Disposable Vape Ireland

The disposable Vape is discreet as it is very compact. However, it contains everything you need for vaporization: integrated battery, vaporization mechanism and liquid. All you have to do is inhale to get some steam. These vape devices seduce not only with their remarkable simplicity, but also with a variety of flavors. Sometimes classic, sometimes original, you will inevitably find in our catalog a disposable cigarette that you like. If you want to quit smoking with an easy-to-use or discreet add-on model, this vaporizer is for you. Be careful though, the e-cigarette is only recommended for (ex) smokers and not allowed for minors.

Disposable E Cigarette

Disposable Vape Device Ireland

Find a disposable electronic cigarette, a practical and easy-to-use format for everyday use. The disposable E Cig is easily accessible, and its compact format allows it to slip into any pocket and be always at hand.

In this category, you can discover the different brands that have made this disposable electronic cigarette successful: IVG Bar Vape Pen, Dinner Lady, ELF Bar, Nasty Air Fix, Salt Switch, Ultimate Bar or Halo Vice.

Disposable electronic cigarettes are an effective tool to quit traditional cigarette smoking. They will also be a resource of choice, accompanying stronger equipment and giving you a dose of nicotine.

Overall, Disposable e-Cigarettes are a product that can accompany you on a daily basis and provide strong flavors with nicotine or CBD salts for an effective quit smoking!

What is a disposable e cig?

It is a small, disposable, ready-to-use electronic cigarette, containing a pre-charged battery and filled with e-liquid. Its format is minimalist, often taking the shape of a classic cigarette. It can be recycled after emptying e-liquid and batteries.

Designed for vaping with nicotine and CBD salts, the disposable electronic cigarette is ideal for initiating smoking cessation. This vaporization device will accompany you during the initiation of the vaporizer. In addition to the nicotine level, the puff, like the electronic cigarette before it, offers a wide variety of flavors and aromas that will give you a good vaporization time. Choose between a frozen cigarette, more commonly referred to as tobacco, or even a gourmet with flavors such as Gummy Pop or Candy Unicorn in E. Tasty or Bubblegum Ice, or Strawberry Macaroon in Dinner Lady. But the most appreciated by the general public are the fruit puff, such as strawberry puff, mango puff, mint puff, or pineapple puff.

However, be careful, inhaling is only recommended for current smokers, and its consumption is strictly prohibited for minors! To help you choose and learn more, check out our Guide.

Why vape?

This small disposable cigarette is revolutionizing the vape market. Unlike the electronic cigarette we all know, puffing does not require any vaporizer knowledge. "Buy-Vape" is the promise of producers such as IVG, Halo Viceczy Dinner Lady. Built-in battery, vaporization system and filled liquid included, so the only concern of the vaper is choosing the taste and level of nicotine.

If you are a smoker and usually invest in an electronic cigarette to quit smoking, puffing will have the advantage of being cheaper. However, be careful when it turns out that the price of an electronic cigarette in the form of a pod or a box will be significantly lower than for a puff. The disposable electronic cigarette will also allow you to test different tastes without confusion and thus find the one that suits you.

Due to their format, Disposable Vape devices are extremely practical. In the car, in your pocket and even in the evening, a disposable electronic cigarette should be discreet and easy to carry. They have a lot of advantages that experienced vapers appreciate and all other users who are looking for simplicity.

Who is Disposable Vape Devices for?

The new format of disposable electronic cigarettes is mainly intended for smokers who switch to vaporization. Its price, on average, from 5 to 10, allows neo-vapers to learn vaporization easily and sensibly. It is also intended for experienced vapers looking for simple and discreet electronic cigarettes for travel or an evening out.

What is the lifetime Disposable E Cg?

A disposable vaporizer is usually 2 ml of liquid. Puff lifetime therefore varies from 300 to 600 puffs on currently marketed models. Its durability over time will depend on how it is used.

The simplicity of use and the attractiveness of the price of the disposable e-cigarette make it an interesting vaporization device for the first step in the world of vaporization, with time an electronic cigarette like a box or capsule will be preferred.

What happens to my disposable e-cigarette when I empty it?

After emptying the batteries and the liquid container, you will absolutely have to throw it into a recycling center or used battery container.

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