Batteries for e-cigarettes! High performance batteries

Among the battery carriers you will find all devices that are operated with replaceable battery cells. You need special battery cells for operation.
The variety is enormous, while some differ almost only in design, others offer a wide variety of setting options, whether temperature control, power mode, preheating function.

Batteries 18650

What distinguishes 18650 batteries?

Due to their wide range of possible uses, the 18650 batteries are characterized by a wide range of different variants. When making your selection, you should take advantage of this diversity to determine the best option for your project. When purchasing, in addition to the performance data mentioned in the form of capacity, voltage and discharge current, aspects such as the existing connections, a required protective circuit or special features with regard to high-current and high-temperature capability must be taken into account.


The batteries can be purchased for different applications with different connections. They are available as a flat-top variant, with cable connections or with U- and Z-shaped soldering lugs. For special uses, there are also models that have a USB port like a USB stick.

18650 battery pack with Z shape solder lugs

The connections of the 18650 batteries can be designed very differently: Here is a variant with Z-shaped soldering lugs.
protective circuit

Like other LI-Ion batteries, the 18650 batteries are sensitive to deep discharge or overcharging. Because of this and because of their high capacity, the batteries are produced with an integrated protective circuit that protects against these phenomena and guarantees safe use. Protection is important, not only because it protects the accumulators from damage, but because otherwise fire or even explosions can occur in the event of overcharging. Possible protective circuits are Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) or Battery Management Systems (BMS). A protective circuit and heat sensors should also be taken into account for the respective chargers if the batteries are charged externally.
High current capability

If the battery is later to be used in a high-current application, it must be ensured when purchasing whether the selected model is suitable for this purpose. Not every 18650 battery can handle the high voltages and can therefore be used without further ado for operation with them.
High temperature capability

Depending on the area of application, it may be necessary to check the selected battery for high temperature capability. Since the electrochemical process for charging and discharging in the cell is sensitive to temperature extremes, the respective available temperature range must be checked. This is usually between -10 and 60 °C, but can also include other ranges such as -20 and 75 °C.

The 18650 li-ion rechargeable batteries are the solution to a wide range of challenges. Based on the criteria presented here, it is possible for you to find the right battery for any task at hand from the wide variety available at the Eirhorse Vape Shop.

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