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Our Production Electronic Cigarette Ireland.

Did you know 99% of all electronic cigarettes are produced in China? The brands are different but the result is the same - it is OEM. EirHorse stands apart from that. We design our own products Independently. therefore our electronic cigarettes are unique.

Usability is a Cornerstone

What do you expect from an EirHorse electronic cigarette? Before developing a new product, our team investigates the latest feedback and reviews from e cig users. We consider over 20 functional elements, like consistency of vapor, charging usability, form factor, taste freshness. This information goes directly to our R&D team for implementation.

Our production e cigarette eirhorsr

Deep Technology

Insight Electronic cigarettes are complex devices with over 30 elements inside. The challenge is how to make a perfect combination of things like liquid transition, heating stability, vapor generation consistency in a safe package. And also keep everything in an exciting yet simple shape. Only a company like EirHorse who focuses on it every day can come up with the right solution. Our engineers (e-smokers themselves) design, implement, test, adjust model and test again until they hit the target.

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E Liquid EirHorese Ireland

In the end, what is it that you ultimately smoke? E liquid EirHorse is the key to e-vaping and we treat It very seriously. In the manufacturing process we use only the highest quality ingredients above USP standards. Full range of tastes are designed carefully by those who really know what they should be - the most professional flavorists . Learn more about our e liquids.

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Automation Hand made or automation? If you are making a gift for a loved one, hand made is perfect. When making a device that involves micro technology, its better to rely on machines. That's how we see it. And that's how we ensure consistency and save costs. That in turn provides you a reliable e cigarettes at an attractive price

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Design The final product says many things about a company. It is our biggest passion to shape our latest technologies inside an attractive design. European Designers use their keen eye to mix usability and art in a perfect package of e cigarettes. You will find that obvious when you hold it in your hand.

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E Liquids EirHorse Hight Quality

Eirhorse e liquids is the first in Ireland that have been tested by CMA Laboratory ( Trinity College Dublin). Liquids EirHorse is a blend of 80% PG-20% VG. Enjoy the smooth and refined taste of our liquids. We don't just talk a good game. We get support to prove what we say. All of our products pass SGS, RoHS, CE, MSDS certifications and we follow FDA recommendations for food handling. Our ingredients are above USP standards and are always packed in Food Grade materials.

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Tips And Tricks For Using Electronic-Cigarettes

Steampower Diagram: How Much Volt & Ohm in E-Cigarette?

What do we really need to know about Volt & Ohm as a vapers? As the vapers of an e-cigarette, we need only to understand the basic principle. In this article, the basic principle is conveyed without becoming too technical.

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E Cigarette Clearomizer - Clean & Maintain

The clearomizers of the E-cigarettes are wearing parts which have an indefinite life. They must be disposed of or cleaned after a certain period of time. How long an evaporator keeps on average is not predictable, because the life depends on different factors. The quality of the evaporator, the type of use as well as the steam behavior play a very important role. A steamer that has its e-cigarette in continuous operation will most likely have to replace or clean the clearomizer as an occasional vapers.

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E-Cigarettes clearomizer - Head-Coil & Bottom-Coil Clearomizer

In the article Atomizer, Cartomizer & Clearomizer, we have looked at the differences, advantages & disadvantages of these models. This article is about the evaporators of the Clearomizer.

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E-Cigarette: Atomizer, Cartomizer & Clearomizer

When the e-cigarette appeared on the market, there were only a few models available. For those interested, the decision was not too difficult. After the e-cigarette has succeeded successfully in the market and has gained more and more in popularity, the selection has become more. The e-cigarette manufacturers now offer many different models on the market.

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E-cigarette: Construction & operation of an e-cigarette

On the market are many different models with an individual shape to be found and there are more and more. Now the question arises here whether all e-cigarettes are completely different or similar.

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Glycerol VG & Propylene Glycol PG in Liquids

Propylene glycol (PG) and Gylcerin (VG) are the main ingredients of an E-Liquid, in addition to food aromas, distilled water and nicotine (depending on the choice). The composition of PG and VG in E-Liquids differs depending on the manufacturer.

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E-Liquid: Components of E-Liquid - Substances of E-Liquid

This article is about the components or ingredients of an E-Liquid. Essentially, E-Liquids consist of propylene glycol, glycerin, food flavors and, optionally, nicotine. In the following, we will get to know the individual components more closely.

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What is an e-cigarette? - Comparison with tobacco cigarettes

An e-cigarette, often referred to as an e-cigarette, is an electrically operated device for evaporating a liquid (also called E-liquid), which is aromatized. This vapor is inhaled and exhaled as in the conventional cigarettes.

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E-Cigarette: Smoking ban for E-Vapers in Ireland?

A nice day that you would like to spend outdoors. Many passers-by are waiting for a bus stop. Afterwards, a passer-by comes and makes a cigarette without any hesitation. Immediately, some feel disturbed and still have to inhale this smoke and become a passiv smoker.

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Advantages of the E-Cigarette: The most important advantages at a glance!

More and more smokers are showing interest in the e-cigarette, which has already convinced many of them to move on the steam. The ever-increasing spread of e-cigarettes confirms their success.

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What is an E-Liquid? - Flavors & nicotine content in E-Liquids

E-Liquids are required for the use of an E-cigarette. These are mostly aromatised liquids that are required to produce vapor. E-Liquid is a consumable of an E-cigarette and consists of propylene glycol, glycerine, flavors, partial water and optionally nicotine. The flavors of this liquid are available in all imaginable flavors, so that a suitable flavors can be found for every consumer of an e-cigarette.

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E-Cigarette: History of the e-cigarette

This article is about the historical development of the electric cigarette. Smoking tobacco has been widespread for thousands of years and smokers have long been aware that smoking is a health hazard. Because of the health risk, it was thought about how smoking could be made without tobacco and smoke.

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