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EirHorse Menthol E Liquid

Menthol Liquid from various manufacturers can be found in this category. Menthol Liquid is made for steamers who prefer menthol liquids. Mentholic and minty liquids for e-cigarettes are among the best-selling E-Liquids in our shop. Since 2013 we have already had many different liquids of this genus. However, only a few varieties have been introduced, and this is exactly what we have "evaporated". Nevertheless we dedicate this menthol liquid and minzliquids a separate category, even if this has become very clear.

A bestseller is our EirHorse  in the varieties "Menthol" and "Triple Mint". These varieties were exclusively developed for us in 2013 by EirHorse  and are still produced and bottled in the EirHorse  to the present day with the highest possible purity and product quality.

The reason why these liquids have proved to be the bestseller among our customers over the years is that we can only guess: the E-Liquids are "steam-compatible" due to the very clear aromas of these two products and the possible restrained dosage. Contrary to the case of exaggerated dosages, which are often made with many other manufacturers in general, and especially in the area of ??the product category listed here, our two low-content liquids do not get so tired. Here, the quality has apparently prevailed against the rapid effects, even if you sometimes appreciate them with time.

Menthol E Liquid Ireland

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40 x E Liquids 40 x E Liquids
Price: 109,99 €


Buy 40 X Eliquids Here you will find your premium liquid in the highest possible quality! High-quality VPG base meets our fine-tuned flavoring.
A taste experience of the highest quality. Ready for your enjoyment. Our wide selection of over 50 different liquids offers the right taste for everyone. Best offer in ireland

E-liquid Multipack x20 E-liquid Multipack x20
Price: 59,99 €

Here at EirHorse we are committed to providing only the best e-liquid at the most competitive prices. We continually strive to improve our manufacturing processes and e-liquid development to ensure that we deliver on this commitment.


Big Shot E Liquid EirHorse Big Shot E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 43,99 €

 15 x E Juices-choose any flavor.

Menthol E Liquid EirHorse Menthol E Liquid EirHorse
Price: 3,40 €



Menthol E Liquid EirHorse. This exciting and refreshing blend of Fresh Menthol and Moroccan spearmint. Convincingly fresh taste! So balanced that you can enjoy this menthol e-liquid all day long..

E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint
Price: 3,40 €


E Liquid EirHorse Strawberry Mint. Sweet strawberries with a hint of aromatic spearmint is a perfectly refreshing proposal.

E Liquid EirHorse Strong Mint E Liquid EirHorse Strong Mint
Price: 3,60 €


E Liquid EirHorse Extra Strong Mint a unique triple formula, you feeling minty fresh for a long time.

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