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In this category you will find various products made of natural ingredients. From traditional bar soaps to variants available in pump bottles. Check it out and choose a product for yourself!

In our store you will find natural soaps, handmade products with unique properties. Products made of olive oil, olives and laurel oil are perfect for people who struggle with various types of skin diseases. Perfectly moisturizes, which is why it is so eagerly chosen by whole families. Such laurel soap is completely safe. In turn, red clay soap is perfect as a hair shampoo.



Long baths are a salvation for a tired body. They relax, unwind and regenerate. They add energy and help release tension. In order to make the time spent in the bath or shower more pleasant, and at the same time to nourish and moisturize the skin, use appropriate washing preparations. Delicate body soaps are an excellent proposition. Those from our drugstore offer seduce with subtle fragrances

Types of soap - sodium, glycerin or potassium soap?

One cube must be aged for at least 6 weeks to be ready for use, and the other cube can be used immediately after it has solidified in a silicone form. How is it with these soaps after all? What is the process of their formation and what does their consistency depend on?

Soda cube soap

Soda cube soaps made of the so-called "Cold method" are made by combining fats (oils and butters) with sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is an essential ingredient to make soda soap. Without it, the reaction will not take place and the fats will not saponify, eventually forming a hard cube. In addition, soda soaps can be enriched, among others:

  • fragrance (essential oils or fragrances)
  • clay
  • herbs (in the form of infusions or macerates)
  • with milk, honey, beer, salt
  • fruit and vegetable pulp

Do you know that…?

A by-product of sodium soaps is naturally produced glycerin. In industrial conditions, it is removed and used in other cosmetics, e.g. creams.

A characteristic feature of cold-made sodium soaps is that they must be matured. After the soap mass has been poured, it has solidified and the soap block has been cut into smaller pieces, they must be left to stand for at least 6 weeks. During this time, the soap hardens, lowers its pH and acquires "magical power".

Soap in glycerine cube

It is from them that the soap adventure most often begins. To do them, all you need to do is have:

  • glycerin base (white or transparent)
  • fragrance (essential oils or fragrances)
  • dyes (migrating or non-migrating)

The easiest way to make glycerin soap is to dissolve the ready-made glycerine base. In addition, you can add a dye and fragrance to the dissolved base, and then pour the resulting mass into a silicone mold. And it's ready!

You can read more about glycerin soaps in the blog post

Do you know that…?

Glycerin soap, unlike soda soap, can be used immediately after the soap mass has solidified.

Soap in potassium paste
How to make a cleaning paste out of soap

To make potassium soap, you need to combine fat with potassium hydroxide. Ultimately, you will get a pasty soap. In addition, potassium soap has been used with household cleaning products (assuming 0-1% oily substances). Besides, just like soda soap, you can enrich it with essential oils, clays or herbs. Therefore, depending on the ingredients used, it has healing and cosmetic properties. In addition, it is a great base for composing other cosmetics such as hair shampoo or body scrub.

Do you know that…?

Potassium paste soap is also called "gray soap".

Natural and organic soaps.

Natural soaps are cosmetic products in which you will find all ingredients of plant origin. The richness of oils and essences makes the products delicate, hypoallergenic and intended for the care of all skin types. Natural soaps are also free of preservatives, parabens and SLS. You will not find artificial hardeners in the composition. They are safe, fragrant and effective.

Our offer also includes natural Marseille soap. Animal fats are not used in its creation. It comes from Marseille and the production process takes up to ten days. Traditional technologies and recipes make it smell beautiful and foam well. Natural vegetable oils and essential oils mixed together give extraordinary caring properties.

Natural soap for all skin types

Natural soap is also black Savon Noir. It comes from Turkey and Morocco. It is made using traditional methods from black olives and olive oil. It has the consistency of an amber-colored paste. Foams when in contact with water. You can use them both for washing the whole body or in combination with a massage glove as a peeling. Natural Savon Noir soap moisturizes, softens and smoothes the skin. You can also use them as a mask. Women love them not only for their great performance, but also for their high efficiency.

Our offer also includes natural liquid soaps. Thanks to the convenient pump, its dosing is simple. Perfect for everyday hand washing. They do not contain any artificial substances, only natural extracts. Stylish bottles are also a practical decoration for your bathroom.

Nobody can imagine daily body care without the use of soap. Discover the power of natural ingredients and let yourself be enchanted by the extraordinary properties. Oils, extracts and traditional recipes make the skin silky, smooth and healthy. Check it out!

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