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E Liquid EirHorse - Best Vape E Juices in Ireland

E liquid EirHorse Blackberry features unique, intense flavors and aromas.10ml. You will be surprised how much pleasure you can have from That flavor. The best time in summer is when the brambles are full of dark, sweet fruits and you can almost "snack" in the snack. With the Blackberry E Juice, you can enjoy the sweet taste of the ripe fruit, without the risk of scratches in the thorn bush! The blackberry e-liquid is a fruity and manages to transport the taste of the ripe berries (which, by the way, are technically not berries, but colony fruits), authentically and clearly.

Testing in Trinity College Dublin

E Liquid Warning E-Liquid Notes: Warning This product must not be placed in the hands of children and adolescents.Not suitable for consuming! Avoid skin or eye contact. Harmful if swallowed! Do not use in case of cardiovascular disease, during pregnancy and lactation.Allergy sufferers should consult their physician before use. This product contains nicotine *: a substance that is highly dependent (* not applicable for nicotine-free E-Liquids). Exclusively for use in electronic cigarettes. Store dry, cool and dark. E-Liquids contain no tar and no carbon monoxide.

E Liquid Ireland

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Frozen Orange 100ml Frozen Orange 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
Eirhorse Forzen Orange is a blend of juicy orange varietals for an all-natural sweet-tart flavor with a full plump mouthfeel.
Ice Cola 100ml Ice Cola 100ml
Price: 17,99 €
Ice Cola by Eirhorse is a childhood favourite drink served in a 100ml short fill e-liquid. The Arctic style frosty blast finishes this flavour off with a real twist.
Forzen Black Curant 100ml Forzen Black Curant 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Eirhorse Frozen Black Currant It’s smooth and mellow, with a fruity black currant character and a hint of tartness.

Forest Fruit 100ml Forest Fruit 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Sun-ripened natural fruits and the full flavours of raspberries and blackberries combined with sweet strawberries and blueberries make of Eirhorse Vape Juice a tasty blend for Vapers.

Juice Pineaaple 100ml Juice Pineaaple 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Round of applause for pineapple, the darling of the Caribbean! The juices of this delectable fruit are infused in sun delivering a replenishing fresh taste that will take you straight to paradise.

Bubble Gum 100ml Bubble Gum 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Eirhorse Vape Juice Bubblegum is a sweet, juicy bubblegum flavour with undertones of fresh summer fruits.

Black Curant Menthol 100ml Black Curant Menthol 100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Blackcurrant menthol Vape Juice is a beautifully sweet liquid with the fresh ripe goodness of juicy blackcurrants.

Banana MilkShake100ml  Banana MilkShake100ml
Price: 17,99 €

Profesional mix of ripe bananas, silky smooth, endlessly creamy and wildly refreshing.This flavor is perfect for anyone who enjoys milkshakes and bananas.

Menthol E Liquid EirHorse Menthol E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 3,40 €



Menthol E Liquid EirHorse. This exciting and refreshing blend of Fresh Menthol and Moroccan spearmint. Convincingly fresh taste! So balanced that you can enjoy this menthol e-liquid all day long..

E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint
Price: 3,40 €


E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint. Sweet strawberries with a hint of aromatic spearmint is a perfectly refreshing proposal.

E Liquid EirHorse Strong Mint E Liquid EirHorse Strong Mint
Price: 3,60 €


E Liquid EirHorse Extra Strong Mint a unique triple formula, you feeling minty fresh for a long time.

Blackberry EirHorse E Liquid Blackberry EirHorse E Liquid
Price: 3,60 €



Blackberry EirHorse E Liquid.

Blueberry EirHorse E Liquid Blueberry EirHorse  E Liquid
Price: 3,60 €


E Liquid EirHorse Blueberry. Fantastic sweet and juicy blueberry flavour.

Cherry EirHorse E Liquid Cherry EirHorse E Liquid
Price: 3,60 €


The E Liquid EirHorse Cherry offers succulent scents of red cherries and cherry.

Fruit Mix E Liquid EirHorse Fruit Mix E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 3,60 €



E Liquid EirHorse Fruit Mix is a delicious combination of the goodness of ten different fruit juices

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