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Eirhorse Vape Juice

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40 x E Liquids 40 x E Liquids
Price: 109,99 €


Buy 40 X Eliquids Here you will find your premium liquid in the highest possible quality! High-quality VPG base meets our fine-tuned flavoring.
A taste experience of the highest quality. Ready for your enjoyment. Our wide selection of over 50 different liquids offers the right taste for everyone. Best offer in ireland

E-liquid Multipack x20 E-liquid Multipack x20
Price: 59,99 €

Here at EirHorse we are committed to providing only the best e-liquid at the most competitive prices. We continually strive to improve our manufacturing processes and e-liquid development to ensure that we deliver on this commitment.


Big Shot E Liquid EirHorse Big Shot E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 43,99 €

 15 x E Juices-choose any flavor.

Smooth Vape E Liquid EirHorse Smooth Vape E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 3,60 €

Eirhorse Smooth Vape is a great luxury and mild e liquid.

BH - Big Hill E Liquid BH - Big Hill E Liquid
Price: 3,60 €

E Liquid EirHorse BH Big Hill. Tobacco flavour very popular in Ireland & England . Classic and rich taste

Desert E Liquid EirHorse Desert E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 3,60 €


E Liquid Eirhorse Desert reminds closely popular  tobacco flavor

King Of Tobacco E Liquid EirHorse King Of Tobacco E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 3,60 €


E liquid Tobacco with a unique aroma. A well balanced taste

E Liquid EirHorse Tobacco E Liquid EirHorse Tobacco
Price: 3,60 €



EirHorse E-Liquid with Smooth Tobacco flavor for open e-cigarettes with tank system. The refined aroma for absolute tobacco-lovers: exotic gentle and delicious. It is so convincing that cowboys can stay at home and do not have to go out to camp fire.

E Liquid EirHorse USA Mix E Liquid EirHorse USA Mix
Price: 3,60 €


E Liquid EirHorse USA Mix. This e liquid is designed for devotees of Marlboro flavours.

E Liquid EirHorse Va Blend E Liquid EirHorse Va Blend
Price: 3,60 €


E Liquid Va Blend also known as a Richmond Tobaccois a perfect combination of Virginia and oriental tobaccos

Lime & Lemon 100ml Lime & Lemon 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
Enjoy the zesty taste Eirhorse Vape Juice with a touch of natural lemon & lime flavour .
Irish Cream 100ml Irish Cream 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
The Eihorse Vape Juice complements the perfect marriage of fresh, premium Irish dairy cream, cocoa and wonderful vanilla that all go into our secret recipe.
Frozen Orange 100ml Frozen Orange 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
Eirhorse Forzen Orange is a blend of juicy orange varietals for an all-natural sweet-tart flavor with a full plump mouthfeel.
Ice Cola 100ml Ice Cola 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
Ice Cola by Eirhorse is a childhood favourite drink served in a 100ml short fill e-liquid. The Arctic style frosty blast finishes this flavour off with a real twist.
Forzen Black Curant 100ml Forzen Black Curant 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Eirhorse Frozen Black Currant It’s smooth and mellow, with a fruity black currant character and a hint of tartness.

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