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Here you will find body care cosmetics designed for the delicate and demanding skin of women. Fall in love with our rituals and therapies. Provide your skin with regeneration and allow yourself a moment of relaxation.

Skin is our showcase, so it is worth taking care of in a special way. Natural ingredients in care cosmetics are primarily to work and give the desired effect when used systematically, and at the same time eliminate the supply of harmful ingredients to the skin, which, although they are added massively to ordinary drugstore cosmetics, their main task is only to extend the shelf life, give the right consistency or fragrance with keeping the price of the final product low. Our online store offers you everything you need.

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Body care cosmetics

In the Eirhorse online store you will find only natural cosmetics, thanks to which you will comprehensively take care of your skin. The cosmetics from our offer will make everyday baths and body care more pleasant, making them real rituals. Mild gels and foams with a light formula thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities, and at the same time seduce with aromatic fragrances. Body peels perfectly exfoliate the epidermis, preparing the body for further treatments - you can choose sugar or salt peels with the addition of natural oils and Shea butter. Body butters and lotions, as well as oils with a rich composition will moisturize your skin, regenerate it and make it pleasantly smooth. The Eirhorse online store also offers cosmetics for the care of the delicate skin of the hands and feet, as well as light and refreshing fragrance mists that will envelop your body with a sensual aroma.

Eirhorse body cosmetics belong to different product lines - opt for anti-aging therapy, for a tempting care ritual. You can also choose slimming, bronzing, strengthening or soothing cosmetics that will delight you with their effectiveness and enchant you with subtle fragrances.

In the Eirhorse online store, vegetarians and vegans will also choose an offer for themselves - products dedicated to them for vegetarians and vegans meet the requirements for this type of cosmetics.

Body care with Eirhorse cosmetics

Beauty treatments are not only a sophisticated form of making your evening pleasant, but also the easiest way to keep the skin in a healthy condition. It is worth that skin care should not be limited only to daily cleansing treatments in the shower, but also be a multi-stage, meticulous care ritual. Eirhorse body cosmetics is a wide range of products that meet the needs of the body of every woman and man, depending on the taste and needs. Our care products are Therapies and Rituals with various care properties depending on the requirements of different skin types. The natural ingredients of Eirhorse body cosmetics provide the skin with a variety of care and protection against moisture loss. It is also a sophisticated form of diversifying home, relaxing care rituals. They tempt primarily with their colorful appearance and wonderful aromas that pamper the senses. Their light formulas and fluffy textures make us eagerly reach for products that care for our body.

Natural and organic body care cosmetics

Creams, peelings, tonics and lotions, containing the highest-quality natural active ingredients, are distinguished by their effectiveness, focusing primarily on the presence and appropriate concentration of natural and organic ingredients. Their presence allows such cosmetics to work, and the simultaneous care to reduce the amount of chemical substances to a minimum or even eliminate them completely causes that the trend for natural cosmetics and a kind of fashion for them does not pass, and these cosmetics find more and more followers. In our store you will find natural and organic cosmetics intended for comprehensive skin care of all ages. Carefully selected, good cosmetics of recognized Irish and foreign brands are effective and exceptionally gentle, because they use the natural power of plants and minerals.

Which body care cosmetics should you choose for yourself?

With such a wide selection, it is impossible to use every product during one treatment. When choosing cosmetics for body care for yourself, it is worth determining the needs of your skin and its possible ailments at the beginning. Additionally, based on the needs of your skin, try to divide your skin care ritual into stages. This will make it easier for you to build the right product database for you. If you find that your skin is often dry, taut and dull, focus on a few basic care steps and you will see the results come faster than you expect. Together with Eirhorse body care cosmetics, you will create an irreplaceable care ritual for the body and soul.

Explore the world of Eirhorse natural cosmetics and enjoy your daily body care!



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