asthma, and other breathing problems. It prevents infections. It has antibacterial properties.

Latin Name : Illicium Verum
Part of Plant Used : Fruit
Source : China
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
MSDS     Star Anise (Aniseed) Oil CLP SDS
MSDS     Star Anise (Aniseed) Oil Allergen Declaratio
MSDS     Star Anise (Aniseed) Oil IFRA Certificate


Essential oil for bathing, massage, sauna and air aromatization. The cosmetic can only be used externally.

Usage method

For skin contact always use diluted:

Bath: fill the bathtub with warm water and add the essential oil, stirring thoroughly (6-12 drops of oil are used for one bath);

Massage: selected essential oils are added to the base oil intended for massage. Pour about 50 ml of base oil into a glass bowl or bottle, add 10-25 drops of essential oil and mix. One teaspoon (5 ml) of base oil is usually given 2-3 drops of essential oils;

Spraying: fill the water container in the aromatic fireplace with water and add 3 to 6 drops of essential oil;

Sauna: put 5 drops of essential oil into 1 liter of water.

Additional information

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the oil's ingredients; not to be used by pregnant women and children without consulting a doctor first.

Chemotype: anethole.
Aroma: sweet, fresh, spicy.
Each of the ingredients is 100% natural.
GMO Free - free from genetically modified ingredients.
Not Tested On Animals - has not been tested on animals.
Do not use internally (do not drink).
Always use diluted for skin contact.
Protect your eyes from direct contact with the oil.
Store in a tightly closed dark glass bottle in a cool and dark place.
Shake the bottle before each use.

Anise oil in cosmetics and medicine. What do you not know about him?

Anise oil was recognizable as early as antiquity, when it was used primarily for its antiseptic properties. Today we know that it is a valuable support during illness, it relaxes the muscles and has an analgesic effect. Its positive effect on the digestive system is also important. It is sometimes used as a bath additive, inhalation agent or as a variety of massage treatments. What effects can we expect from anise oil?

What is anise oil?

The liquid substance is obtained from a plant known as anise poor. The process is most often carried out by steam distillation, thanks to which the vast majority of properties remain unchanged. Due to the confusingly similar name, the preparation is confused with a similar product. Star anise oil, however, is not the same as anise oil - although their use often overlaps. The main difference is the method of harvesting, as the production of the former requires star anise seeds.

Anise oil - properties

The interest in anise oil is due to its antiseptic properties - they turned out to be the first benefit of using the preparation. In addition, it is antifungal, therefore it prevents infection of a fresh wound and facilitates its healing. Applied in place of pain, it reduces swelling, alleviates pain and lowers inflammation.

The calming properties of anise oil are used by people struggling with mood swings. The substance acts as a kind of stabilizer that soothes the nerves and reduces nervousness. The soundproofing effect is a valuable advantage for those who are looking for a well-deserved rest after a hard day at work or school. Anise oil slows down circulation and slows down the work of the mind, making it easier to fall asleep, so it is sometimes used as a remedy against insomnia.

The digestive system is improved in two ways. On the one hand, the preparation increases the appetite, stimulating us to eat, on the other hand, it speeds up the metabolism and ensures that the food is digested efficiently and reliably. In this way, we can be sure that we will regain the desire to eat, e.g. during illness, and the consumed food will not cause gas or pain.

Anise oil - action

A number of health-promoting properties made the oil effective. Its basic functions were discovered hundreds of years ago, and today we know exactly what to expect from it. It shows an action:

  • Warming - when applied to the pain area, it warms the muscles, relaxing them and alleviating the symptoms of infection
  • Expectorant - thins the residual secretion and facilitates its expectoration, bringing relief during the disease
  • Antifungal - fights fungi, making it well-suited to fighting infections caused by these microorganisms
  • Diuretic - speeds up the work of the kidneys and cleanses the body of excess water, sodium and other harmful substances
  • Minimizing menstrual pain - soothes cramps that appear before and during menstruation
  • Cleansing the skin - deeply cleans the epidermis of impurities, makeup residues and dead cells
  • Calming - soothes the nerves and allows you to calm down the body, getting rid of the racing of thoughts
  • Antiseptic - disinfects the wound and accelerates the regeneration process
  • Carminative - regulates digestive functions and supports its functioning, reducing flatulence and constipation

Anise oil - application. How to use it?

Anise oil for inhalation

Aromatherapy with the use of anise oil is suitable for colds. The intense fragrance cleans the respiratory tract and clears it, restoring us to free breathing. The warming and expectorant properties help in inflammation and help get rid of the secretions remaining in the bronchi.

To fully use anise oil for inhalation, it is recommended to mix 5-7 drops of the preparation with hot water from a bowl. Bend your head over the prepared substance, cover it with a towel, and then inhale air through the nose, remembering to close your eyes.

Bath with anise oil

A way to intensely warm up the body and speed up the healing process is to use anise oil in the bath. Add a few drops of the product to warm water, and then enjoy the pleasant effects of both ingredients. You just need to remember that the whole thing should not exceed 15 minutes to avoid possible side effects.

Massage with anise oil

The warming effect is desirable during massages. This is why anise oil is sometimes used during such treatments. Most often, however, it is a means of relieving muscle pain, e.g. during menstruation. Mixing 3-5 drops with the basic massage oil will provide us with an aromatic fragrance that will be our companion during the massage. Gentle movements will quickly loosen the sore spot, bringing us long-awaited relief.

Anise oil - use in cosmetics

Anise oil for hair

Shiny, strong strands can be guaranteed through a balanced diet. In the process of restoring hair to health, it is also worth taking care of external action that will speed up the entire process and make you forget about thinning strands forever. Conscientious use of anise oil on hair regenerates damaged strands and protects the ends from breaking.

Rubbing the preparation into the scalp is also a way to thicken and accelerate the growth of the so-called baby hair, that is new, healthy hair. A gentle massage of the scalp stimulates the bulbs and improves their work, so after a few weeks of use, you will notice a significant difference in the amount of our hair.

Anise oil for wrinkles

The lifting and tightening effect of anise oil has made it a favorite in the fight against wrinkles. It reduces the resulting cavities, significantly reducing their visibility. It also prevents the formation of new ones, leaving the skin moisturized, fresh and young-looking.

Anise oil for acne

The cleansing properties of anise oil disinfect acne-covered skin, while the antibacterial effect reduces inflammation. Face cleansing products mixed with a small amount of the preparation show enhanced action that removes all imperfections and pimples from the face.

Contraindications to the use of anise oil

Anise oil is one of the most effective in its class, therefore it is characterized by intense action. For this reason, not everyone should use it as it can cause unwanted side effects. If we take medications on a permanent basis, it is necessary to consult the use of the oil with a doctor or pharmacist. The substances contained in the preparation may interfere with the action of some drugs and reduce their effectiveness.

For safety reasons, it is also recommended that anise oil should be avoided by pregnant women and young children, who may be particularly hypersensitive to some of its elements. If during the use we notice any disturbing symptoms suggesting an allergy, immediately give up using the preparation.

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