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Headaches from e-cigarettes

Do e-cigarettes cause headaches? Yes, that can happen. The reasons for this are diverse. We explain when and why vaping can trigger migraines, how to find out the cause and how to avoid future headaches from using e-cigarettes.

Incorrect nicotine strength in e-cigarettes can lead to headaches

Which nicotine strengths we tolerate is individual. The wrong nicotine level in the liquid - both too high and too low - can lead to headaches. For example, smokers often get headaches when exposed to withdrawal symptoms from not having enough nicotine.

Especially when switching to vaping, smokers should start with high nicotine strengths in liquids and slowly work their way down. Initial, often only slight headaches when switching to e-cigarettes are probably due to the switch to a different “flood”, the still unfamiliar type of nicotine intake.

How to fix this trigger:

Hygroscopic substances in the liquid

It sounds surprising at first, but in fact vaping can cause headaches due to dehydration. E-Liquids consist largely of hygroscopic substances (PG/VG), which are substances that can chemically bind moisture. Therefore, using e-cigarettes can lead to dehydration. You can find out which substances are also contained in liquids in our article on the ingredients.

How to bypass this trigger:

Buy products from Eirhorse! To prevent dehydration, we balance the PG/VG mix with some water.

Changes in blood pressure caused by e-cigarettes

A change in blood pressure can lead to headaches. In connection with e-cigarettes, nicotine comes into play again. Nicotine increases blood pressure in the short term.

But: This effect, i.e. the change in blood pressure caused by nicotine, as a source of headaches, is stronger with conventional tobacco cigarettes!

Doctors refer to the technical term vasoconstriction for this phenomenon. This is a narrowing of the vessels, in this case the blood vessels. The constriction increases the resistance, ergo blood pressure, and thus reduces the flow rate of the blood. The blood flow to the tissue behind the constriction decreases. Those who inhale nicotine heavily and frequently are usually affected by vasoconstriction.

How to deal with this trigger:

According to the current state of science, vapers can only avoid the change in blood pressure and the associated health effects if they vape nicotine-free liquids.
Other causes of e-cigarette headaches

In the previous sections, we have presented the most common causes of headaches caused by e-cigarettes and e-liquids. There are other causes of migraines as well. If none of the suggestions to avoid headaches from vaping help,

  • maybe the headache isn't a result of consuming e-liquid,
  • you should consult a doctor who will clarify the cause.

Recommendation: Clarify recurring or longer-lasting headaches with a doctor!

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