Dangerous trend towards disposable e-cigarettes 0

Dangerous trend towards disposable e-cigarettes?

They come from China, are brightly colored and are a hit on TikTok and Instagram: disposable e-cigarettes are turning the tobacco market upside down. The phenomenon resembles alcopops from a few years ago. Teenagers in particular are crazy about disposable e-cigarettes, which come in many flavors, from strawberry to cola to Red Bull. In Ireland, they are only allowed for sale under the Youth Protection Act at the age of 18. And for good reason: like other tobacco products, they are harmful to health.

Manufacturers like to advertise e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes. With the disposable shisha, there is also the aspect of convenience. The strategy seems to be working: many influencers are over the moon and infect their followers with their enthusiasm for the colorful sticks. The disposable e-cigarette is ready to use immediately after unpacking and is usually sufficient for 600 puffs, called puffs.

It has been available in online shops or at kiosks for around ten years. Like the reusable version, it has a mouthpiece, a liquid tank as a depot for the liquid and a battery for the heating element. However, the components cannot be refilled or recharged

Single-use products drive the e-cigarette business

After the introduction of disposable products, the demand for e-cigarettes in Ireland has increased significantly. Total sales of e-cigarettes and liquids this year are estimated at EUR 575 million, the trade association Alliance for Tobacco-Free Enjoyment said on Thursday at the Intertabac fair in Dortmund. This is an increase of 40 percent compared to the previous year (410 million euros).

With electronic cigarettes, the tobacco is not burned, but flavored liquids (liquids) are vaporized. The impurity content is lower than that of conventional cigarettes. However, here too there are health risks and there is still a lack of long-term studies of their exact dimensions.

In 2019 and 2020, the industry had to come to terms with losses, which was also due to coronavirus closures in the meantime.

The engines of growth are disposable items, which appeared on the market in significant quantities only at the beginning of this year. Environmentalists and the waste industry strongly criticize these disposable products because their components are not used sustainably and electronic waste is often disposed of improperly. "

E-waste residues

A disposable vaporizer is not ideal because of the environment. After the last cloud, the e-cigarette is thrown into the trash by most e-vapers as the lithium-ion battery is no longer usable. When you consider the rare earth metals in a battery, the full extent of the waste becomes clear.

Dispose of the disposable e-cigarette properly, such as your old toaster, iron or printer. The stationary trade is obliged to receive products under certain conditions. Alternatively, you can deliver your disposable steamer to your municipal collection point or recycling center. In practice, it is doubtful that consumers of disposable e-cigarettes are serious about disposal. For example, in the UK, every second empty disposable vaporizer ends up in household waste. In Ireland, where a significant number of e-cigarettes are sold each month, the situation should be different. Even some e-cigarette stores have boycotted disposable e-cigarettes because they are neither sustainable nor environmentally conscious. We at Erhorse have delayed the introduction of these devices for a long time, but after almost a year of absence, we have added disposable e-cigarettes to our range.

Watch out for a counterfeit disposable vape

Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit disposable e-cigarettes on the market that put the Vapers in danger. A counterfeit disposable vaporizer offers no assurance as to the ingredients and technical safety. Manufacturers respond to fakes by providing each vaporizer with a QR code.

If you scan the code of the original disposable vaporizer with your mobile phone, you will find the manufacturer's website that confirms its authenticity. The code can only be used once. If it is false, you may receive the following message: Your code has already been scanned. The website may look similar to the original manufacturer's website, so be very careful if you have bought papaieros at E Bay or at a car boot sale

As a long-time seller of vape products, Eirhorse recommends a sensible approach to disposable e-cigarettes. Vaping has its supporters and opponents, undoubtedly many critics are sponsored by tobacco companies losing profits, nevertheless some scientists critical of e-cigarettes are honest about e-smoking. When making decisions, you should take their concerns into account. Only pure oxygen is healthy for humans.

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